DKC – Chapter 1610

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Chapter 1610 – Master being partial (2)

After a burst of dizziness rocked them, when the two of them opened their eyes again, the scene in front of them had completely changed.

Walking out of the teleport array, the two were stunned by the scene in front of them.

Such a beautiful ravine.

This was a ravine surrounded by hundreds of types of blooming flowers, on an intoxicating spring day. All kinds of flower petals fell, like a beautiful mist. As if this was a utopia that shunned the world, that made a person’s heart untroubled and relaxed. To forget the noisiness of the mortal world. Subconsciously wanted to live here in seclusion for a very, very long time.

“What a beautiful place!” This was simply too much of a feast for Zi Yan’s eyes, “Between heaven and earth, there is such an outstanding beautiful hidden place. Really hateful that we didn’t know about it before.”

“You see.” Su Luo pointed at a huge boulder not far and said to Zi Yan, “We have really entered the Roaming Dragon Secret Territory.”

Because on that thirty meters tall huge boulder was carved four dignified words in black with strong, powerful strokes —— Roaming Dragon Secret Territory.

“How is it that they haven’t come yet? Could it be they really encountered danger?” Waiting left and right, those people still hadn’t arrived. So Su Luo and Zi Yan searched for a rock and sat down to rest. Su Luo even took out a food box she prepared before and shared it with Zi Yan. But the two waited for a whole two hours and still didn’t see the several people that entered the left passageway. Su Luo’s expression couldn’t help but be anxious.

“Rest assured, based on Third Senior Brother’s strength, what could possibly be too difficult for him?” Although Zi Yan comforted Su Luo, but her heart was also anxious.

“I’m not worried about this. I’m worried Dongfang Xun’s group made a hidden move.” Su Luo put down the bread she took one bite of, really didn’t have any appetite.

“This really…” Zi Yan also felt this was a thorny problem.

If those three people joined together, Third Senior Brother alone would really not be able to endure. Beichen Ying was only at the ninth rank, he could only hold for several seconds of time among them and nothing more.

Don’t know if Beichen Ying, that foolishly cute person, would be in danger. Forget it, what did him being in danger have a hair of relationship with this lady? Instead of worrying about him, the time was best used to eat and drink her fill! Having made up her mind, Zi Yan this girl started to make a pig out of herself.

Su Luo speechlessly looked at her. “You already drank three bowls of this chicken congee…”

Only then did Zi Yan put down her chopsticks and walked back and forth in place.

“What are you doing?” Su Luo was dizzy from watching her walking around and helplessly asked.

“Letting the food digest.” Zi Yan replied righteously. She couldn’t tell Su Luo she was worried about Beichen Ying, the little bastard that lacked a conscience, right?

Time passed bit by bit, but the people they were worried about and anticipating didn’t come. The two people’s expression became more concerned, but the passageway wasn’t something they wanted to enter and could enter. They simply didn’t even know where the door was, so they could only worry helplessly outside.

Suddenly, a slight sound came from close by.

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance. Soon after, the two quickly rushed in that direction like the wind.

The space opened, and a badly mangled body rolled out.

“Luo Haoming?” Su Luo looked at the person closest to her, ignored him and stood on tiptoes with head raised to look inside.

Luo Haoming was wounded to this degree, don’t know if Nangong was also injured? Su Luo’s heart was anxious and extremely worried. If she could go in, she would have arrived, rushing in like a bullet.

Very quickly, Su Luo felt her eyes blur. Just at this moment, another body rolled towards her.

“Li Aochen? How can it be you?” Su Luo pushed aside Li Aochen who was swaying around and stood with great difficulty.

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