DKC – Chapter 1583

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Chapter 1583 – Triumph over him with one move (2)

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t lose?” Su Luo unhurriedly blowed on the ink to dry it faster, then gracefully folded the paper and placed it into her space.

“I definitely won’t lose, but I’m afraid of that girl finding out that we used her as the stake in the bet ah.” Beichen Ying lowered his voice furtively.

‘The person that used her as a betting stake is you, Young Master Beichen, it has nothing to do with me oh.” Su Luo patted her hand, “Are you ready?”

Beichen Ying, full of self-confidence, made the hand gesture to please start. His gaze had a casual laid back smile: “Yep, come.”

Seeing Beichen Ying’s casual posture, the corner of Su Luo’s lip slowly hooked into a faint smile. Little Shadow ah, the consequences of being contemptuous towards women can be very serious ah.

Just when Beichen Ying made a casual attack posture, Su Luo’s figure suddenly moved, quickly rushing towards Beichen Ying. Like a legendary large bird that spread open its wings, carrying a trace of a violent wing speed.

Beichen Ying never expected Su Luo would actually attack! In his impression, the soles of Su Luo’s feet ought to be oiled as she fled, that would be more correct ah.

Just when Beichen Ying was hesitating, Su Luo’s fist arrived at this moment.

Hearing that biting cold gale-like sound that came towards him, a trace of understanding came from Beichen Ying’s heart. No wonder this girl dared to provoke him, looks like these days, she had strengthened her body by quite a bit at her master’s place. Her speed was fast enough to create wind oh.

However, how could a few days’ cultivation be compared to his more than ten years of cultivation? Therefore, although Beichen Ying became a bit serious, he still didn’t regard Su Luo’s strength too highly.

Watching as Su Luo’s fist was about to hit his face.

Beichen Ying didn’t dodge or avoid it. He extended his right fist and smashed towards Su Luo’s fist.


A strong collision.

Beichen Ying used fifty percent of his strength, Su Luo also used fifty percent of her strength.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Beichen Ying’s footsteps continuously fell back. He only stopped after retreating for seven steps.

In contrast, after Su Luo made the strike, her body was like a sparrow as her body flipped over. The flip allowed her to jump onto the top of a Chinese Parasol Tree. She leisurely sat on the tree branch and watched. Her eyes had a smile, appreciating Beichen Ying’s difficult situation.

Beichen Ying stared at Su Luo in disbelief.

How could it be like this? Although he only used fifty percent of his strength, but to deal with the Su Luo from before was enough and with strength to spare. But now, he was almost sent flying by Su Luo’s hit. This contrast was rather too large right?

“How about it? Are you going to admit defeat or not?’ Su Luo’s pair of slender legs swayed back and forth, brimming with smiles as she looked at Beichen Ying.

“Come again!” Beichen Ying was extremely unreconciled.

He was actually made to retreat by Su Luo’s fist? This was impossible.

Beichen Ying rolled up his sleeves, his expression containing a trace of seriousness and dignity. He refused to be as sloppy and unconcerned as last time.

“Are you ready?” Su Luo leisurely swayed her pair of beautiful and slender legs, as she asked with all smiles.

Beichen Ying gloomily waved towards Su Luo: “Quickly come down.”

“Okay!” Su Luo’s words hadn’t faded when her figure shot towards Beichen Ying like a hawk.

This time, Su Luo flew towards Beichen Ying from mid-air. Both pair of legs was fast as light, directly kicking towards Beichen Ying’s chest.

Beichen Ying’s reaction was very fast, he placed both hands before him to block this kick.

Su Luo used this opportunity to flip behind Beichen Ying and hit his back with a fist.

Beichen Ying’s back was hit by the fist, and suddenly, a numbing pain spread through his whole body. The pain felt as if his body had broken into pieces of meat.

Su Luo’s strength had become this strong?

Beichen Ying turned his head back, the blood and chi in his throat rolling over. He looked at Su Luo in disbelief. He never imagined that Su Luo, having nothing to rely on but using just her strength, could win against him.

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