DKC – Chapter 1561

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Chapter 1561 – Real dragon appeared (5)

“The most important point isn’t the light attribute okay? The most important point is that every Roaming Dragon List competition, there’s only one person who can increase their elemental attributes, Su Luo… how could she get such an opportunity?” Old Man Li panted with rage as he glared!

At the last competition, Luo Haoming went through incredible hardships to get this opportunity. At that time, the second place winner didn’t get fart. And the second place winner from that time was from his Jade Lake’s Li family.

Everyone looked at Old Man Li with sympathy.

Old man Luo was jealous and also not happy about the situation either: “Last time, our Luo Haoming only got the weakest offense water element… ah.”

How was it like this this time ah, as if a huge broadcast. If it was not the strongest offensive dark element, then it was the healing light element.

It you must know, an apothecary with light elemental attribute, that leveling up speed can be compared to sitting on a rocket, so fast you could fly up.

At this time, Grandmaster Rong Yun smiled faintly on the stage, very satisfied with this outcome.

Noticing that Su Luo’s expression was full of grief, he could not help but rub her small head: “Don’t be anxious, little divine dragon and you have an equal contract, he won’t disappear.”

“The little divine dragon really might come back?” Su Luo eyes that were hazed over with fog suddenly shone.

“Mhm.” Grandmaster Rong Yun gave her a guarantee, “Wait for the little divine dragon to be promoted to the commander rank, at that time, no one could stop him. Moreover, only if he returned to the dragon race, would the road of his promotion be much faster. Haven’t you sensed that him staying by your side, the little divine dragon hasn’t advanced for quite some time?”

Mentioning this, Su Luo’s eyes shone with guilt.

In fact, recently, her strength continuously increased, but the little divine dragon’s strength seemed to stagnante. The little divine dragon had long since had the strength to defeat Li Yaoxiang, but up until now, his strength had not grown much.

“Dragon race…” Su Luo’s eyes shone with a bright light, “What Master said is right, maybe returning to his dad’s side, his cultivation speed will increase. When the time comes, even if the little divine dragon doesn’t come back, I will go search for him.”

“Now this is good thinking.” Grandmaster Rong Yun saw Su Luo finally put aside the sourness in her heart, then reminded her, “Light attribute, your luck is really good.”

“Why?” Su Luo asked, somewhat puzzled.

“Foolish girl.” Grandmaster Rong Yun grumpily took a glance at her, “Wood and fire dual systems can become Apothecary, but have no way to quickly promote one’s cultivation. However, the light attribute already possess the ability to heal, therefore, your ability to refine drugs will be promoted very fast.”

Grandmaster Rong Yun had always had an aloof and cold temperament, he’s never said so much in one breath. This time, he also could not be so calm.

“Quickly promote the ability to refine drugs!” Su Luo cried out in surprise.

For her, wasn’t this the most suitable? She was originally gloomy about how she was going to be promoted to Grandmaster rank apothecary within three years, now, wasn’t this like given a pillow when she felt sleepy, so suitable?

“Like this is perfect.” Su Luo nodded her head in satisfaction.

But Su Luo looked at the horizon in the distance, and still let out a heavy regretful sigh.

She really wished the little divine dragon could get promoted quickly. So he could quickly return to her side, he had just left, and she had already started to miss him.

Nangong Liuyun silently stood by Su Luo’s side, embraced her body gently, and his warm breath puffed on her neck: “Rest assured, I will always accompany you.”

His Luo girl seemed cold, but she feared being parted from people the most. Nangong Liuyun made a promise by her side.

“Mhm! We will never be separated!” Su Luo smilingly nodded her head and embraced his slender hips, burying her face in his warm chest.

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