DKC – Chapter 1513

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Chapter 1513 – Showdown between experts (1)

After returning, everyone got together to count money.

Seeing the piled-into-a-mountain crystal stones, Su Luo immediately beamed with joy.

Recently, don’t know what’s up with the little divine dragon and them, their appetite was very good. Everyday, every hour, they would gnaw on crystal stones.

Before, she took out ten thousand crystal stones in advance and placed it into her space, but it has only been how long ah? Su Luo checked her space, and only a few hundreds remained of those ten thousand crystal stones. It wasn’t enough to stuff the cracks in their teeth. If Su Luo didn’t make an effort to earn more crystal stones, everything would be empty.

Su Luo also didn’t understand why those several pets in her space would eat so much recently. But these kind of circumstances, in her heart, Su Luo liked to see it. Able to eat a lot was good fortune, the more they eat, the faster they would be promoted.

She took out twenty thousand crystal stones in advance from Beichen Ying again, before Su Luo left, perfectly content.

Today’s battle spread through the entire Eastern Ling with the quickest speed, then to the entire world.

Everyone knew that another young kingly expert emerged. Her name was——Su Luo.

This day, every nook and corner in the imperial capital, over tea after a meal, were all talking about Su Luo.

From her beginning as a good-for-nothing, till later when she was still not recognized. Then, till now, where her name soared to the sky from one battle. In this complicated and strange route, came out completely different versions, one after another.

But without a doubt, at the core of these versions, were all praises and reverence for Su Luo.

At this moment, the label of a good-for-nothing stuck on Su Luo was torn, subsequently, the imprint of gifted talent was stuck to her.

This time, after competing against Li Aochen, Su Luo had a feeling of a heavy weight being lifted from her mind. However, immediately following, she was somewhat worried again.

In another month was Nangong Liuyun and Dongfang Xuan’s competition.

Could Nangong Liuyun win?

Su Luo didn’t know, at this moment, everyone present also didn’t know.

A month’s time passed very quickly in an instant.

Southern Mountains.

Beichen Ying handed over a thick account book over to Su Luo, with brows wrinkled: “This time’s competition bet on Second Brother to win against Dongfang Xuan is a lot more.”

Like this, if they were to also bet on Nangong Liuyun, then there wouldn’t be that much profit to make.

Su Luo stroked her chin and sank into deep thought.

“What do you think?” After quite a while, Su Luo came back from her thoughts. Her crafty eyes look towards Beichen Ying.

“Not easy to manipulate.” Beichen scratched his head: “Could it be we still let Second Brother continue pretending to be heavily injured? But it can’t be repeated again ah.”

Su Luo unhappily shot a glance at him: “I feel…you forgot the most important point.”

“What?” Beichen Ying’s eyes were bewildered.

“A lot of people don’t know Dongfang Xuan’s information right?” Su Luo hooked her finger towards Beichen Yng. Beichen Ying eagerly went up.

Su Luo muttered several sentences in his ear.

Beichen Ying’s pair of pitch-black eyes immediately lit up.

“Good idea.” Beichen Ying snapped his finger. Two shallow dimples appeared on his snow-white cheeks. He was as happy as a big boy full of sunshine.

Two little heads gathered together, muttering for a while before agreeing on a plan.

“What are they discussing?” Zi Yan walked over from far away.

“Testiing Dongfang Xuan’s strength.” Su Luo proudly lifted an eyebrow.

“Who should go?” A trace of worry appeared in Zi Yan’s eyes, “Senior Brother’s strength is extremely terrible. Even those elders in the Elder Union would praise Senior Brother.”

Su Luo softly said three words by her ear, and Zi Yan immediately laughed.

“His honorable elder going, it couldn’t be better.” Zi Yan said with all smiles.

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