DKC – Chapter 1465

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Chapter 1465 – The competitions afterwards (2)

On the stage, both experts stood, facing each other.

“Are you Su Luo’s friend?” The corner of Luo Haoming’s hooked into a taunting sneer. His eyes were full of deep meaning.

“Yes.” Anye Ming nodded without the slightest hesitation.

“Then I’ll let you first repay a little interest on your friend’s behalf!” While Luo Haoming was speaking, his hand condensed out a white aperture.

Luo Haoming, tenth rank strength.

Anye Ming, summit of the eighth rank in strength.

Anye Ming was good at calculating, so his strength was somewhat lacking. This was also a very normal thing.

Anye Ming, after calculating the matter, if he was to win against Luo Haoming, the success rate was at 0.0001%, very close to zero.

After obtaining this result, Anye Ming directly lifted up his hand: “I admit defeat!”

These three words, he said very quickly and accurately. He simply didn’t give Luo Haoming time to react.

Luo Haoming also wasn’t planning on wasting much time on Anye Ming. He had decided to use only one finishing move of tenth rank strength to directly flatten Anye Ming to the ground. However, he never expected that Anye Ming would be so straightforward!

The match hadn’t even started and he directly conceded.

This was not the early stages of the competition, this was already the finals at the end ah!

“What did you say?” Luo Haoming didn’t take back that glowing red-hot white-colored ball of light.

“I admit defeat!” Finished saying this sentence. the corner of Anye Ming’s mouth gave a provocative ‘having gotten away with it’ smile. Afterwards, without stopping, he turned around and left. He only left behind a gorgeous back view for Luo Haoming.

In Luo Haoming’s right hand, was a ball of light that radiated brilliant rays all around. He looked like a fool, looking on helplessly as Anye Ming gradually got further and further away. Finally, he walked into the crowd and high-fived with his friends as they cheered. That appearance seemed as if Anye Ming had returned in triumph!

“F*ck!” Luo Haoming, panting with rage, smashed the ball of light in his hand on the ground!

This was simply too hateful!

Although he won the match, he never thought that he would feel such unprecedented sullenness. It was as if he had heavily smashed a fist over and seemed to have hit cotton, making him unable to release his anger.

In the end, Luo Haoming had no choice, he could only walk away, panting with rage!

Under the stage, Su Luo’s group surrounded Anye Ming, cheering for him.

“Brilliant! Should be like this! You guys look, Luo Haoming is so angry that smoke is coming out from his hair, hahaha——” Beichen Ying, this foolish boy, had both hands at his hips, howling with laughter non-stop.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him: “Never seen anyone as foolish as you. Someone who is happier after a loss than a win.”

“Then, so what. At least our little Ming Ming didn’t get injured right?” Beichen Ying lifted up his chin, “Know perfectly well you can’t beat him, than concede earlier so as to avoid pointless injuries. This was the most correct choice.”

But at this time, Anye Ming, with a face full of sympathy, looked at Su Luo: “You must be careful.”

“Huh?” Su Luo was somewhat puzzled.

“Luo Haoming has a huge hatred for you.” Anye Ming said in a low voice.

Su Luo was a smart person, just one sentence from Anye Ming, and she could roughly understand his meaning. She nodded: “I will be careful.”

Luo Haoming actually took his anger out on her friend because of what she did. This was simply intolerable!

“Nangong, next time help me beat him!” Su Luo couldn’t beat him, but it didn’t matter. Her family’s Nangong was the most amazing.

“As you wish.” Nangong Liuyun’s long and jadelike finger hooked Su Luo’s nose. The tenderness in his eyes absorbed a person in its soft waves.

“This is more like it.” Su Luo cast a cold glance at Luo Haoming’s back.

Man conquer the world, while woman only need to conquer this man to obtain the whole world.

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