DKC – Chapter 1439

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Chapter 1439 – The life or death battle that was delayed (4)

Head hurts!

Su Luo held her head in pain, quickly, a thin layer of sweat covered her forehead.

Nangong Liuyun did not bat an eyelid and then stood in front of Su Luo, his complexion ashen. His eyes were sharp and bloodthirsty as he coldly stared at Dongfang Xuan.

The corner of Dongfang Xuan’s mouth hooked into a bloody smile. His smile was as terrifying as a demon, silently provoking Nangong Liuyun.

For a moment, on top of the entire battle stage was like an extremely dangerous place. One after another, heads suffered pain as if they were covered with pincushion. Bean-sized sweat came out of their forehead.

“Who is that person?” Mo Xiaoxun, with great difficulty, resisted the severe headache and asked in a low voice.

At this moment Luo Haoming’s complexion was very bad.

He stared at Dongfang Xuan wearing the dark yellow bamboo hat, his gaze unblinking. As if he wanted to glare a hole into that bamboo hat.

Anye Xin’s tone had a trace of helplessness: “Able to share the limelight with Nangong Liuyun, in this world, there really aren’t that many.”

At least, this person’s strength was above his own, Anye Xin.

“Can’t be right? Purgatory City’s Dongfang Xuan?” Mo Xiaoxun felt this was too hard to believe, “This is impossible right?”

Weren’t the two of them from the same sect? How was it that now, they looked like life and death enemies with daggers drawn?

Just at this moment, a wave of energy rushed madly over, and the bamboo hat on Dongfang Xuan’s head disappeared without a trace.

“Eldest Senior Brother!!!” The moment Li Yaoyao saw Dongfang Xuan, her entire person seemed to revived again. She almost cried from the joy.

Eldest Senior Brother, really was Eldest Senior Brother…that person who protected her from a child till now. The Eldest Senior Brother who wished he could cup her in the center of his palm and pamper her….

Li Yaoyao recklessly rushed up to the fighting stage, like an artillery shell, she rushed into Dongfang Xuan’s embrace.

“Eldest Senior Brother, boohoo, boohoo——”Li Yaoyao used all her strength to grab Dongfang Xuan’s jacket in front of his chest. As if she was drowning and grabbing onto the last duckweed.

These days Li Yaoyao had suffered enough grievances, now, she cried like a helpless child.

Dongfang Xuan, who just had an imposing aura that was vast and murderous, now was like a big boy using a soft tone to comfort Li Yaoyao.

“Okay, okay, don’t cry anymore, if you continue to cry, you won’t look good ah.” Dongfang Xuan smiled stiffly.

“Boohoo, boohoo… Eldest Senior Brother, Yao Yao is really pitiful ah…” While Li Yaoyao sniffled, she cried until she became dizzy.

“Who dares to bully my family’s Yaoyao, Eldest Senior Brother will exterminate them all!” Dongfang Xuan patted his chest as guarantee.

“It’s her!” In front of Dongfang Xuan, Li Yaoyao seemed to be younger by ten years. She looked like a spoiled, willful little girl.

But Dongfang Xuan seemed to really like this kind of behavior. He looked in the direction Li Yaoyao pointed to, that place just so happened to be Su Luo’s position.

The outer corner of Su Luo’s eyes provocatively hooked into a taunting smile. Li Yaoyao was really interesting, so old that she really thought she was a naive and innocent little girl about ten years old? Too funny!

But not only did Dongfang Xuan feel Li Yaoyao like this was cute, he simply loved to the extreme this appearance of Li Yaoyao’s.

Dongfang Xuan glared at Su Luo, an ice-cold killing intent slipping through his eyes. He stroked Li Yaoyao’s head, in a low voice, he coaxed her: “Be obedient, wait here properly. Eldest Senior Brother will definitely avenge you.”

“Okay!” Li Yaoyao solemnly nodded, “Yaoyao likes Eldest Senior Brother the best!”

Su Luo heard this, and she started to get goosebumps. This f*cking acting young had gone too far okay? Did she really think she was a little girl wearing a flowery dress going to kindergarten?

Dongfang Xuan, in a pampering manner, stroked Li Yaoyao’s head: “Be obedient, first, you go down. Eldest Senior Brother also loves Li Yaoyao the most.”

Yuck, really want to vomit, Su Luo silently ridiculed in her heart….

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