DKC – Chapter 1435

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Chapter 1435 – Person that came has ill will (3)

In the end, this strip of spirit strength, didn’t know if it heard a summon, following a direction, it crawled towards Su Luo’s sea of knowledge. Finally, it obediently sat cross-legged in Su Luo’s sea of knowledge, curled into a ball.

What Su Luo didn’t know was, spirit strength wasn’t hard to gather, however, the hardest part was to draw this spirit strength into one’s sea of knowledge.

But because Su Luo had space, these spirit strength simply didn’t require to be drawn specially to her. They would follow their instincts to crawl obediently into Su Luo’s sea of knowledge.

Compared to many cultivators, Su Luo was simply blessed to the sky.

Originally, there wasn’t that much spirit strength inside the crystal ball to begin with, because at that time, half of it was absorbed by Elder Ancestor Mo. Afterwards, half of the remaining was absorbed by the little stone.

In the last several days, Su Luo concentrated fully on absorbing the spirit strength, in order to make her mental strength stronger.

In the wake of her spirit strength increasing more and more, her mental strength getting stronger and stronger, Su Luo actually discovered that her Nothingness of Space had also expanded. From the original five square meters, it had expanded to ten square meters! This was simply an accidental happy side-effect.

Just the day before the official competition begin, Su Luo’s mental strength finally swelled past the critical point. She gave her spirit strength to the flame panther!

“Roar——” The flame panther transformed from the flames looked to the sky and bellowed. That imposing manner seemed to have the deterrent force of Heaven and Earth, making a person’s heart jump.

Finally succeeded!

A happy smile flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

When Su Luo pushed open the door and walked out, she found those several people were all gathered in the main hall, aside from Nangong Liuyun.

Beichen Ying was the first to discover Su Luo’s presence, and he whistled in a wolfish manner.

Lan Xuan returned to his senses when he saw Su Luo, and he subconsciously blanked his eyes: “Sister-in-law, within ten days’ time, how was it that you’ve changed?”

“Changed?” A trace of puzzlement flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

“Uh-huh, what Lan Xuan said is correct, Luo Luo, it seems as if some part of you doesn’t look the same.” Zi Yan took several steps forward, circling around Su Luo several times and sizing her up very carefully. But in the end, she still just wrinkled her brows.

Because that was just a perception, a subconscious sense, the kind that couldn’t be described or understood.

“She seems more pure and bright, giving people a refreshing feeling.” Beichen Ying said his thoughts.

Su Luo was just about to poke fun at him for saying rubbish, but Zi Yan continued with what Beichen Ying said, “This time Little Shadow didn’t say it wrong. Luo Luo, the you right now really gives people a kind of…pure and holy feeling, just like a goddess that has descended.”

“So it wasn’t me alone.” Lan Xuan leaned forward against the back of the chair, his bright starlike eyes shining, “But why?”

“Is it because you cultivated some technique?” Biechen Ying also copied Lan Xuan’s posture and grabbed a chair, sitting backwards and leaning onto the chair’s back. His bright and clean chin was placed on the back of the chair, with his eyes flashing with curiosity as they looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo suddenly felt the pressure increase.

“Does Exploding Flames technique count?” Su Luo took out the Exploding Flames technique her master gave her to let everyone have a look.

Everyone chattered as if something mysterious had happened, but how was it that she couldn’t feel that she had suddenly become more pure and holy? Could it be that the Exploding Flame technique also had this ability?

“Exploding Flame technique, this is good stuff!” Beichen Ying cried out in surprise, “That’s right. Isn’t this something only a person at the ninth rank can learn? Sister-in-law, aren’t you at the eight rank?”

“What did you say? Only a ninth rank can learn it?” Su Luo suddenly opened her eyes wide, that’s not what Master told her!

“Indeed a ninth rank ah, this is definitely not wrong.” Beichen Ying dared to use his life to swear on it. At that time, Grandpa had indeed explained it to him like this.

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