DKC – Chapter 1407

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Chapter 1407 – Roaming Dragon List (5)

Nangong Liuyun laughed out loud softly, his arms crossed before his chest. He smiled charmingly: “Luo girl is in so much of a hurry to marry me?”

“Who’s interested in marrying you? It seems you are quiet narcissistic.” Su Luo snorted in annoyance. Her Miss High and Mighty temper hadn’t been eliminated yet.

Clearly, she was standing between them, based on when they talked she was like a deaf person, completely unable to hear anything? Su Luo felt she was extremely wronged.

“Not interested? Then, because you cannot get married to me, so you kicked me?” Nangong Liuyun held the leg that was kicked and pitifully pouted his red little lips.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Su Luo also knows, since Master didn’t say anything before, then he definitely had his plans. No matter what she said, she wouldn’t be able to change the outcome, so Su Luo just switched the topic, “As long as your injury gets better, then first place is yours to take, but what am I supposed to do?”

It’s not that Su Luo belittled herself, rather, she was just a honest eighth rank, her strength was displayed out there like that, how was she to fight?

It was the same as asking her to win a fight against Nangong Liuyun, absolutely impossible.

“We must win.” Nangong Liuyun’s tone was unprecedentedly serious and grave.

“Can’t win.” Su Luo spread out her hands.

“Don’t worry, at the worst, I’ll kill them all.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were pitch-black and bottomless, so deep as to be immeasurable, making it impossible to tell if his words were true or false.

“Do you have to be so outrageous?” Su Luo felt this wasn’t really that fair.

“We must win.” This time, Nangong Liuyun was exceptionally firm.

Su Luo was speechless: “Now, the ancestors of these families have returned, concerning their family’s seeded player, they are all well-protected. I think the difficulty of killing them will be much higher than for me to win against them.”

“Therefore, Luo girl must cultivate diligently, strive for second place ah.” Nangong Liuyun’s face was brimming with smiles, as if the Asura with a murderous aura that just crawled out of from hell just now wasn’t at all related to him.

“Got it.” Su Luo nodded her head helplessly.

Be that as it may, but… Su Luo still speechlessly lifted her eyes to the sky. Let’s hope this time her luck was still as good as before…

In the wake of Grandmaster Rong Yun’s arrival, the four secondary judges also arrived, so, the Roaming Dragon List Competition was held as scheduled.

Before the competition, Beichen Ying ran over excitedly.

He accompanied Su Luo to walk while talking. “Only one hundred contestants will enter from two hundred. A lot of people bet that you would lose.”

Su Luo suddenly returned to her senses: “Tell me about the rules of the competition.”

Beichen Ying’s eyes opened wide in an instant: “Rules of the competition?”

“Yes, rules of the competition.” Su Luo very calmly nodded.

Beichen Ying staggered and almost fell down, and shouted in disbelief: “The competition is about to start today, and you still don’t know the rules of the competition?”

Su Luo feigned calmness: “Am I not waiting for you to tell me?”

In fact, Su Luo had wanted to ask about it yesterday, but the conversations with master and Nangong Liuyun disturbed her state of mind. She tossed and turned the whole evening and could not sleep. So, she forgot to ask about the situation.

Beichen Ying put his palm on his forehead helplessly: “Really admire you.”

Su Luo laughed calmly.

Really was the emperor not worried but the eunuchs were anxious. Beichen Ying was helpless, he could only explain everything to Su Luo in detail so she could understand it.

The competition was divided into preliminaries and finals.

From the top ten families, every family had ten spots, a total of a hundred.

The rest of the sects and families on the continent also had a total of a hundred spots.

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