DKC – Chapter 1388

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Chapter 1388 – Big plan of making money (3)

Beichen Ying saw Su Luo look distracted from listening to his explanation, so he added another sentence, “This was their achievement at that time, ten years ago’s history.”

“Can’t be right?” Su Luo’s eyes were opened so wide that they were clear, “Among the hidden powerful families, there are still so many strong experts that are hidden?”

“The strength that was shown on this continent is merely a small part of it.” Beichen Ying smilingly said, “This continent is a lot bigger than what you imagined, and also a lot stronger.”

Beichen Ying again said: “If you can enter the top ten on the Roaming Dragon List, then the benefits are something you can’t imagine.”

“Oh? What benefits?” Su Luo asked somewhat expectantly.

“The top ten on the Roaming Dragon List will become the most promising and also have the most strength in the younger generation on this continent. They will be bathed in divine light, if their luck is good, it will be an opportunity to activate the hidden element attribute in their body.” Beichen Ying’s eyes showed an endless yearning, “If one could activate the dark attribute…”

The dark attribute, as everyone knows, was the strongest attack attribute. But because it had practically disappeared on the continent, therefore, lightning attribute became ranked number one attack attribute. If one could obtain the dark attribute, at that time, receiving the king of dark attribute’s inheritance… Just thinking about it, Beichen Ying was about to salivate.

At this moment, Su Luo gave a howl of grief silently in her heart.

Originally, she had thought that her eighth rank was already enough to look at. To participate in the power struggle competition of the four countries should be enough to hold a place among the top ten, right? But listening to Beichen Ying’s description, she suddenly had a wanting to cry but lacking the tears feeling. Ten strongest, would it really have a sit for her?

Nangong Liuyun patted her head: “You wanting to enter the top ten strongest naturally is not a difficult matter.” With him here, how could a top ten be difficult?

“If it was only possible.” Su Luo gloomily grabbed her hair, now, she didn’t even have the qualification to enter the competition ah.

“This jade pendant?” Beichen Ying once again built a plan on this jade pendant.

“This jade pendant…” A crafty light flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. She beckoned with her hand, and the three people formed a circle, then, Su Luo said her idea once through.

“Sister-in-law, you are simply too black, two-faced that kind of black.” Beichen Ying’s eyes sparkled as he excitedly said.

“Are you praising or disparaging me?” Su Luo tapped his forehead in annoyance.

“Naturally praising you ah, okay, I’ll take charge of all parts of this matter. You guys just wait to collect the crystal stones ah.” Beichen Ying was also an impetuous person, saying he will do it, he will then go do it. He turned around and immediately ran down the mountain.

Those four bodyguards were already sent away to keep watch. Now, they naturally followed behind Beichen Ying eagerly to run down the mountain.

“Beichen Ying is quite cute.” Su Luo looked at Beichen Ying’s red brocade gown that was blown up by the wind and smilingly shook her head, “Like a child that hasn’t grown up. Very amusing.

“He ought to grow up.” Nangong Liuyun snorted twice, “Wait until after this time’s matter gets resolved, then let him and Zi Yan get married.”

“Their eight words of compatibility haven’t even been written, are you going to rigidly force this marriage?” Su Luo cast an unhappy glance at him. Soon after, a crafty expression flashed through her eyes, “However, the foreshadowing has already been buried, just will depend on how they freely develop.”

Inside this time’s ‘making big money’ plan, Zi Yan played a necessary part. Her contact with Beichen Ying naturally would not be little. This coming in contact often, wouldn’t it slowly create feelings? Su Luo smiled with a face full of complacency as she watched Beichen Ying’s back.

The two people didn’t stand long on the side of the overhanging cliff, before someone came to report. Emperor Jing had sent people over.

Su Luo smilingly cast Nangong Liuyun a glance: “Looks like your father the Emperor got impatient.”

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