DKC – Chapter 1386

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Chapter 1386 – Big plan of making money (1)

Beichen Ying wanted to cry but lacked the tears as he weakly asked: “Sister-in-law, in the end, what are you looking for?”

Su Luo lifted her eyes, the corner of her lips curving at him: “You really don’t know?”

“I really don’t know ah.” Beichen Ying was curious to the extreme, as a result, he nodded his head with all his strength.

He really couldn’t understand after much thinking, it was just a jade pendant, why would the two of them have such a strange expression?

Su Luo laughably looked at this lively youth full of sunshine. She patted his shoulders with a tone carrying a trace of sympathy: “Little Beichen ah, you this waste ah, alas….”

“Wa, waste?” Beichen Ying opened his eyes wide in disbelief, waving his fist to demonstrate his strength, “Is there another that is more gifted than me, Beichen Ying?”

But Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun used an identical sympathetic expression to look at him.

Their looks made this dressed-in-red youth’s heart jump with ‘ba-thump, ba-thump’ sounds. Suddenly, he became somewhat apprehensive.

At this time, those few attendants of his finally ran over eagerly. Each and every one of them was perspiring freely, gasping for breath. When they saw Beichen Ying, they immediately let out a breath of relief: “Young Master, next time, you must by all means don’t abandon us and run off alone. If you do so, how are we supposed to protect you ah?”

Beichen Ying humphed with disdain: “You can’t even chase up to this young master, how are you supposed to protect this young master?”

Hey, these words that were said seemed reasonable. These four bodyguards suddenly seemed to see the light. But immediately after, when they saw Beichen Ying, their complexion suddenly became deathly pale.

“You, you….” Their fingers pointed at Beichen YIng, each and every one of their eyes were opened wide, as if they had seen a ghost.

Beichen Ying became more bewildered, his swordlike eyebrows wrinkling. His eyes were like snow swords and swept them a sideways glance: “You, what you? What did you guys discover?”

He wasn’t able to get the answer from Second Brother and Su Luo, but these people were his attendants. They would not dare to conceal it from him right?

“Young Master, you, your cultivation. How could it…” The four bodyguards were so anxious that they almost cried.

“In the end, what happened?” Beichen Ying’s hand extended out and with one lift, he hoisted up the bodyguard nearest to him. His expression was gloomy and cold, carrying a threat: “Still won’t quickly say it?”

That bodyguard immediately explained everything clearly: “Young Master, don’t know what happened, just now, looking at you, you only have the cultivation of a first rank ah!” But able to lift him up with ease, this proved that young master’s cultivation did not disappear.

“First rank?” Beichen Ying’s disbelieving gaze swept towards the other three bodyguards.

“Yes, yes, yes, really only at the first rank! Didn’t lie to you!” Those three bodyguards all stood up straight and nodded their heads in sync.

Beichen Ying tossed the bodyguard he held in his hand to the ground and looked at his own hand in bewilderment, then, he lifted his eyes to look towards Nangong Liuyun.

“In the end, what is going on?” Beichen Ying mumbled to himself.

Su Luo’s white as jade finger pointed towards the jade pendant at his waist.

“Could it be that the problem comes from this jade pendant?” Beichen Ying took off the jade pendant. He fiddled with it in his hand curiously. This jade pendant was the one Second Brother just tossed to him. When he tied this jade pendant to himself, a strange thing happened.

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, this jade pendant has the ability to deceive.” Su Luo indifferently said, “After wearing this jade pendant, Beichen Ying, your cultivation only seemed to be at the first rank. Then, aren’t you just a waste?” Saying till the later part, Su Luo couldn’t help but to start laughing.

“For real or faking it? How is it that I don’t feel anything?” Beichen Ying stared at the jade pendant curiously, looking at it from left to right. He couldn’t find anything strange about this jade pendant.

Su Luo saw he didn’t believe it, so she took back the jade pendant from his hand and tied it to her own waist. She used the jade pendant as a decoration for her dress.

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