DKC – Chapter 1377

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Chapter 1377 -Demanding blood in the Southern Mountain (4)

Su Zian hadn’t expected that an insignificant housekeeper under Prince Jin would dare to give him the cold shoulder, and his anger couldn’t help but soar: “Your dog eyes need to be lowered to look at me!”

There was not a trace of emotion on Housekeeper Li’s ice-cold face. If he didn’t know of Master’s attitude, he would have already shut all these annoying people outside the door long ago. Only, Little Sizi hadn’t returned, it was also sufficient to see Master’s attitude.

Su Zian’s anger in his heart became even deeper, he was actually looked down upon by an insignificant housekeeper.

Time passed little by little, very quickly, an hour had slipped away.

Only at this moment did Little Sizi slowly come out, he indifferently glanced at Su Zian and only said two word: “Come, please.”

Su Zian, who had become impatient from waiting, snorted heavily, flinging his sleeve as he went in.

He had already flown into a rage out of humiliation, at this moment, his anger was even more extreme.

Front hall.

Su Luo calmly sat there.

The moment Su Zian entered, he saw Su Luo leisurely half-reclining and half-sitting on the imperial tutor’s chair. The little divine dragon was in her lap, and there was another little fox with a pure white fur coat.

This little fox had quite a few tails, one tail, two tail, three tail…… Nine tails? That’s not right, his eyes certainly must be blurred. Su Zian couldn’t help but to count it once again, after he finished counting, his entire being didn’t feel good.

Nine tails, it was actually a little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox! This simply……made people’s heart beat quickly ah!

Su Zian, with great difficulty, restrained the greediness that sprang up in his heart. His gaze indifferently swept towards Su Luo, but when his line of sight fell on Su Luo’s face, for a moment, his whole body stiffened as if he had seen a ghost!

“You……Who are you?!” Su Zian looked at the Su Luo before his eyes with disbelief.

The little divine dragon was Su Luo’s spirit pet, he only liked to leap up and down on Su Luo’s body, so without a doubt, the person in front of his eyes was Su Luo. But her face…… how could her face change to be so beautiful?

The original shape of her facial features almost didn’t change, now, it looked as if it had been delicately carved, cut and polished, every place was all exquisitely perfect to the extreme. Compared to her, how could the Jade Lake fairy’s jadelike beauty be even considered beautiful? Su Qing and Su Wan’s appearance wasn’t even worthy of becoming her servant ah.

It was only two years’ time, how could she have changed so quickly?

“Who do you think I am?” Su Luo, on one hand, leisurely teased the little divine dragon by tickling his chin, while on the other hand, she carelessly spoke.

“Luo Luo, it seems that you’ve been doing pretty good these past two years.” Not only had her appearance become the most beautiful under the heavens, even her cultivation had advanced to a place that was hard for him to even hope for. In her hands, there was even the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox from the legends that could use the Change Spirit Technique!

Envy, Su Zian was deeply envious!

Su Luo, from high up looking down, aimed a glance at him disdainfully out of the corner of her eye. The smile at the corner of her mouth was indifferent like a stranger: “If not for Your Excellency expelling me from the Su residence, such good days, I still really wouldn’t be able to have.”

When she mentioned the matter of being expelled from Su Manor, there was no anger, not even ridicule, there was only an unfamiliarity belonging to a stranger. After Su Zian realized this point, his heart suddenly shook, he had a very bad feeling.

If Su Luo had angrily kicked up a racket or mocked and ridiculed him, in that case, it showed she still cared about the Su Manor, still cared about him, this father. However, so apathetic like this, just like a nodding acquaintance that hadn’t been in contact for many years, this made Su Zian somewhat panic-stricken.

Su Zian sat without being asked, with a stiff face, he assumed a fatherly attitude: “That was only a misunderstanding, now the misunderstanding is already clarified, you can return to the Su Manor at any time.”

Su Luo held the little divine dragon and petted the hair on his body. Occasionally, she found the time to glance at Su Zian: “I can return to the Su Manor at any time?”

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