DKC – Chapter 1373

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Chapter 1373 – The matter in the Capital (3)

He knew that with Elder Ancestor Mo’s puppet here, nothing would happen to Su Luo, so he was able to indulge their toying with the several family heads. Now that they had toyed with them enough, naturally, they would hurry up on their journey to the imperial capital.

Greed was human nature, the greed for life was human instinct, so the fear of death was even more of a difficult problem throughout the ages. The blood in Su Luo’s body, from beginning to end, was a huge hidden danger. Nangong Liuyun’s eyes half-narrowed dangerously.

After going through this brief episode, the party of people once again quickly rushed towards the imperial capital.

Those several family heads came quickly and also left quickly, so they didn’t affect Su Luo and the rest.

But those several family heads also weren’t good to deal with. They originally wanted to cling to defending the secret on Su Luo’s body to the death, but after they couldn’t obtain it, they naturally spread out this information completely. Thus, making the entire continent impassioned.

Su Luo possessed spirit blood. Ordinary people wanted to extend their life, cultivators wanted to raise their cultivation, hence, wave after wave of people all rushed to Eastern Ling. On the road, was even more various sorts of ambushes arranged.

However, the master of the secret aristocratic family heads personally brought a team and didn’t succeed. These people, apart from throwing away their lives, what other use could they have?

The little stone who was wearing Elder Ancestor Mo simply didn’t feel like making a move. At this moment, he was steadily seated in Su Luo’s space, cultivating, Nangong Liuyun also didn’t make a move, and even Su Luo was leisurely sitting at the side, cracking melon seeds with her teeth.

The small dragon had already woken up and there was still the lively little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

These two spirit pets opened up a path, and the brave heroes in the whole world didn’t dare disobey.

Not wanting their lives and daring to come up to obstruct, these two small things simply didn’t understand what was called being polite. They just rushed up and then smashed fist after fist.

The little divine dragon’s fist, how could it be an ordinary fist? One fist went over and things would be squashed. Afterwards, the little divine dragon got impatient with smashing and directly puffed out a mouthful of dragon breath.

Occasionally a flame, occasionally ice, occasionally, it would also be lightning and thunder, in any case, he was one with all the elements. The elements that he ought to have, he would be able to puff it out.

Following this, the dead bodies on the road became more and more. The people that followed behind the Dragon Scaled Horse instead became less and less.

Originally, they had come to fight over the spirit blood, it was precisely to extend their lifespan. Now, not only were they unable to extend their lifespans, if one wasn’t careful, they could even lose their lives, wasn’t that a huge loss? Therefore, in the end, a lot of people just went back and did what they were supposed to do.

The few remaining people still followed behind the carriage far away. They followed the Dragon Scaled Horse and entered the imperial capital.

“Seeing these tails is really annoying, how about I go over and slaughter them all?” Zi Yan pulled out a double-edged sword with a ‘swoosh’ sound and wanted to go over to chop them like watermelons.

But Su Luo blocked her and helplessly forced a bitter smile: “These people are like Chinese leek, kill one wave, and there will be another. Let them follow.”

“Just let them off lightly like this?” Zi Yan snorted in a rage, “Do they think I don’t know what plan they’re making? They themselves are no match for you, they are hoping someone ultra-strong will come kill you and then let them collect the spoils.”

“Must think of a way to completely resolve this matter, otherwise in the future, I really won’t be able to go out.” Su Luo anxiously pressed her temples and helplessly sighed.

“Other treasures can still be hidden away or simply given away, this blood of yours……” Zi Yan really felt there was nothing to be done about it.

“Be at ease ok, everything will be alright.” Su Luo comforted her instead.

While they were talking, they had already arrived at the imperial capital.

“Directly go to the Southern Mountain.” Su Luo instructed the Dragon Scaled Horse.

The Dragon Scaled Horse clearly also didn’t like the clamor in the imperial capital, hearing that he was to return to the Southern Mountains, he immediately neighed and let loose his four hooves, running towards the south.

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