DKC – Chapter 1369

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Chapter 1369 – The road being blocked is long (4)

“Are you not?” Su Luo smiled coldly.

“Humph, this time, even if you don’t want to go, you will go!” Li Yaoyuan was too lazy to waste words with Su Luo, he waved his hand and the group of people blocked the way to Eastern Ling.

“Head of Li family, you only blocked the way forward? Here, there’s still three other directions ah.” Beichen Ying’s face was cold, lips curled in a sneer.

Originally, he had wanted to call him ‘Uncle Li’, but this action of Li Yaoyuan disgusted him thoroughly.

Li Yaoyuan, only now, seemed to notice Beichen Ying’s figure, and his brows knitted tightly. There was only this apple in everyone’s eyes from Beichen Palace, spoiled to no end. If he was injured, than wouldn’t his irascible dad come to find him to fight with all his might.

Li Yaoyuan grunted in annoyance: “Beichen family’s brat, here, it’s not your business, beat it to the side.”

Beichen Ying sneered: “If Li family’s head insists on inviting Luo Luo to Jade Lake’s Li family, then it is my business. Li family’s head also doesn’t want to make enemies with Beichen Palace right?”

Beichen Palace was in charge of all the mercenary unions on the continent, within the union, experts were as many as clouds. Their insider information was also deep, Jade Lake’s Li family also didn’t dare to meet them force with force. Li Yaoyuan immediately became dignified, his eyes blazing: “You are just a small stinking boy, how could you represent Beichen Palace? Beat it!”

A long whip suddenly appeared in his hand. The whip was fast as lightning, as it fiercely flew straight towards Beichen Ying’s face!

Li Yaoyuan was tenth rank, no matter what, Beichen Ying couldn’t dodge this whip!

Just at this critical moment, suddenly, a black sword, fast as lightning, charged towards that long whip.

Just as the long whip was about to reach Beichen Ying’s body, the longsword appeared like a shadow!

Chi Xiao Sword!

Chi Xiao Sword had spirit knowledge in it, it controlled Chi Xiao sword. Even though it left his hand, it still emitted a formidable power.

Chi Xiao sword fiercely cut the long whip.

Immediately, sparks flew in all directions, making a violent metal scraping sound!

Li Yaoyuan’s expression suddenly changed.

When he used the long whip to sweep towards Beichen Ying, partially, it was to probe, he wanted to know how strong the expert in the carriage that didn’t show his face was. Now, with this one move, Li Yaoyuan’s heart shook in fear.

Such a terrible weapon!

What a strong cultivation!

Chi Xiao Sword moved back after one attack to quickly fly back into the carriage.

Li Yaoyuan’s brows knitted firmly. If he didn’t guess wrong, just now, that ought to be the Chi Xiao Sword Yaoyao had mentioned. He recalled she said Chi Xiao Sword was in Nangong Liuyun’s hands, so it seemed, that strong expert in the carriage ought to be Nangong Liuyun?

Thinking of this, a trace of fear appeared in Li Yaoyuan’s eyes. Before, Li Yaoyuan always treated Nangong Liuyun as his family’s son-in-law, now, after knowing that it was impossible between Nangong Liuyun and Li Yaoyao, he suddenly discovered that Nangong Liuyun had matured too fast, too rapidly. It seemed as if in the blink of an eye, he had matured into a person that could rival him. Then, what about in the future, maybe after another two years, even the elder ancestor wouldn’t be able to suppress him?

Just when Li Yaoyuan’s frown became tighter, suddenly, a wave of spirit power movement came from mid-air.

Suddenly, a bad premonition appeared in Su Luo’s heart.

It seemed that not only Jade Lake’s Li family came to trouble her, there was another character…. Now this was problematic.

Opposite of Su Luo’s reaction, the smile on Li Yaoyuan’s face grew wider.

“Brother Luo, You’ve finally arrived.” Li Yaoyuan took a step forward and greeted the Luo family’s head who rapidly rushed over.

Luo Qiuming, Luo Yu palace hall’s current master, also Luo Haochen’s and Luo Dieyi’s father.

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