DKC – Chapter 1366

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Chapter 1366 – The road being blocked is long (1)

“You’re saying, that Su Luo’s blood now…” Li Yaoyuan’s expression immediately became excited!

“Yes!” Both of Li Yaoyao’s hands clenched into fists, the smile on her lips becoming more cold and bloodthirsty, “Just the way as Honorable Father thinks, moreover…”

“Moreover what?” Li Yaoyuan could hardly conceal the excitement in his heart.

“Moreover, in Su Luo’s hand, is the legendary sword called Cheng Ying!” Li Yaoyao’s smile was like that of an asura from hell, ferocious and terrifying.

Things she couldn’t get, Su Luo, don’t you even think of getting! An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth, Su Luo had too many treasures that let other people’s blood boil. As long as she released the information, she didn’t need to hire anyone, naturally, there would be a countless number of people who would advance wave upon wave to catch and kill her.

“Cheng Ying Sword?” Li Yaoyuan’s body swayed, and he almost fell over. “The one you said is, is the ancient famous Cheng Ying Sword?!”

“Yes, there is also a Chi Xiao Sword that is now in Nangong Liuyun’s hands!” When mentioning Nangong Liuyun, Li Yaoyao’s eyes shone with a ruthlessness and cold light!

She would never forget, how Nangong Liuyun tried to kill her in order to protect Su Luo! If she didn’t have the teleportation stone in hand, she would already be dead in the Nine Different Palace Halls!

It was also from that time onwards, that Li Yaoyao finally could see clearly, that it turned out, in Third Senior Brother’s eyes, she wasn’t even worth a hair on Su Luo’s head! Fancy that before, she used all costs to compete with Su Luo, to snatch him from Su Luo!

Thinking of this, Li Yoayao’s hands clenched into fists, the veins on the back of her hands popping out.

Having gotten these two good news, Li Yaoyuan slapped the table in excitement, “Since it’s like this, we must snatch Su Luo back to Jade Lake’s Palace!”

“However, Honorable Father, don’t forget, Su Luo is Grandmaster Rong Yun’s apprentice!” Mentioning this, Li Yaoyao once again gnashed her teeth in rage!

Third Senior Brother wanted to kill her for Su Luo, Grandmaster Rong Yun used her for bait to ensure Su Luo’s safety! If it wasn’t for her life line being long, she would have already died in the hands of that witch Yanxia long ago!

The hatred in Li Yaoyao’s heart was like water from the sky, continuous and endless!

She felt she must have killed Su Luo’s entire family in a previous life, otherwise, how could her life be controlled so firmly by Su Luo in this life. As long as she liked, what she wanted, how did it all belong to Su Luo?

“Grandmaster Rong Yun’s apprentice… this point is difficult to deal with.” Li Yaoyuan rubbed his jaw as he muttered to himself. He thought a bit, then looked at Li Yaoyao coldly, “If you weren’t so useless, how could Grandmaster Rong Yun have taken her as apprentice? Also it’s unlikely to have this inconvenience right now!”

Li Yaoyao felt she was being extremely wronged, her eye sockets were red from grief and indignation: “Father! Could it be that even now, you still can’t see clearly! Before, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s care for me was clearly all pretense! He clearly intentionally wanted that old witch Yanxia to take me away!”

Being used was not lamentable. The most lamentable thing was that after being used, her family still blamed her for not doing good enough. Li Yaoyao suddenly felt that her whole life was one huge tragedy.

“Enough, enough, this matter will stop being mentioned now.” Li Yaoyuan waved his hand in an agitated manner. At that time, in order to let Li Yaoyao be taken under Grandmaster Rong Yun’s door, the Jade Lake family spent a lot of effort and financial resources. But in the end, the result was actually like that.

Li Yaoyao’s hatred for Su Luo grew even more, her eyes glittering like frost and snow: “I heard Grandmaster Rong Yun is not on the continent right now. Now is the best time to slaughter Su Luo. Otherwise, if you wait until Grandmaster Rong Yun returns, nobody will be able to move Su Luo!”

Li Yaoyuan sent a very displeased glared at Li Yaoyao.

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