DKC – Chapter 1357

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Chapter 1357 – Eastern Ling’s army camp (2)

This time, not only did that head of soldiers come, even Mu Zifeng personally came.

When Mu Zifeng saw that Dragon Scaled Horse, his expression immediately became excited, and his footsteps accelerated.

Nangong Liuyun lifted up the horse carriage’s curtain and nodded faintly towards Mu Zifeng: “Uncle.”

Mu Zifeng saw this at a glance and suddenly burst into a candid, loud laughter: “Liuyun! It really is you ah. Haha——”

However, Mu Zifeng only laughed halfway when the little stone jumped down the horse carriage. His entire person immediately was like leaves blown by the wind, tottering on the verge of collapse.

That laugh stiffened at once at the corner of his mouth!

His laughter halted very suddenly.

“General, what’s wrong?” Deputy General A hurriedly probed to ask.

“This, this person…” Although Mu Zifeng did his utmost to pretend to be unperturbed, but the trembling muscles on his face gave away his nervousness and excitement.

Deputy General A and B followed Mu Zifeng’s gaze to look towards the little stone who was sitting outside of the horse carriage.

At first glance, they still hadn’t felt anything, but when they took a second glance!

Suddenly, these two deputy generals who had been on the battlefield for a long time, unexpectedly, their whole face turned red. The fists at their side were clenched tightly, their eyes showed an expression that one didn’t know if it was excitement or terror.

But like Mu Zifeng, the muscles at the corner of their mouth trembled non-stop…

The little stone slanted an impatient glare towards them, immediately, Mu Zifeng and the two deputy generals stood there like a stiff statue. In an instant, their backs shivered with cold, their whole body was covered with cold sweat.

Momentarily, the surrounding atmosphere became somewhat grave.

Su Luo opened the carriage door curtain and patted the little stone’s shoulder: “Here, it’s already Eastern Ling, don’t need to be so fierce.”

The split second they saw Su Luo, the three manly men in front, who had always mixed among the army camps, immediately felt the whole world become bright. Even the sunlight was warm, the ice and snow melted.

This Miss was simply too beautiful!

So beautiful like a goddess, capable of causing the downfall of a state and such similar phrases. Even using those phrases on her was blasphemy! Before, they only felt that the Jade Lake’s fairy’s beauty could not be produced locally, but compared to this Miss in front of their eyes, the Jade Lake’s fairy simply, simply couldn’t be compared to even one of her fingers.

But very quickly, they returned to their senses.

Just now, what did this otherworldly and extremely beautiful Miss do? She actually had no restraining fear when talking to this extremely strong mysterious person? Mu Zifeng and the two deputy generals’ body had just loosened slightly and were frozen again in a flash.

This Miss actually dared to talk to that extremely strong person like this, she, did she even want to live? This was simply the rhythm of courting death!

Mu Zifeng and the two deputy generals looked with concern at this peerlessly beautiful Miss, but outside of their expectations, that mysterious, extremely strong expert merely arrogantly humphed. Afterwards, he turned his face away, simply had no intent of making a move against her.

This, this, this…Mu Zifeng’s three people looked at each other in dismay…

“Let’s go to the army camp first.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice came faintly from within the carriage, that calm and unhurried tone, nobody could hear that his body was currently heavily injured.

“Good, good, good.” Mu Zifeng returned to his senses and hurriedly nodded. Then, he took the lead to straddle the horse and proceed to the front to lead the way. His two deputy generals ran to the back of the Dragon Scaled Horse on separate sides, respectfully and with deference, bringing up the rear.

This move once again strongly stimulated those soldiers in the surrounding area.

This was their great general ah, the great general that led a grand five hundred thousand soldiers army ah. Number 1 ah. He personally came out to welcome them, and the result was that the other party didn’t even show their face before their great general got on the horse to cheerfully lead the way.

Along the way, a countless number of soldiers were as if waking up from a dream, incredulously rubbing their eyes and watching this unimaginably rare event that happened once in hundreds of years.

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