DKC – Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327 – Final decisive battle (2)

“Maybe he had enmity with Northern Mo’s royal family.” Deputy General A said with a schadenfreude smile.

Mu Zifeng thought deeply and felt it was correct: “Maybe that’s indeed so.”

Apart from this, there was simply no other way to explain why this expert would launch such a devastating attack against Northern Mo.

“Great General, this deputy wants to lead soldiers to encircle the fleeing Northern Mo’s soldiers!” Deputy General A could hardly conceal his excitement, and loudly asked for orders.

“This deputy also asks to lead soldiers to encircle the fleeing Northern Mo’s soldiers. There’s no need for that many people, ten thousand soldiers would do!” Deputy General A also asked loudly for orders.

Before, Eastern Ling was suppressed so miserably, now, it was such a good chance to beat a drowning dog, how could they let it slip by?

However, Mu Zifeng’s face was cold and strict to the extreme, and after a long time, only then did he shake his head slowly: “Must not.”

“Why?” Deputy General A and B both asked anxiously.

Mu Zifeng cool-headedly analyzed: “If that expert deliberately looked for Northern Mo’s bad luck, and you guys enter the battlefield areas, there’s no guarantee you won’t provoke him. At that time, you guys will implicate Eastern Ling’s army, this kind of consequences, can you guys shoulder it?”

Based on that expert’s cultivation, wiping out Eastern Ling’s army would be child’s play to him. With a wave of his sleeve, Eastern Ling’s army would be played to death.

Seeing that Deputy General A and B wanted to say something but hesitated, Mu Zifeng again said: “Let alone to say the current battle situation, if you got sucked into this pit, it will be like being wiped out like dumplings placed in a frying pan, do you guys have the strength to run out? Do you guys feel that Eastern Ling’s army is braver and more valiant than Northern Mo’s army? So, why would you guys bother to go meaninglessly sacrifice your lives?”

Seeing his two capable trusted aids hang their heads down in guilt, Mu Zifeng patted their shoulders: “Transmit my orders down, Eastern Ling’s whole army is to withdraw fifty kilometers away, then sit and watch a great play.”

“Yes!” The two deputy generals hurriedly received the order and left.

Mu Zifeng still stood in his original place, with both arms linked behind his back, eyes half-narrowed and unblinking, as he watched that dazzling figure in the distance suspended in mid-air.

He stroked his chin, somewhat vexed as he furrowed his eyebrows: that person’s figure, why did it look a bit familiar?

Northern Mo’s army camp.

Su Luo was running back and forth in the crowd.

Because there was a million soldiers to conceal herself behind, therefore, Ancestor Mo simply couldn’t lock onto her aura. So, Ancestor Mo issued destructive attacks on this camp out of fury, creating a pile of corpses on the ground and a river of blood.

However, in the wake of the corpses falling down non-stop next to her, the smell of death started to fill the air, so the scent of an alive person would be easy to identify.

This was also the reason behind Ancestor Mo’s crazed attack at the crowds.

Very quickly, Ancestor Mo locked on to the target he was looking for.

However, this time, Ancestor Mo didn’t rush to chase and attack Su Luo, instead, he took out a transparent crystal ball out from his chest pocket.

Now, the thick layer of clouds scattered, the bright and clear moonlight shining on the ground. The naked eye could clearly see, the transparent crystal ball sitting in the centre of Ancestor Mo’s palm.

This crystal ball emitted soul-absorbing rays of light.

Suddenly, Su Luo had a very bad premonition, she felt that ever since Ancestor Mo took out this crystal ball, her soul actually received intense undulations, as if it wanted to fly out of her body and charge into that dazzling brilliant crystal ball.

In the end, what was that crystal ball? How could it have such a strong attractive force over her soul?

Su Luo only felt her head become dizzy, as if her body was being controlled, like a puppet, moving forward step by step.

At this time, the countless number of bodies piled up on the ground like a mountain, the surface of these bodies filling the air with a faint black smoke. These black smoke curled upwards into the sky, and assembled towards that crystal ball.

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