DKC – Chapter 1305

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Chapter 1305 – Girl genius (3)

He extended his hand to place it on Third Princess’s wrist, in just a split second, he withdrew his hand again and snarled: “You, this waste, don’t even have the slightest bit of elemental spirit power!”

The Third Princess was like a startled small deer, she shrank and trembled, the rims of her eyes turned red, looking extremely pitiful.

But Second Elder had no intention of letting her go, he ruthlessly slapped her and directly sent Third Princess flying.

Although this Third Princess was not an elemental mage, but she was an outstanding beauty, dainty and flowery, being treated like this, it really was a pity.

Second Elder was extremely angry and didn’t control his strength, his ferociously slap immediately made her pass out.

Su Luo was hiding in the flower plants and the place this Third Princess landed was very close to Su Luo, within reach.

Seeing the red and swollen five fingerprints on Third Princess’s delicate cheek, the anger and guilt in Su Luo’s heart gradually spread out. If not for her and Nangong Liuyun, this Third Princess also wouldn’t suffer this kind of senseless disaster. In the end, it was Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun that implicated her.

“Want to save her or not?” The little stone’s voice sounded in Su Luo’s mind.

“How do I save her?” Su Luo stared at the passed out motionless Third Princess, her eyes half-narrowed.

“First option, kill her and everything would be solved. To prevent her from being a shadow on your heart when you next advance ranks. ” The little stone suggested with an unconstrained style.

“That won’t do.” Su Luo directly vetoed this suggestion.

She was not a homicidal maniac demon, this Third Princess had already suffered being implicated by her, being beaten by Second Elder to this state, how could she still kill her? Although her natural disposition was cold, indifferent and selfish, however, if a person didn’t offend her, she also wouldn’t offend that person.

“Then, just accept her and use her for yourself.” The little stone very kindly pointed out to Su Luo, “This little princess, apart from having ice element system, she still has the rare light element oh. In this world, apart from her, it certainly will be difficult to find another light element mage.”

“Ice element and light element?” Su Luo cried out in surprise, “This world actually has the light element? How is it that I haven’t heard of it?”

“The light element is like your space element, it has practically disappeared in the whole world, therefore, a lot of people haven’t heard of it.” The little stone’s appearance was disappointed and frustrated, recalling the past as he gazed at the distant sky, he faintly sighed.

“Then it seems I have to save her.” Su Luo made up her mind.

In fact, ever since the little stone spoke of this Third Princess’s bitter experience, Su Luo had made up her mind to save her, because she recalled her own life experience. Back in those days, wasn’t Su Luo also considered a waste and suffered all kinds of bullying because her element was suppressed?

Speaking of which, this Third Princess’s bitter experience and her own were very similar, if not for anything else, just for this point, Su Luo would also move to save her.

The little stone suddenly laughed: “In fact, you saving her is making a huge profit. Here, take this and feed it for her to eat.”

“What is this?” An entirely pitch-black pill appeared in the center of Su Luo’s palm, a medicinal pill that gave off a bitter almond smell.

This blackish medicinal pill, she seemed to have no impression of it.

The little stone cast a glance at Su Luo as if looking at an idiot, and he unhurriedly said: “This is a Mind Pill, now you know what it means?”

“Mind Pill?” Su Luo’s eyes shone in a flash!

At that time, when that cheap master of hers had examined her to accept as a disciple, she had memorized an entire stack of books as tall as a person by heart ah. Afterwards, she also studied on Cloud Mist Peak for two years, how could she not have heard of the name ‘Mind Pill’? But she had also only heard of it and hadn’t ever seen it.

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