DKC – Chapter 1298

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Chapter 1298 – Clear Spirit Pool (7)

Fortunately, this lake water was scarlet red. Although it was clear, the bottom of the lake wasn’t visible. So not a single person knew that the two people were hiding in the lake. That Guard A who was somewhat suspicious had also been influenced by his comrades and dispelled his suspicions.

Underwater, the two people had no way to talk, so they could only use hand signs to communicate.

“That stone is too far away. We can’t reach it ah.” This was Su Luo’s hand signs.

“No problem, watch me.” Nangong Liuyun smiled confidently.

Su Luo didn’t know how he did it either. All she saw was him taking a deep breath, then that Snow Spirit Crystal Stone which wasn’t nearby unexpectedly began to emit bubbles. In a flash, it was one fifth smaller.

When Third Princess saw this, she was so startled that her entire person almost jumped up.

What happened? What had just happened? She didn’t seem to have refined it right? So, how did the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone get refined one fifth by itself?

The third princess doubtfully looked all around the broad lake surface, but she was the only one there. Apart from her, there was only Second Elder who was sitting ashore in meditation.

That old man would not be so kind as to help her. The third princess knitted her eyebrows. Could it be that even the heavens were on her side?

Or perhaps this one fifth of the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone from just now was really refined by her? Thinking up till here, an overjoyed expression suddenly appeared on the third princess’s face.

The third princess didn’t have time to think about this further and hurriedly held her breath with rapt attention, then, she continued refining this Snow Spirit Crystal Stone.

At the bottom of the lake, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun grinned at each other, like two crafty old foxes.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle——

The refining speed of this fist-sized Snow Spirit Crystal Stone was really fast.

After an hour, Second Elder unhurriedly opened his eyes. He apathetically swept a glance over the third princess and jeered coldly, “I told you that you couldn’t do it, right? This time, you finally give up, right? In the future, just be obedient and marry into the Eastern……”

Before he finished saying the word ‘Ling,’ this second elder seemed as if he’d seen a ghost. His pair of eyes opened wide and was perfectly round, while his facial muscles twitched incessantly.

“This- This- How is this possible?!” In his emotional state, the second elder flew directly into the water and grabbed that fingernail-sized remnant of the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone.

He stared incredulously at that tiny piece of Snow Spirit Crystal Stone and then fixed his attention on the third princess with a disbelieving expression. His eyes were lit up like a snow blade, as if wanting to impale the third princess.

“This is refined by you?!” The second elder clearly couldn’t control his emotions.

The third princess had never seen the arrogant and ice-cold second elder look so human. However, in order not to be sent off to be married, this delicate third princess stuck out her small chest, raised her little face, and firmly made a fist: “Second Elder, I haven’t finished absorbing it.”

The third princess’s face had a slight flush of red because of fear. Even she couldn’t understand this situation. It was obvious she had no way of refining the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone. As such, she hadn’t gained any energy either. The crystal stone had done it on its own… but well, in short, this was a good thing for her. So, the third princess firmly gave her admission.

“Good! Good! You’ve unexpectedly refined this Snow Spirit Crystal Stone to this degree. It’s amazing!” The second elder changed his earlier icily arrogant expression and amiably patted the third princess’s shoulder, “Alright, continue with your refining. You’ll get enough Snow Spirit Crystal Stones to refine!”

The second elder’s old face smiled like a chrysanthemum flower, showing the excitement and joy in his heart.

How many years had it been? How many years had it been since a genius like this had appeared in Northern Mo?

The more the Snow Spirit Crystal Stone was absorbed, meant the greater the potential. Back then, he himself had absorbed two-thirds of a Snow Spirit Crystal Stone, and now, he was already a Commander rank expert.

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