DKC – Chapter 1287

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Chapter 1287 – What path to take (8)

The soldiers guarding the north gate of the city felt an approaching disaster, and a cowardly feeling couldn’t help but rise in their hearts.

Moreover, the people gathered under the city gates continuously bellowed out protests, there were even courageous ones who climb up the city gates time and time again. Although they were being shot down incessantly by arrows, as the number of people grew more numerous, the city gates were bound to break from the pressure.

In the end, they were unable to withstand the pressure and could only open the city gates.

However, for the gates to open at this time, it was already too late. This was because the old madman who had blown his top had already killed his way here.

The old madman’s whole body gave off an intense, formidable pressure, the heavy stench of blood and a scathing killing intent!

At this time, the more the old madman killed, the braver he got. As if he felt this venting game was very fun and extremely satisfying.

The old madman appeared on top of the city wall.

The moment he appeared, however, made the crowd of people cry out in alarm.

“Oh, heavens! Why is it him? How could it be? How is this possible?” Amidst the crowd, a person cried out loudly in surprise, continuously shouting that it was impossible.

“Who is that? Could it be that you recognize him? Hurry up and say who he is!”

The person who just shouted was immediately encircled by the crowd, who threatened him loudly.

“He is the Elder Ancestor of Central Palace! A saint rank expert!!!”

“What? The Elder Ancestor of Central Palace? What enmity does Central Palace have with this city of crime? Why does he want to wipe out the entire city?”

“Maybe he accepted a commission from the imperial family? Otherwise, how could they let Elder Ancestor to personally come and take action?”

“That vile Northern Mo! That hateful Central Palace!”

“Defeat Northern Mo, defeat Central Palace!”

For a moment, the scene became extremely chaotic, with countless voices roaring loudly.

The old madman’s eyes were full of blood. They were like searchlights, sweeping back and forth, scanning the crowd. However, very quickly, he was disappointed, because the aura he was looking for wasn’t in the crowd.

Ever since he drank that girl’s blood, it was as if the old madman had become an addict. If he didn’t drink her blood, then he would feel itchy all over his body. It was so unbearable that he almost collapsed.

So, even though the old madman was injured, he still wouldn’t give up on chasing after them closely.

However, just earlier, there were still traces of the loathsome girl’s aura. Yet now, not even a little bit remained.


Just at this moment, a brick was thrown from the crowd, smashing towards the back of the city wall.

Moreover, the target was this Elder Ancestor Mo.

“I’ll smash you dead, you lunatic! This daddy’s entire family was killed by you! This daddy has unfinished business with you!”

However, this person didn’t know that his moment of angry action would actually bring a drowning calamity upon everyone present.

Elder Ancestor Mo waved a hand, and that brick quickly changed directions, heading back to where it had come from.

Moreover, that action by the old madman only looked like a casual wave of the hand, but it actually carried an endlessly formidable pressure and killing intent.

With a mere wave from the old madman, those people were like tarot cards, falling down one by one. Additionally, blood flowed out from the seven apertures of everyone’s face, and they died with their eyes open.

At this time, the old madman’s strength had become a step stronger than before.

If Su Luo knew it was just because of her blood that let the old madman grow even more powerful day by day, very likely, she might wring her hands until she coughed up blood.

A pity Su Luo didn’t know, that because they had stayed for a night in the city of criminals, the entire city would then completely disappear in the long river of history.

At this moment, the two of them were riding in the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage which had increased its speed to the peak and was speeding towards the Northern Mo Imperial Palace.

What awaited them was another legendary tale of countless perils.

Maybe it was because Nangong Liuyun guessed correctly and Su Luo didn’t use teleportation, so all along this journey, the old madman still hadn’t caught up.

However, in order to prepare for all eventualities, the two of them still made up their minds to hide for a short period of time in the Northern Mo Imperial Palace. They would wait for Nangong Liuyun to recovery from his injuries before considering their next move.

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