DKC – Chapter 1284

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Chapter 1284 – What path to take (5)

“That space of yours is not bad, the Dragon Scaled Horse actually was promoted two ranks in succession.” Nangong Liuyun smilingly shook his head, then, he stroked the Dragon Scale Horse’s head.

Su Luo finally remembered, while it was in her space, the Dragon Scaled Horse, very much lacking integrity, fawned over the little divine dragon. Finally, the little divine dragon also lacking integrity supplied the Dragon Scaled Horse with an endless amount of Celestial Spirit Water to drink. Originally, just taking out a small bottle of Celestial Spirit Water would cause a sensation, but the little divine dragon magnanimously and boldly gave an unlimited supply to the Dragon Scaled Horse. It would be strange if the Dragon Scaled Horse had not advanced.

However, to advance two ranks in succession was also because it had good talent.

After the Dragon Scaled Horse appeared, it rubbed intimately against Su Luo, tossing its original owner to the back of its head.

Nangong Liuyun flicked its head in annoyance: “How did this king raise such an easily deceived thing?”

“Who told me to have good food and good things to play here?” Su Luo tenderly strokes the Dragon Scaled Horse’s head.

The Dragon Scaled Horse nodded its head in a deadly serious manner, expressing that what Su Luo said was true.

Nangong Liuyun was angered to the point of laughing.

“It’s getting late, let us set off quickly without delay.” Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo and turned to enter the horse carriage.

After the two had sat steadily, the Dragon Scaled Horse gave a faint whinny, then opened its hoofs to dash forward.

In the quiet night, the sound of horse hooves were especially loud and clear.

“Eh, the Dragon Scaled Horse’s speed seems to be a lot faster.” Su Lu lifted up the carriage curtain, looking at the structures that were constantly going by, saying in surprise.

“Yes, it is faster by threefold compared to before.” Nangong Liuyun’s head leaned against the carriage wall, closing his eyes to rest.

“Such quick speed, this Dragon Scaled Horse advanced just in time.” Su Luo praised a sentence. However, that unease in her heart became stronger and stronger.

When the Dragon Scaled Horse traveled to the south city gate, suddenly——

The entire Luo Yang City seemed to be enveloped by a formidable attack, like they were ants in a ball, unable to control their own lives.

Under this huge pressure, inside this entire Luo Yang City, the people that were fast asleep woke up one after another, at a loss, not knowing what’s going on.

“Not good, Old Madman has chased over.” Su Luo cried out in alarm and stood up.

Nangong Liuyun’s sharp eyebrows knitted slightly, pulling Su Luo to sit down. Then, he slowly shook his head: “Sit tight.”

Afterwards, he gave a soft whistle.

After the Dragon Scaled Horse heard the whistle, its pace suddenly soared. Quickly, the only thing that was left on the street were grey afterimages. When one opened their eyes again, they were no longer able to capture the Dragon Scale Horse’s silhouette.

Very quickly, the Dragon Scaled Horse had arrived at the south city gate.

However, the city gate was locked up tightly, and the Dragon Scaled Horse simply couldn’t go through!

A row of soldiers stood in the tower of the city gate. The captain of these soldiers saw the carriage rushing towards the gate and shouted loudly: “Who has come?”

Inside the Dragon Scaled Horse carriage, there was no sound.

The captain of the soldiers’ voice had a trace of cold harshness: “The city gate is already closed, no one is allowed to go out of the city!”

It was only because he saw the Dragon Scaled Horse and the carriage which was not ordinary that his tone carried a trace of respect. If it was someone else, they would already have been shot dead with arrows.

Just at this moment——

The old madman floated in mid-air, roaring non-stop.

“Loathsome girl, come out!!!”

This roar, was like thousands of knives and thunder combined, then, it exploded with a loud rumble. This thunderous sound rang loudly between heaven and earth.

The pitiful Luo Yang City, just like this, met with an absurd calamity.

Suddenly, the entire Luo Yang City seemed to have encountered the rare earthquake that came every thousand years.

The entire Luo Yang City shook and the buildings swayed, then broke into fine powder.

A countless number of people sleeping in their rooms, were directly buried alive by the collapsed buildings.

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