DKC – Chapter 1256

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Chapter 1256 – Recoil of Madness (10)

“Girl, if you have something to be happy about, why don’t you tell everyone so we can be happy together. Why are you stealthily being happy alone ah?” Zi Yan unhappily helped Su Luo rub her belly, because at this moment, Su Luo was laughing so hard, she almost couldn’t breathe.

Su Luo laughed until tears came out. With great difficulty, she finally managed to stop laughing. Then, she slowly told everyone what happened today from start to finish.

“What?! You actually stole….stole from Central Palace’s Treasure Storage Pavilion?” Beichen Ying was so startled that he nearly bit his tongue.

“Lower your voice. You’re afraid that others wouldn’t know right?” Zi Yan pinched Beichen Ying’s belly.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch. I got it, I got it, Eldest Miss. Quickly let go.” Beichen Ying hurriedly begged for mercy.

Seeing this pair of buffoons, the corners of Su Luo’s lips curled into a smile: “I didn’t just steal from Central Palace’s Treasure Storage Pavilion. Rather, I cleaned it out!”

“Clean? Cleaned it out as in you stole everything?” Beichen Ying felt his mind becoming dizzy. This fact was truly too incredible.

This was Central Palace’s Treasure Storage Pavilion, ah… Those were treasures that were accumulated over countless generations and countless years. Yet this girl actually, actually stole everything, leaving nothing? Beichen Ying thought of his own family’s Treasure Storage Pavilion, and a cold chill ran down his spine…

Thinking back to when he first saw Luo Luo two years ago, back then, she was still Su Family’s unloved daughter birthed by a concubine. Her strength at that time were merely of the third or fourth rank. That year, Beichen Ying could say without the slightest hesitation, that he could extinguish Su Luo’s life with just a fingertip, like crushing an ant.

However, in just two short years, this girl had already grown to a point where even he had to look up to her. Although her strength was the same as his, but look at all the things she’d done, even his family’s ancestor wouldn’t be able to do them.

Beichen Ying eye were full of stars, with matchless worship, pulling on her little hand like a lackey: “Sister-in-law! From now on, you’ll the my object of my worship!”

Su Luo laughed happily as she patted his bowed head: “Little Shadow, I haven’t finished telling this story of mine, and yet you’re already groveling like this? Once I finish telling the story, won’t you have to kneel down then?”

“What? The story isn’t over?” Beichen Ying was shocked.

Su Luo looked at his shocked expression with great satisfaction. Sitting on the chair, she leisurely lifted one leg over the other, swinging her leg contentedly.

“Sister-in-law, my blood brother’s wife. You still have other glorious achievements? Tell them for this lowly one to understand the world.” Beichen Ying, like a lackey, moved his stool to sit at her feet. There was a burst of wind, like a wisp of smoke, he had run over.

Then, right when Su Luo was about to explain in detail how she was teeming with luck, and telling the story of how in the midst of perils, she had swapped out Old Man Mo’s purple-colored crystal stones, a furious yell suddenly came from the eastern forbidden area!

This voice seemed to contain the endless spirit energy of heaven and earth. Even though they were separated by a great distance, these few people here were still shaken until their qi and blood rolled over and over.

“What’s going on?” Beichen Ying suddenly stood up in surprise.

“This was the story I wanted to tell.” Su Luo felt that this matter could be either big or small. It was still better to inform everyone. In case something happens, when the time comes, everyone would need to have their guards up.

Looking in the eastern direction, Nangong Liuyun’s eyes narrowed. If his guess wasn’t wrong, the earlier yell was full of inexhaustible pain and lamentation. Additionally, this voice… seemed to belong to the Mo family’s Elder Ancestor.

Could it be… his Luo girl was too daring, to have even played a trick on the Mo family’s Elder Ancestor?

It had to be said, Your Highness Prince Jin, you’ve figured out the truth. Your Luo girl, does indeed have a thief’s courage that covers the sky. She ran to the side of the tiger’s mouth to pluck a whisker, and she really plucked the whisker off.

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