DKC – Chapter 1251

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Chapter 1251 – Recoil of Madness (5)

“This… This must be the black medicinal liquid!” Old Man Mo’s mind was already occupied by the black medicinal liquid. If he was still unable to figure it out, then wouldn’t he be an idiot?

“Who was it? Just who was it, in the end? Who was it that exchanged my purple-colored crystal stones?!!!” Old Man Mo looked up to the sky and madly roared!

As an expert who was close to becoming a sovereign, his shout of wrath was as if he was about to collapse. It was like a tremendous wave overflowing to the sky, and also like the earth was quaking and the mountains were shaking.

The entire palace hall shook violently, and a countless amount of sand and stone, with crashing sounds, fell down!

Fortunately, Su Luo’s luck was good, and she’d run fast enough. Otherwise, considering how close she was to the violent Old Man Mo, she would have borne the brunt of the effect. An insignificant eighth rank, if she were attacked by the formidable power of Old Man Mo, who was a sacred master, she would have died right then.

The experts guarding outside of the palace hall, were currently shaken dizzy by this roar. Blood flowed out from their noses, and each one of them tilted to the east, then fell to the west. They couldn’t even stand properly.

“Not good, something happened to the Elder Ancestor! Quick, quickly go find the First Elder!” The captain of the guards grabbed a guard and directly tossed him towards the gate, while he was shaken until he kneeled on the ground from Ancestor Mo’s mighty pressure.

That guard, who was tossed out, was an intelligent one. After landing, before he could even stand firmly, he had already spread his legs and run forward without delay.

It could be said that Central Palace’s First Elder hadn’t been nearly as busy, if the past few years were added together, as these past few days.

First, the Divine Spirit Tree was stolen. Next, the Treasure Storage Pavilion had been robbed clean of its contents. These two matters which touched Central Palace’s foundation made the First Elder so busy that he was badly burned out. He hadn’t slept for five days in a row. As a matter of fact, he had just decided that he must recover his mental strength, but before he could close his eyes, he saw a guard run over, staggering.

“First Elder, First Elder! Something bad has happened! It is an important matter!!!”

First Elder’s brows creased fiercely. He glowered at the guard who had just run over at flying speed. With an ice-cold and terror-inducing tone, he said, “You better have an extremely good reason for coming here. Otherwise, you can take responsibility for the consequences!”

“First Elder, something happened to Elder Ancestor! Please hurry and go take a look!” The guard didn’t have time to justify himself. He was so anxious that his entire head was covered in sweat.

The First Elder’s heart jumped violently! It can’t be that even the Elder Ancestor would meet with a mishap, right?

Central Palace had three treasures. First was the Divine Spirit Tree, second was the Treasure Storage Pavilion, and the third was Mo Family’s Elder Ancestor, who was ascending to the sovereign rank!

Bad things had happened to the first two, fortunately, there was still this knowledgeable Elder Ancestor to support First Elder. Now, hearing something had also happened to Elder Ancestor… the First Elder stiffened and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“First Elder!” This young guard was immediately flabbergasted. He had only said one sentence and the First Elder was already unable to accept the facts? When did the First Elder become so frail?

Just at this time, suddenly, a violent yell rang out from afar.

This voice carried an endless fury, with a kind of scathing murderous intent that was capable of massacring everything under the heavens.

The voice came from the direction of the forbidden area in the east!

“It’s Big Brother!” The First Elder’s heart suddenly jumped. He resolutely wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and spread open his legs to run towards the east.

On the way there, the First Elder met up with Palace Master Mo.

Palace Master Mo had just violently coughed up blood earlier. So, his complexion was now pale and dismal, appearing like a chronically ill patient.

The two people did not have time to converse, and both hurried towards the location where Elder Ancestor had gone into seclusion. They were both praying in their hearts for nothing bad to have happened to Elder Ancestor.

It’s alright for the Divine Spirit Tree to be stolen, and it’s alright for the Treasure Storage Pavilion to be emptied, but if something were to happen to Elder Ancestor, then Central Palace would also be done for! This kind of consequence, no matter what, Central Palace would not be able to endure it.

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