DKC – Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063 – White Jade Bridge (5)

If Beichen Ying refused, there was a high probability that Luo Haochen would not retreat, to the extent of starting a big fight.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Beichen Ying took a glance at Nangong Liuyun. Soon after, he smiled faintly: “Since Brother Luo wants to be the first to cross, then go ahead and be the first to cross. We don’t have any objections.”

Finished speaking, he pulled Zi Yan and automatically conceded by moving aside.

Beichen Ying seemed to be the most happy-go-lucky, but he usually was the most unlikely to back down. Today, if it wasn’t because Nangong nodded, regardless of what was said, he simply wouldn’t back down.

Seeing Beichen Ying agree so easily, at first, Luo Haochen was excited, then he immediately looked at Beichen Ying with suspicion.

Seeing him like this, Zi Yan was itching to kick him!

“Are you going to cross or not? If you’re not crossing, then we’ll go!”

Being scolded with a finger pointed at his nose, the great Young Master Luo’s face immediately became black.

“Cross. Of course, we want to cross! Older Brother, let’s go! Hmph!” Luo Dieyi pulled at Luo Haochen, and the two of them directly walked to the side of the white jade bridge.

“The white jade bridge only allows two people to cross. Before we clear this trial, you guys are not allowed to come!” Luo Dieyi turned back and glared, telling them this in a stern voice.

For the moment, the scene was quiet and noiseless.

Su Luo’s side naturally would not pay her any attention.

White jade bridge, tall and erect, reaching endlessly through the clouds.

At the start, they could still see the two people’s figures, but very quickly, their figures were enveloped by the white clouds, unable to be seen again.

After two hours, there was still no sound of activity.

“Will they be able to cross? Will they be able to pass the trial?” Li Yaoyao stared, unable to take her eyes off the white jade bridge, while murmuring to herself.

“The strength of Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi pair was originally the lowest among us, but after bathing in the white light of the first trial. It’s now hard to gauge their strength. If they can’t get across, then we…” would also find it very difficult.

Before Situ Ming could say these last few words, Li Yaoyao had already glared at him forcefully.

“Second Senior Brother! Our goal is the ninth challenge. How can this insignificant second challenge be a problem to us?” Li Yaoyao said boldly and confidently.

The ninth challenge’s Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort… She wouldn’t pass it up to someone else.

Even if she couldn’t obtain it, she also definitely wouldn’t let someone else get it.

Su Luo wanted to use that Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort to cure her serious injuries? She’s dreaming!

Li Yaoyao made a firm resolution in her heart. Even if she died, she would absolutely not allow Su Luo to obtain that Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort.


Suddenly, an angry howl came from the clouds above.

Everyone’s expressions turned cold, and they stared earnestly and gravely at where the sound had come from.

However, that place, besides the thick fog-like layers of white clouds, nothing else could be seen.

Endless bellowing sounds reached their ears. Wave after wave of roars, as if there was an intense battle in progress.

Then, another stick of incense time had passed.

Suddenly, a black turntable appeared on the white jade bridge.

Everyone was very familiar with this turntable.

During the first challenge, the scores were shown on this turntable.

Since the turntable showed up, then that meant Luo Haochen’s pair had broken through.

The black turntable rotated continuously at an astonishing speed without the slightest sign of stopping.

After approximately another stick of incense’s time, the turntable slowly came to a stop.

The pointer was fixed on a spot.

“Forty points?” Li Yaoyao shouted loudly in surprise and covered up her lips in disbelief.

Wasn’t this score too low? It was merely forty points?

Not only Li Yaoyao, but Beichen Ying and Zi Yan’s brows were knitted as well.

Luo Haochen’s strength wasn’t considered weak, and he cooperated very well with Luo Dieyi. They could see this during the first challenge.

They had gotten first place for the first challenge, yet they had only gotten forty points in this trial?

Then what about the rest of them? How many points could they get?

For a moment, everyone’s expressions was blank.

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