DKC – Chapter 1041

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Chapter 1041 – Everyone assembled (5)

“For the time being, just watch, very quickly, this matter will become clear.” Su Luo smiled mysteriously.

Seeing Zi Yan’s appearance of nearly about to blow one’s top, Su Luo felt it was very amusing.

At any rate, based on signs on the map, after another half a day’s time, they would arrive at Xian’s Wood Residence. Very quickly, everything would be cleared up for her.

The Dragon Scaled Horse ran very fast through the snowy plateau.

On the road to Xian’s Wood Residence, very soon, they saw a group of people returning from this route.

Nangong Liuyun let out a faint command, and the Dragon Scaled Horse immediately stopped.

There were four people returning from the original route.

Situ Ming, Li Yaoyao, were two of them that Su Luo had already encountered from before.

The other two were Luo family’s pair of siblings, Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi.

Su Luo and Zi Yan had dealt with them before, and had ruthlessly oppressed them that time.

Now, there were eight people, four on each team, both team stood facing each other.

“Xian’s Wood Residence is just up ahead, where are you guys going?” Beichen Ying frowned in displeasure and snorted coldly.

Li Yaoyao retrieved her gaze from Nangong Liuyun. Her lips curled into a mocking sneer: “Xian’s Wood Residence? Why must we go to Xian’s Wood Residence?”

“That’s right, we’re not going to Xian’s Wood Residence, what are you going to do about it?” Luo Dieyi sneered.

Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi were already maternal cousins, their relationship could be considered close, especially now, with the two groups facing off, naturally, she would unanimously go against the outside group.

Just now, Zi Yan was kept in the dark, the other three all knew, only she couldn’t understand it, this kind of feeling already made her feel down.

Now, Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi actually came to provoke her annoyance, immediately, our Miss Zi Yan got angry.

“Li Yaoyao, Luo Dieyi, you are already at Xian’s Wood Residence’s gate, now you guys want to turn back? Your brains must be defective!”

Having travelled over land and sea to come here, nearly at the gate and they suddenly don’t want to go in?

Li Yaoyao sneered back: “Zi Yan, I think the one with the problem is you, alright? You guys want to search for the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort for Su Luo, but we are not willing!”

As expected, after Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi had joined up and shared their information, very easily, they arrived at this conclusion.

Because Luo family were an aristocratic family of Apothecaries, and Li Yaoyao also knew Su Luo was sickly, so it wasn’t difficult to arrive at this conclusion.

From Li Yaoyao’s perspective, if Su Luo couldn’t obtain the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, then she would die. After she had died, then wouldn’t Third Senior Brother be hers?

Therefore, not only would she not help Su Luo enter Xian’s Wood Residence to get the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, on the contrary, she would do everything to impede this.

Luo Dieyi also hated Su Luo to the bones, naturally, she didn’t wish her well. Therefore, these two joined together to convince the other two men.

Consequently, once they reached Xian’s Wood Residence, they didn’t enter and turned around to come back.

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying exchanged a glance, both of their eyes were filled with anger!

Treacherous vile bastards!

Actually let them guess the truth of this matter.

Then, what’s to be done now?

Out of habit, they both cast their gazes towards Nangong Liuyun.

In both of their eyes, this person was the backbone, there was nothing he couldn’t solve.

Nangong Liuyun stood there unmoving, his whole body emitting a king’s respected aura. He appeared like a sharp edge to the outside, domineeringly strong, not to be ignored.

“Who wants to go?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes cast a side glance at Li Yaoyao. His eyes were penetrated thoroughly with a strong, evil ruthlessness.

Li Yaoyao, who was about to leave, immediately froze mid-step.

She could direct her frigid irony and scorching satire at any of them, without having to hide it. But, when it came to Nangong Liuyun, she couldn’t be so rigid, no matter what.

“Third Senior Brother, this is our choice, I hope you can respect it.” Li Yaoyao’s pair of beautiful eyes stared at Nangong Liuyun.

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