Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: The Crown Prince of Qi Has Come to Visit

“Consort Li has been isolating herself in Pure Flowers Palace this whole time without stepping out at all. Ming Yu also only leaves the palace to get meals from the imperial kitchen.” Liu Xing had followed Yao Mowan’s instructions and recruited several informants in the Inner Palace.

“Got it.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly, then had Liu Xing and Ting Yue withdraw before walking into her bedroom to rest. Now that she had dealt with the two main pillars, the Huan and Yu families, who should she target next? She needed to plan carefully.

At dinner, when Ye Junqing called out Liu Sha, Yao Mowan couldn’t help but sigh from feeling moved. Ye Junqing really had a very good senior brother ah. She had heard from Yin Xue that Phoenix Feather Manor only had four top level hidden guards left, and Liu Sha was one of them.

“Is Prince showing off to Mowan? Should Mowan call out Yin Xue?” Yao Mowan calmly glanced at Liu Sha. He was wearing a black outfit and had very handsome looks. There was no expression on his face but the spirit in his eyes made it hard for people to dislike him.

“Liu Sha, withdraw!” Ye Junqing was trying to show off, but Yao Mowan had snatched the advantage with a single sentence. Who in the world didn’t know how impressive Yin Xue was? Did she have to knock people down this way? Ye Junqing was very unhappy.

“This subordinate shall withdraw.” Liu Sha obeyed the order and immediately disappeared. Yao Mowan tried to figure out where he concealed himself, but all that could be seen was a black flash before he disappeared entirely from sight.

“Does Prince recall that you owe Mowan a favor?” Yao Mowan has always liked obtaining quality things.

“This prince would sooner give you this prince’s life than Liu Sha! Yao Mowan, you already have Yin Xue and the Elements! A person who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant! No matter how greedy you are, you should set a limit! Aren’t you afraid of biting off more than you can chew!?” After interacting with Yao Mowan for this long, Ye Junqing could tell what she was planning with just a glance. At this moment, he recalled the sorrowful and indignant expression on Yan Nansheng’s face as he exhorted him over and over again not to let Yao Mowan swindle Liu Sha away.

“Prince is being too sensitive. Mowan has always only lived to fulfill the wishes of others and never takes things from others.” Yao Mowan replied angrily with a shrug.

“You sure are modest!” Ye Junqing rolled his eyes at Yao Mowan. He didn’t even believe the punctuation at the end of her sentence!

Right at this moment, Liu Xing knocked on the door and entered.

“What is it?” Yao Mowan’s expression immediately turned serious.

“Replying niang niang,  this servant just got news that in three days, the crown prince of the state of Qi, Feng Yihan, will be arriving in great Chu.” If it weren’t important news, Liu Xing wouldn’t have interrupted his master and the Esteemed Prince’s evening meal.

Though the people involved were confused, the spectators saw the situation clearly. Liu Xing could tell that his master treated the Esteemed Prince differently from everyone else. Although she acted cold to him, she wasn’t truly cold. Every time he saw Yao Mowan gaze at Ye Junqing’s back, he would find that scene familiar. That feeling seemed the same as when he once looked at the Third Miss quietly. Liu Xing hoped from the bottom of his heart that his master would be able to obtain happiness, and he knew that the person who would make his master happy was definitely not the current Emperor!

“Feng Yihan… I got it. You can withdraw.” Yao Mowan seemed to be pondering something as she waved to dismiss Liu Xing. Once Liu Xing left, she sank deep into thought.

“This prince has met Feng Yihang a couple times.  He has a refreshing personality and is always magnanimous when handling affairs. If he one day ascended to the throne, he would definitely make a good monarch.” Ye Junqing couldn’t help but sigh with admiration when he recalled that person.

“If he wants to ascend to the throne, he’d first have to make it back alive.” Yao Mowan smiled helplessly as she disagreed.

“What do you mean by this?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowam with a confused expression.

“Prince believes that he has a refreshing personality and deals with matters magnanimously, but that’s only a surface appearance. In reality, he’s very careful with handling matters and pays attention to the smallest details! If that weren’t the case, how would he have survived until now?” Yao Mowan shook her head softly with pity in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Ye Junqing was puzzled by Yao Mowan’s words.

“Although Feng Yihan is the eldest son born of the queen of Qi, the queen of Qi had passed away for many years. As of now, Consort Hua of the Inner Palace of Qi holds power. In addition, her son, Feng Duo has shown his talents and obtained the favor of the king of Qi. Regardless of whether it’s the king of Qi, Consort Hua of Qi, or Feng Duo, they all want to get rid of Feng Yihan, this crown prince. The fact that he was able to keep his position as crown prince in this environment shows just how intelligent he is.” Yao Mowan analyzed the situation calmly as her eyes gleamed with shrewd light.

“Even so, how are you sure that he’ll be in danger this time?” Ye Junqing was stunned by the sight of those eyes that glistened like stars. Yao Mowan’s current appearance was extremely similar to Moxin. The way she lowered her eyes as she sank into her thoughts was practically identical to how Moxin behaved. For a second, Ye Junqing felt that the person sitting in front of him was Moxin, his Moxin… as if she had never left.

“Prince should know even better than Mowan that although great Chu and the state of Qi aren’t on bad terms, their relationship is extremely strained. When the Emperor had first ascended to the throne, he had suggested a marriage treaty to alleviate the tension, but the King of Qi had flatly rejected the idea. Anyone with eyes could tell that the state of Qi currently relied on great Shu. His actions were clearly for the sake of demonstrating to great Shu which side he stood.” Yao Mowan analyzed the situation calmly. Every single word was clear and meaningful, and fell like pearls into a jade plate.

“Doesn’t the fact that Feng Yihan has come to visit great Chu as a diplomate show that the state of Qi is changing their attitude?” Ye Junqing stared attentively at Yao Mowan as his heartbeat quickened uncontrollably. This moment felt the same as the time when he and Moxin had once come together to discuss the nation’s matters.

“Ha. If the King of Qi really had the intention of establishing a relationship with great Chu, why would he sent a crown prince that he didn’t favor? This would be an opportunity to contribute a great achievement without having to go to battle. Such a good opportunity, if it existed, would surely be given to Feng Duo.” Yao Mowan’s voice was calm. As she continued mulling over things, she subconsciously drew circles on the table with her bamboo chopsticks.

This simple motion stunned Ye Junqing. He knew this motion too well. Back then, Moxin would do the same thing whenever she was deep in thought. Ye Junqing looked at Yao Mowan with shock as he gradually clenched his fists beneath his sleeves.

“Do you think His Majesty will try to harm Feng Yihan?” Yao Mowan was too absorbed in her thoughts and didn’t notice that Ye Junqing’s voice was trembling a little.

“Of course His Majesty wouldn’t. It should be the king of Qi that he should be worried about. This is probably an attempt to hit three birds with one stone. If Feng Yihan died in great Chu, Feng Duo would be able to become the crown prince, great Chu would have to give the state of Qi an explanation that will definitely lead to talks of compensation, and the king of Qi would once again be able to demonstrate his stance to great Shu and gain more of their trust!” Yao Mowan silently sighed. With how intelligent Feng Yihan was, he had probably already guessed all of this. She wondered what he thought about it.

“Is it a must for them to make peace? It’s not like war isn’t an option.” Ye Junqing’s eyes didn’t leave Yao Mowan for even a single moment. As of now, these government affairs didn’t matter at all to him, all his focus was on Yao Mowan as he tried to see everything about her that was similar to Moxin.

“That’s not possible! Chu Mobei has had his eyes set on Mangyuan for a long time. If great Chu went to war with the state of Qi, he’ll definitely take advantage of that chance to attack Mangyuan. To great Chu, this would deal the worst damage possible! It’s a pity ah…” When Yao Mowan’s musing reached this point, she hesitated, then sighed.

“What’s a pity?” When Ye Junqing saw Yao Mowan look towards him, he immediately covered up the longing in his eyes and asked this awkwardly.

“It’s a pity that our Emperor wouldn’t be able to think this deep, much less make any preparations to guard against such an outcome. That’s why I said that Feng Yihan’s visit points to disaster.” Yao Mowan still didn’t notice that Ye Junqing was a little off and started guiding him towards her next point.

“What does that have to do with this prince?” Ye Junqing felt the most wary whenever he saw that faint unreadable smile on Yao Mowan’s face.

“Everyone knows that Prince has always been loyal to His Majesty and strived to the utmost to do things for the prosperity of great Chu. However, from the looks of it, those rumors aren’t true ah!” Yao Mowan spoke in a tone of disappointment.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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