Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: A Good Show Was About to Start

“Blood… there’s so much blood… Wuuwuu… scary… Your Majesty! Wan er’s scared of blood…” Yao Mowan completely treated Yao Suluan’s words as fart as she hugged Ye Hongyi and proceeded to cry like a fountain.

“Wan er, don’t be scared! What are you guys still standing around for!? Hurry up and deal with these bloodstains!” When Ye Hongyi saw that the little beauty in his arms was trembling like a leaf in the wind, his eyes immediately turned cold and he angrily berated the servants.

On the couch, Yao Suluan’s beautiful eyes were presently bloodshot and her lips were completely colorless. Her slender fingers that had been gripping the quilt abruptly closed tightly as resentment filled her eyes. It was true that this was a plot, but she still had lost her child. She currently felt as if needles were stabbing her abdomen and her body was currently in a very weak state. In comparison to Yao Mowan, didn’t she need to be taken care of more!?

At the side, Huan Caier closed her mouth again, silently remarking that Yao Mowan had come just in time. It was a good thing she hadn’t brought Yao Mowan up yet. His Majesty doted on this fool this much, so if she had dragged Yao Mowan into this, the situation probably would have gotten even worse. Luckily the evidence was undeniable, so once Father arrived, she would be able make Yao Suluan experience regret like she never had before.

Yao Mowan only stopped crying once the palace maids had switched out all of the bloody bedding. She jogged to the couch.

“Second Older Sister, you must be in a lot of pain?” Yao Mowan’s tearstained face inspired pity in everyone that saw, but in Yao Suluan’s eyes, it was simply disgusting.

“What do you think!?” Yao Suluan snapped back, resentment arising involuntarily.

“It definitely hurts a lot.” Yao Mowan lifted her hand to stroke Yao Suluan’s abdomen as the light in her eyes dimmed for a brief moment. In the Cold Palace, when she was hugging Zhong er, she had felt a lot of pain. It was as if countless icicles were falling from the sky and landing on her body, each one bringing unbearable pain.

“Get your hand off!” Yao Suluan flung away Yao Mowan’s hand with disgust. Just as she was about to push this eye-sore of an imbecile away, she sensed Ye Hongyi’s cold glare and hastily suppressed her urge.

“Second Older Sister…” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Suluan innocently but was, in the next second, pulled back into Ye Hongyi’s arms.

“Your Majesty, you must bring this consort’s dead child justice ah!” Yao Suluan wiped at her tears mournfully as she prompted in reminder.

“Someone, come, take Consort Chen to the Cold Palace!” Ye Hongyi immediately returned to his senses after Yao Suluan gave him this reminder and spoke again coldly. Just as Huan Caier was about to open her mouth to argue, An Bingshan jogged in from outside.

“Your Majesty, General Huan asks to meet.” Upon hearing this, Huan Caier’s tensed up heart finally relaxed. Yao Suluan, who was on the couch, subconsciously looked towards Ye Hongyi as a trace of puzzlement flashed through her eyes. This incident had only occured a short while ago, how did the news already spread outside?

“Allow him in.” There was no way Ye Hongyi wasn’t astonished, but Huan Heng was outside the palace and he currently did not have any good reason to send him away. A short while later, a middle-aged man who looked about fifty, wearing martial attire walked calmly into Pure Flowers Palace.

“This humble subject Huan Heng, kowtows in greeting to Your Majesty, to Imperial Noble Consort, Consort Yao, and Consort Chen!” His voice was powerful and resonated with strength. One could tell from the sound of it that this person had very high martial arts skills and profound inner strength.

“You may rise. My dear official Huan, you’ve come just in time. This matter is truly causing zhen a headache!” Auspicious dates couldn’t compare to accidental timing. Huan Heng actually had such good timing as to manage to run into this event. However, currently he couldn’t reveal his cards.

Auspicious dates couldn’t compare to accidental timing is saying that trying to plan something out perfectly something doesn’t work out as perfectly as letting things develop naturally.

 “Wonder what matter it is that is causing Your Majesty such distress?” Huan Heng has always had a strong mentality. Although he knew the ins and outs of the incident, he chose to wait silently and have Ye Hongyi speak first. Right as Ye Hongyi was about to speak, An Bingshan appeared again.

“Your Majesty, Prime Minster daren is outside, asking for an audience.” As An Bingshan glanced at the people inside this room, a trace of dark light flashed through his eyes. It seemed like there would be a show today.

“Allow him in.” Ye Hongyi lifted his hand to send a signal. After a moment, Yao Zhenting walked in from outside the palace.

“This humble subject kowtows in greeting to Your Majesty, Imperial Noble Consort, Consort Yao, Consort Chen…” Yao Zhenting forcefully endured all the questions he had and respectfully saluted the people in the room. All that he heard was Imperial Noble Consort wasn’t feeling well and sent for him. However, from the looks of this current situation, the matter wasn’t that simple.

“Your Majesty, even the Son of Heaven must suffer the same punishments as the common people if he commits a crime. Even though Consort Chen is the pearl in General Huan’s hand, Your Majesty’s beloved consort, she has after all killed the dragon seed within Suluan’s belly. If Your Majesty doesn’t punish her appropriately, how is Suluan supposed to endure this loss!?” Yao Suluan broke the strange atmosphere within the palace as she started sobbing sorrowfully again.

“General Huan, you have heard as well. Consort Chen, due to envy, actually added saffron to Imperial Noble Consort’s soup and caused Imperial Noble Consort to have a miscarriage. This incident is related to the imperial descendents of great Chu. Even if zhen wishes to forgive Consort Chen, zhen cannot ignore the laws.” Ye Hongyi eloquently made his words of blame sound righteous and dignified as he looked towards Huan Heng with a conflicted expression.

At the side, Yao Zhenting was stunned to hear this. His unreadable eyes subconsciously turned towards Yao Suluan before landing on Yao Mowan who was in Ye Hongyi’s arms. An indescribable emotion appeared in his eyes.

Yao Mowan knew that her wonderful Father was currently assessing the positions his daughters held in His Majesty’s heart in order to decide on who to curry favor with in the future.

“Your Majesty is very correct. If Consort Chen has committed a crime, she naturally should face punishment. This humble subject would not ask for Your Majesty to be partial. However, this humble subject begs Your Majesty to investigate this matter thoroughly in order to avoid the case of Consort Chen being wrongly accused,” said Huan Heng with a solemn expression as he cupped his fist.

Zhen has already investigated this matter thoroughly. The imperial physician has indeed found saffron in the ginseng soup Consort Chen brought for Imperial Noble Consort. The bowl is still on the table even now. Consort Chen has no way of refuting this,” said Ye Hongyi sternly.

“Even so, there’s still no way to prove that Consort Chen was the one who added saffron. Perhaps someone has already done something to this ginseng soup before it even got to Consort Chen’s hands, or perhaps a problem had occurred with this soup only after Consort Chen left Pure Flowers Palace,” analyzed Huan Heng calmly. Every single one of his words were to the point.

“Even if someone had done something to this ginseng soup before it reached Consort Chen’s hands, it came from Consort Chen’s kitchen so Consort Chen is undeniably responsible!” refuted Yao Suluan as she wiped at her tears.

“Thus there is only one possibility left, which is that someone deliberately framed Consort Chen to get rid of a threat! Your Majesty should heavily punish this person, in order to prevent this person’s dirty air from sullying the sacred Imperial Palace.” Huan Heng spoke with a serious tone as he looked towards Yao Suluan with an austere gaze. In just a few sentences, he managed to point the spearhead towards Yao Suluan.

Yao Mowan took all of this in from within Ye Hongyi’s embrace. At this moment, if Yao Zhenting stepped out to say a few sentences for Yao Suluan, the unfavorable situation would definitely shift. However, Yao Zhenting continued watching silently, showing no intention to stick up for his daughter. Yao Mowan had already predicted this outcome. Even if his own flesh and blood was fighting for her life in the desert wind, he could put his own safety first with such cold indifference.

“General Huan, everything must be based on proof. Despite the conclusive evidence, you actually dared to try and accuse ben gong with such absurd reasoning in order to help exonerate Consort Chen? You’ve truly disappointed His Majesty and ben gong!” Yao Suluan endured the stabbing pain from her abdomen as she reproved him angrily. She glanced towards the side at her father who was simply watching silently, then at His Majesty who was hugging Yao Mowan, and was suddenly struck with the feeling that she was a lone soldier fighting a battle completely alone. However, the arrow has already been shot so she had no choice but to push forward.

“This humble subject is only judging the matter as it stands. Your Majesty, this subject feels that this matter isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface. There is definitely a hidden scheme!” Huan Heng cupped his hands as he raised his voice deliberately.

“Oh? What is the hidden scheme that General Huan is suggesting?” Huan Heng’s calmness was within Ye Hongyi’s predictions, but he hadn’t expected the situation to fall out of his control so fast. On the other hand, a trace of respect flashed through Yao Mowan’s eyes. As expected of the bellwether of the generals, he had been able to lead Ye Hongyi into his trap with just a few simple sentences.

“This humble subject will be so bold as to ask Your Majesty to allow this subject to search Imperial Noble Consort’s palace! If Imperial Noble Consort had added saffron to her own food to frame Consort Chen, the item definitely wouldn’t have been dealt with this soon after the incident!” Huan Heng declare loudly. As he spoke, he glanced at his daughter with eyes that were filled with tender affection.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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