Kuma – Chapter 67

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Bear-san Is Peerless

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The results from the detection magic showed that the monster horde was scattered all throughout the forest.
In the middle of the forest, goblins, wolves, and orcs were separated into different groups.
If the number of monsters in the report was correct, there were 5000 goblins.
However, the problem was neither their strength nor their numbers.
The problem was that I didn’t know if I had enough magic power.
Up to now, I have never used my magic power to the point of depletion. Just how much magic power I had, or how much of it I could release, I didn’t know at all.
In the game, there was MP, magic points. In this world as well, there was a maximum magic power capacity.
However, I didn’t know how to investigate it. Maybe there was one.
Hence, I didn’t know how much magic power I had.
Also, unlike the game, the magic power you used was not fixed.
In the game, you would consume 10 MP when you cast a fireball. In this world, there weren’t any standards regarding that.
Even if it was the same fireball, you could charge your magic power, and like that you could infinitely increase its power. In terms of MP, you could use 5, 20 or 50.
I didn’t know how much magic power I could charge up.
This battle wouldn’t be against monsters, but against the amount of magic power I could use.

「Swaying Bear, thanks for all your work until now.」

I caressed Swaying Bear’s head as reward for running from the capital without a break until now.
Then I recalled Swaying Bear and summoned Hugging Bear.

「Hugging Bear, from now on, we will be running nonstop through packs of monsters, so I am counting on you!」

I caressed Hugging Bear’s neck.
As I finished my preparations, I hopped on Hugging Bear and entered the forest.

Just after I entered the forest, a small number of goblins started to approach.
I instantly invoked wind magic and cut their heads off.
It was auto homing magic, a magic where you locked onto a target, then fired. After that, it would automatically seek at the target.
While using detection magic, I cut the goblins’ necks.
A white bear ran through the forest.
At the same time, goblins’ necks were cut.
I didn’t count, but I think around 1000 heads were cut.
My magic power had not dried up yet.
I launched magic in the direction of a pack of goblins.
In Hugging Bear’s path, there were goblin corpses without heads lying around.
A white shadow and wind magic ran through the forest.
Through detection magic, I could see that packs of goblins were disappearing. Only a few of them remained.
I didn’t know how many monsters I had killed.
I still had plenty of magic power remaining.
In the game, I would have known how many points I would have left though.

From my position, on the right there was a pack of wolves, on the left was a horde of orcs, and lastly, in the center were wyverns.
Since I didn’t know exactly when my magic power would dry up, I decided that exterminating the orcs would be more important than the wolves.
I postponed the extermination of the wyverns.
I had fought them in the game, but not in this world.
Fighting the monsters you knew you could fight first was the normal strategy in games.
It was really troublesome if the small fries surrounded you during a tough fight.
I brought out oren juice from the Bear Box and took a little break.
As I drank the oren juice, I asked Hugging Bear to go where the orcs were stationed.

「Hugging Bear, I’m sorry. Hang on for just a little bit longer.」

I hadn’t killed even half of the monsters.
A few minutes later, I encountered the horde of orcs.
Unlike what I had done for the goblins, I increased the magic power charge of wind magic.
A goblin’s and orc’s neck strength was vastly different after all.

「It would be great if I could cut off their heads with twice the magic power.」

I fired the wind magic towards the orcs.
The orcs’ heads were cleanly cut.
No problem, it seemed.
There were approximately 500 orcs.
Unlike the goblins, the orcs had higher endurance, and their strength was on an entirely different level.
That was why I would only kill them with ranged attacks.
The orcs brandished their weapons and rushed towards me with an abnormal speed for giants.
As Hugging Bear ran, some arrows came flying at us.
Orc Archers!
In the game as well, there were orcs that used bows and arrows.
The projectiles were really troublesome.
I wrapped Hugging Bear with wind magic.
There was magic coming at us as well.

「Are there Orc Mages too?」

The Orc Archers were using bows.
The Orc Mages were using staves.
The Orc Lancers were using huge lances.
The rest were using swords.
So annoying.

Numbers were numbers. With earth magic, I created 30 Earth Bear Golems.
At that moment, for the first time, I had the sensation of my magic being drained from me.
Was that a little too much?
The Bear Golems ran to the orcs and stabbed the throats of the orcs with sharp nails.
I cut off their heads, too.
Even if the Bear Golems were pierced by arrows, they didn’t stop. They could block magic, and if they had wounds, I could use magic to repair it.
Wherever the golems and I went, a path of orc corpses was created.

「I still have magic power…」

I made sure I had magic power in my body.

「Just the wolves and the wyverns are left for elimination.」

I fought this much, but thanks to the Bear suit, I didn’t have much fatigue.

「Let’s persist a little more.」

The place where the wyverns were…
They didn’t budge from the center.
To restore a small amount of magic power, I changed to the white bear suit.
There wasn’t anybody here, right?
When I wore the white bear suit, it made me warmer, and I could tell that my magic power was being restored.

Now a white bear, I started fetching the corpses of the orcs and put them into the Bear Box while going back to the place where I killed the goblins.
I took the swords, bows, and staves as spoils of war as well.
In the end, the only things that remained were the heads I had cut off.
They were heads, you know? It was disgusting going near them, and it seemed that it wasn’t a part you could use. I just had no need to bring them back.
That was why the road I took turned from a path of orc corpses to a path of orc heads.

After I finished gathering the corpses, I decided to take a short break in my white bear suit.
When I sensed that a good part of my magic power was back, I changed to the black bear suit.
Now, let’s go kill some wyverns!
I hopped back onto Hugging Bear and rode to the wyverns’ location.

When I thought about it, even though I made so much noise while fighting, the wyverns hadn’t budged at all.
Was there a reason why?
When I approached the wyvern pack, I found out why…

「They’re sleeping.」

Was it possible that somebody made them fall asleep?
I didn’t really know why, but I will kill them before they wake up.
I approached the wyverns silently, and cut their heads off one by one.
It ended anticlimactically.
Even though their companions had their necks cut right beside them, they didn’t wake up.
When I finished killing the wyverns, I put their corpses into the Bear Box.
Was it okay that it was so easy to collect wyvern materials?
When I finished collecting the corpses, the earth started to tremble.


The ground was rising.
I jumped back.
In the game there were monsters that came from the ground as well.
Monsters like giant caterpillars or earthworms that opened immense holes and crawled out of them.
I didn’t notice it with detection magic.
Did the detection magic not reach deep underground? Or could I not detect it because it was under the wyverns?

「So disgusting.」

A worm was coming out of the ground. It was bigger than the Black Viper.
The worm turned to face me.
Lots of saliva was drooling from its mouth.
The worm saw me as food.
A really big mouth was attacking me.
I dodged by jumping back.
It was big, but fast.
Even in the game, it was a monster I didn’t fight because of how disgusting it was.
It was said that when you attacked its skin, fluid scattered and a foul odor propagated.
Immediately afterwards, the skin regenerated. A really troublesome monster.

However, I had Bear Magic now.
With the same strategy I used to kill the Black Viper, I can kill this worm.
I created 10 fire bear cubs and made them run into the big open mouth.
The worm, thinking that they were food, hungrily tried to eat them.
The cubs, which had disappeared into the worm’s mouth, didn’t stop burning.
I thought that was the best magic against a giant life form.
Even if the exterior was strong, the interior was tender.
The worm thrashed on the ground for some time before it stopped moving.

「Hmm, will this sell?」

It seemed there were some places where people eat caterpillars, but I didn’t think someone would eat that…
Even if Fina and the rest ate that, I didn’t want to feed them something like this.
For now, let’s dispose of it, and I will think about it later.
If it becomes money, then it’s all good.
I placed the dead worm in the Bear Box.

Just the wolves remained.
I had magic power remaining, so I went to kill the wolves.
I dispatched the wolves easily.
The biggest task was putting the wolves inside the Bear Box.
I made the Bear Golems transport them to me and then placed them inside the Bear Box.
I put the last one in.
With that, the monster hunt was completed.

I hopped on Hugging Bear and got out of the forest, which reeked of blood.
The air was good.
When I looked at the sky, the sun had gone down, and it was evening.
I took the trip-only Bear House out and decided to stop here for a night.
Why was it that, even if my body wasn’t really tired, I felt really tired.
It had to be something like the tiredness of the soul.
I ate a simple dinner, and after I bathed, I went directly to my bed and drifted into the world of dreams.

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