Kuma – Chapter 66

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Bear-san Does Her Best For Noa

Some days passed after we arrived at the capital.
Today, when Fina, Noa, and I were touring the capital, we met some running adventurers.
After that, we met a number of them going towards the guild.
Had something happened?

「I’ll go see what happened. What do the two of you want to do?」(Yuna)

「I’ll come too.」(Noa)

「Me too.」(Fina)

Well, I wouldn’t take a request, so it wouldn’t be a problem.
When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, there was a crowd of noisy, worried, and anxious people.
In the middle of all this, we heard the voice of a shouting adventurer.

「What are we going to do!」(Adventurer)

「For now, the guild master is in the middle of the investigation. There will be an announcement to the guild in a short moment, so please wait a little more.」 (Guild Staff)

A guild staff member said while doing his best to contain the crowd of adventurers.

「Big Sis Yuna, did something happen?」(Fina)

「It seems so.」(Yuna)

I decided to try to find someone that would be able to explain.
I found Marina, the adventurer we met during our trip to the capital.

「Marina, did something happen?」(Yuna)


「Everyone seems so uneasy.」(Yuna)

「Ah, it seems that a group of monsters has been seen. Apparently, a lot of adventurers died when that happened. The guild dispatched an investigation team upon hearing the report. They just came back, but it doesn’t look like good news.」(Marina)

「Is there any news we know of?」(Yuna)

「A group of goblins, wolves, and orcs have been found, and some adventurers saw wyverns, too.」(Marina)

「Were there wyverns near the capital?」(Yuna)

「How would that be possible? I have never heard of wyverns near the capital.」(Marina)

While I was listening to the story, the guild master, Ms. Sanya, came from the interior of the guild.
The guild became even noisier with her appearance.

「I will announce the result of the investigation, so be quiet!」(Sanya)

The guild became quiet at her words.

「From the information the scouts came back with, there is an assembly of more than ten thousand goblins and wolves. More than that, there are 500 orcs. We couldn’t confirm the number of wyverns, but they have been seen with this mobilization.」(Sanya)

After hearing her words, the adventurers became noisy again.

「You won’t say that we have to exterminate all that by ourselves, right?」(Adventurer)

「This message is being carried to the castle as well. We will probably join forces with the soldiers to eliminate the threat.」(Sanya)

「Do we have the time to wait for them?」(Adventurer)

「For now, there aren’t any soldiers that can mobilize, but it is just a matter of time.」(Sanya)

「Why? This has never happened before!」(Adventurer)

「No, there was a report of orcs coming onto the main road and there was a report saying the number of goblins and wolves are increasing. That’s why we have to stop their advance to the west.」(Sanya)

The west, that was where Crimonia was, right?
When Noa heard it, she became pale.

「Father will…!」(Noa)

「Is it possible that the plans he had were…」(Yuna)

「Yes, I think it was going to happen very soon.」(Noa)

「He must have an escort with him, so as long as he isn’t attacked by the horde, it will be okay.」(Yuna)


However, Noa’s face was still tense.

「Fina, I’m sorry, but could you bring Noa back to her house?」(Yuna)

「And what will you do, Big Sis Yuna?」(Fina)

「I will listen to the story for a bit longer. Maybe all adventurers will have to participate, so when I go back, I will sleep tight.」(Yuna)


Fina took Noa and left the guild.

「It’s impossible! We can’t win against that many!」(Adventurer)

「We are calling the upper ranked adventurers now.」(Sanya)

「And in the meantime?」(Adventurer)

「That, I don’t know. I will have the adventurers divided by ranks to participate in the extermination. E-ranks and D-ranks will exterminate goblins and wolves. C-ranks and higher will exterminate orcs. When that is finished, I will have them exterminate the wyverns. F-ranks will be behind, providing materials and giving treatment to the wounded. We will meet at the west gate and leave tomorrow morning. Prepare your own things. Are there any other questions?」(Sanya)

「What is the reward?」(Adventurer)

「I will separate it by rank. After all, it would be impossible to separate it by kills.」(Sanya)

「In the case we kill any wyverns, what do we do with the materials?」(Adventurer)

「This time, the monsters will be taken by the guild. It doesn’t matter how many one person kills. This is an emergency request. All other requests will be suspended for the time being. There will be a ban on leaving the capital at every gate, so don’t forget that.」(Sanya)

If you didn’t hurry, you wouldn’t be able to get out of the city, huh.
When I got the information I wanted and exited the guild, Fina and Noa, who I asked to go back, were still there.

「What are the two of you doing here?」(Yuna)

「Yuna-san, do you think my father is okay?」(Noa)

「Tomorrow morning, the adventurers will depart. If they join him during the travel, I think he will be okay.」(Yuna)

The problem was, when would the monsters move?
It resembled a game event, but if you died, you wouldn’t revive, right?

「Noa, I am sorry, but I will leave Fina with you, okay? If she was alone, I would worry, after all.」(Yuna)

「No problem.」(Noa)

「Then, I’m counting on you, okay?」(Yuna)

Noa had her mother and the maids, but it was better if Fina wasn’t alone for too long.

「Big Sis Yuna, don’t die, okay?」(Fina)

「It’s just impossible for me to die, right?」(Yuna)

I patted the two girls’ heads.
After I separated from them, I ran to the west gate. I wanted to arrive there before the guild staff.
I showed my guild card to the guard.
The guard didn’t have a reaction.
It seems I was in time.
When I stepped outside, I summoned Swaying Bear.
I would feel really bad to let an acquaintance die.
I went towards Crimonia.
Swaying Bear ran at top speed.
It covered the distance faster than a horse.
Since I became stronger, maybe my bears became stronger, too.
No mistake, he was faster than he was the first time I summoned him.
In a very short time, I arrived at the place that took us five days of travel to come from while using a carriage.
Gran’s carriage had been attacked by orcs close to this place.
I found a large quantity of monsters by using the detection magic while running.
It was in this forest.
I saw a forest in the distance.
The monsters hadn’t moved yet.
What to do?
Do I meet with Cliff, or exterminate the monsters?
I didn’t know about the wyverns, but even if I was attacked by goblins or wolves, I wouldn’t be injured, thanks to the protection of the Bear armor. Although I would be blown away if I received the orcs’ attacks, that was it.
I could counterattack afterwards.
No choice. I will do my best just this once.
For the sake of my peaceful life.
I directed Swaying Bear towards the forest.

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