Kuma – Chapter 62

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Bear-san Obtains Cheese

Author: There is no particular goal for this novel, just a story of Yuna fully enjoying herself in a parallel world.

「Also, I’ve been holding onto a letter from the guild master of Crimonia.」

It was the letter meant to prevent me from running into trouble.
Though, in the end, I still got into trouble.

「From Rarok?」

So the guild master’s name was Rarok after all.
I just learned it.
Though, even if I had known it, I hadn’t planned on calling him that.
Since he was known as the guild master.
Sanya-san read the letter.

「I understand. I want you to be careful, because it is likely for adventurers to start a fight based on your appearance. It was also written for me to lend a hand if possible, for the sake of keeping you out of trouble. It certainly would be a problem for the guild if trouble were to come up every time, so I’ll pass along the message to not needlessly confront you. There were adventurers and guild staff watching your fight, so it should spread around quickly. That being said, if there are still any meddling adventurers, I’ll do something about them one way or another.」

「That would be a great help, but is it fine? Normally, the guild wouldn’t intervene in the quarrels between adventurers.」

「That is the rule for the guild as a whole, but it can differ depending on the policies of each guild master. If there are guild masters who are indifferent, then of course there would also be guild masters who favor particular adventurers. I have my own experiences from being an adventurer, so I understand the hardships that female adventurers go through. I am an ally of female adventurers.」

「In that case, I’ll be obedient and accept. Thank you.」

「If it’s your gratitude you want to give, then it is fine if you take some high ranking work, okay?」

「Was that your real intention?」

「I’ve never heard of anyone subjugating tiger wolves, let alone a black viper, by themselves. For you to be D rank is unbelievable.」

「Well, I’ve only been an adventurer for two months, and I didn’t take that many requests.」

「There are also C rank requests. It’s fine if you take them, okay?」

「Hmm, I’ll go back for today. I’m still in the middle of touring the Royal Capital.」

「Oh, is that so? How regrettable.」

「I want to go sightseeing in the Royal Capital. Are there any places selling unusual items?」

「Unusual items?」

「Ingredients or tools, anything is fine.」

「About those. The Commerce Guild would be well-informed about that, but it should be the western district now? Various shops are lined up there.」

「The western district, right? I’ll go there next time.」

I left the guild and went to the street stalls from yesterday.
When I arrived, I bought and ate snacks while I looked around the shops.
There were so many street stalls that if I had taken my time and looked around, I don’t think I would’ve finished seeing them after several days.
After I looked around for a while, I spotted the back of some familiar peoples.

「Fina, Noa, what are you looking at?」

I called out to the two I spotted at a street stall.

「Big Sis Yuna, why are you here?」

「I finished reporting to the guild. What are the two of you looking at?」

It was somewhat boisterous up ahead.

「That old guy is selling some kind of strange food, so it looks like it became a big commotion.」

「Strange food?」

「From what I understand, it seems to be food with mold on it.」

Yes? That’s it?
I moved the two of them and headed forward.
An old man and a young man could be seen quarrelling in front of the stall.

「What are you doing, selling such a thing? You’re annoying the people around you!」

「This isn’t just ordinary mold.」

「Mold is just mold!」

「Inside of this is edible food.」

「Can you really eat something produced by mold!?」

What I saw was cheese.
It’s cheese! It’s cheese!
It’s good, even eaten just like that.
It’s also good sandwiched in bread.
Above all, pizza can be made!
I also want to eat some gratin later.
Though, I think gratin might be impossible.

「The two of you, that’s cheese.」


「You don’t know about it?」

「Yeah, I don’t know about it.」

「I don’t know either.」

The two of them didn’t know.
Which is to say, this is a hard to obtain item.
I must obtain this without fail!

「Like I said, this is edible.」

「Nobody would eat such a thing!」

The two of them argued, but the man just one-sidedly threw complaints at the old man and didn’t even listen to what he had to say.
I entered in the interval between their arguments.

「Old man, that’s cheese, right?」

「That’s right, so you know about it, young lady with a cute appearance?」

「What is it, suddenly coming out from nowhere. Even if a young girl gets in the way, I won’t let you off!」

「Shut up already, I’m in the middle of talking with the old man.」

「You bitch…」

The man tried to grab my shoulder.
Why are all the men in this world so quick to resort to violence, I wonder?
I caught his hand, and delivered a bear punch to the man’s stomach with my other hand.
The man’s body bent into a く character, and collapsed.
Though he lost consciousness, I made sure to hold back.

「Fuu, with that, it has quieted down. So then, old man, this is cheese, right?」

I talked to the old man as if nothing had happened.

「Ah, that’s the case, but…」

The old man looked back and forth between me and the guy who had collapsed.

「So, young lady, you know about cheese?」

「I know that it’s fermented from milk. I’m not familiar with the exact details though.」

「That’s right. Even though you’re young, you’re well-informed.」

「Old man, is it okay if I try a bit?」

「Of course, go on and try some.」

The old man cut a thin slice of cheese for me using a knife.

「Big Sis Yuna, you’re going to eat it?」

Fina asked me with a worried expression.
Well, that was obviously the case, considering I was going to eat something that mold was growing on.

「It’s all right, you know, because the mold is only on the surface.」

I put the cheese I had received in my mouth.
The taste was slightly strong, but it was, without a doubt, cheese.

「Old man, you’re selling this, right?」

「Yeah, I made this in the village. Since I needed money, I came to the Royal Capital to sell the cheese, but nobody wanted to buy it.」

As expected, it looked like cheese had not spread out much in this world.
Ignoring the guy from earlier, neither Fina nor Noa knew about it either.

「Then, in other words, it’s fine if I buy it all, right?」

「Young lady, you’re going to buy some?」

「It depends on the price though. How much is it?」

「It’s actually sold by weight. A mass like this is around this much.」

I looked at the amount of money the old man was displaying.

「I’ll buy it, everything you have, please.」

I bought it immediately.
When the negotiations were completed, it became noisy behind me.
The patrolling soldiers seemed to have come over.

「I heard that a quarrel was occurring, but- A bear…Yuna-san.」

The person who showed up was the person who had taken care of us during the matter with the group of thieves, Ranzeru-san.

「Yuna-san, what are you doing in a place like this? Besides that, I heard that a fight was happening here, but…」

「I’m shopping, as you can see. That man there was complaining about the old man’s food. It became a verbal quarrel, but when I forced myself in between them, he suddenly attacked me, so I knocked him out.」

「Yuna-san, what do you think you’re doing?」

「Being an ally of justice who protected the old man?」

I tilted my head to the side and looked puzzled as I answered.

「I understand. I’ll close my eyes to this matter this time. Next time, it would be a great help if you could resolve things without violence.」

「It’s not like I hit him because I like doing so. I only hit him because he attacked me, you know.」

「If that’s really the case, then I would have to have Yuna-san come with me to the barracks to hear more specific details. Since you’re Gran-sama’s and Eleanora-sama’s acquaintance, I won’t ask you to come with me this time, but please stop causing trouble. Even if that’s not the case, there are many issues elsewhere, so it’s quite a burden.」

The influence of my supporters sure was reliable.
If they were my enemies though, it would be scary.

「Now then, I’ll be off.」

Ranzeru-san bowed and left with his subordinates, who carried the unconscious person away.
I resumed the conversation about cheese with the old man.

「Young lady, I don’t really understand what happened, but thank you.」

「It’s fine, I also wanted the cheese anyway. So, are you going to sell me everything?」

「That goes without saying, it is a big help to me too.」

「If by chance you still have some, I’ll buy it.」

「The item bag I have isn’t capable of carrying a lot, but I brought what I could. This is all I have, but if you go to the village, there’s still a lot there.」

「Is that so? Then tell me where the village is, and I’ll go there to buy more next time.」

「It makes me happy to hear that, but is that necessary? I think even just this is quite a considerable amount, no?」

「I also look after some children at an orphanage, to some extent. I was thinking of serving them some dishes made with this cheese.」

「If that’s the case, I understand. I’ll welcome you when you come to the village.」

「Thank you.」

「No, after all, the one who should be grateful is this old man. Thank you. If I hadn’t sold all this, I would have been very troubled.」

「Is that so? Then I’ll pay you a little bit more.」

「Is that okay?」

「It’s fine. In return, sell it to me cheaply when I go to the village, okay?」

「Ah, of course. To save me the trouble of coming to the Royal Capital would also be a big help.」

I learned the location of the village from the old man and put away all the cheese that I bought into the Bear Box.
After parting with the old man, I walked among the street stalls with Fina and Noa.

「Yuna-san, about the cheese from just now, is it really that delicious?」

Noa asked me while making an overjoyed expression.

「Hmm, it differs from person to person, I think? I like it when it’s sandwiched in-between bread, and it’s delicious when used in pizza. However, there are people who dislike the taste as well.」

「Umm…can you also let me have some?」

「Will you be okay?」

「Yes. It’s like the time with the potatoes. If Yuna-san says it’s tasty, I’ll believe you.」

「In that case, shall I head back and make pizza then? Since almost everyone likes pizza.」

「I also believed in Big Sis Yuna right from the beginning, you know!」

Fina who was listening to our conversation also approved.

「Thank you, both of you.」

While recalling the ingredients stored in the Bear Box, we bought the ingredients needed for pizza before heading back to the Bear House.

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