Kuma – Chapter 61

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Bear-san Goes To The Royal Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild

It was the third day since I had arrived at the Royal Capital.
I had planned to go to the Adventurer’s Guild today, for the sake of reporting in Noa’s escort request.
Another reason was that I wanted to see what the Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal Capital was like.
Which was why I decided to have Fina go out with Noa.
It was because my appearance, combined with Fina’s age, made it likely that an adventurer would pick a fight.
If it was just me, I would be able to respond to anything, but if anything happened to Fina, there was no way I could apologize to Tirumina-san.

For that reason, I headed to the Adventurer’s Guild alone, while enveloped in a myriad of inquisitive gazes.
According to the explanation I received at the Commerce Guild, the Adventurer’s Guild was located near my house, just a short distance down the road.
The Adventurer’s Guild building of the Royal Capital was several times the size of Crimonia’s.
If the guild building was several times larger, then the number of adventurers must also be several times higher.
Which meant that the possibility of being involved in some kind of incident was increased several times too, right?
Was leaving Fina behind the correct choice after all?
Even now, an adventurer with a scary expression was entering the guild.
So, I also had to enter that place from now on?
I felt like a kitten entering the cage of a wild animal.
You’re also a fierce predator, a bear, right?!…I’m expecting someone to retort like that, please.

I pulled the Bear-san hood lower, so that I wouldn’t make eye-contact with anyone, and entered the Adventurer’s Guild.
The moment I entered, everyone’s line of sight converged on me.
Bear, short girl, alone, did I have that many conspicuous factors?
A background chorus of whispering started.

「A somewhat cute Bear-san has entered, it looks like.」

「It’s true, a bear.」

「A bear, huh.」

「It has a cute appearance.」

「A bear has attacked, you know! Someone subjugate it! Gyahahahahaha!」

「Hey you, you shouldn’t say that, even as a joke, right? What if you terrify the girl?」

「Then, should I subjugate it?」

「If you approach it, the bear will run away, you know!」

I heard the sound of a chair falling.

「Bloody Bear…」

A man deep inside the interior muttered.

「It’s better if you don’t mess around with that bear.」

「What, you’re trembling quite badly, you know.」

「It’s better if you don’t get involved with that guy.」

Having said those words, the man fell silent.

「What the hell is with him?」

「More importantly, someone call out to her.」

「In that case, shall I go warn her?」

A giant exceeding two meters in stature approached, laughing.

「Yo, Bear missy. What did you come here to do, with that cute appearance? This isn’t a place for a young lady like you to come to.」

「I came to report the completion of a request though.」

「A request report, missy, are you an adventurer?」

「That is the case, though.」

Laughing voices leaked out from the surroundings.

「Hey hey, since when were even children like her allowed to be adventurers?」

It was a template line.

「You’re a nuisance, so can you get out of my way? I have a guild card, so I’m a proper adventurer.」

「Then, I’ll check to see if you have power befitting an adventurer.」

The man’s hand reached out for the bear hood. I caught that hand and tossed him outside the guild.
The surrounding adventurers gaped at me with dumbfounded expressions.

「You, what did you do?」

When one person finally recovered, the surrounding people all reacted at the same time.
Then, for some reason, everyone swooped down upon me.
I don’t really understand why though.
Was he a comrade?
Since everyone rushed to attack me in a similar fashion, I grabbed the arms and tossed people outside like I was tossing garbage.
I repeated this about three times.

「Umm, it’s troubling if everyone quarrels inside the guild though…」

A cute-looking guild staff member warned us with a faltering, timid tone.
From her appearance, was she a receptionist?
Still, why were you saying that to me?
No matter how you looked at it, I was the victim here, right?

「Are you talking to me?」

「Yes, that’s right. I’m talking to you, who looks like a bear.」

「No matter how you look at this, I’m a victim, right? The one who was attacked was me, right? The one who was surrounded by numerous men and assaulted was me, right? If you’re going to warn someone, then shouldn’t it be the guys who are collapsed outside?」

「That is…」

「In other words, you’re saying that instead of resisting, I should let myself be hit and violated by all these men?」

「But, fighting inside the guild is not good.」

「You, is your head alright? Do you even understand the current situation?」

I questioned the receptionist.

「Hey, little girl, what do you think you’re suddenly doing?」

The men I had thrown outside had come back inside.

「Hey, fighting isn’t good, right? Won’t you stop them?」

I pointed towards the men.


The receptionist froze from fear of the men who came back inside, and her speech became vague.
As I thought, it was pointless unless cockroaches were dealt with by myself.
I blasted the men who came inside back outside using wind magic.
I passed by the receptionist and headed outside.
There were five men who were trying to stand up.

「If you kneel down while apologizing, I’ll forgive you. So, what will you do?」

「As if that would happen!」

I invoked wind magic that started from the ground and went up towards the sky.
The men flew up several hundred meters above the ground.
The people who were watching us were astonished.
From the ground, they were only about the size of a grain of rice, almost unable to be seen.
They gradually grew bigger.



「Gonna die—」


Right before they hit the ground, I made a wind cushion.
In the end, the men did not hit the ground but still ended up in a dazed state.

「Are you going to kneel?」

The men didn’t seem to be listening.
Since it was troublesome, I left them alone.

「Ara ara, I thought it was noisy, but to think there was a Bear-san here.」

An elf?
A long-eared woman was looking over here while smiling.
She was a fair-skinned beauty.

「It was only because I was about to be assaulted, so I counterattacked, you know. The other adventurers inside the guild can testify.」

「Is that the case, Ran?」

The elf asked the receptionist who had been trying to warn me a short while ago.

「Erm, yes. When this Bear-san entered the guild, an adventurer inside the guild approached her. After that, Bear-san threw the adventurer outside the guild. The other adventurers who saw that were then also sent flying outside the guild, one after another. I tried to stop Bear-san, but not only did she not stop, but she was going to go finish off the adventurers.」

Hey, hey.
It was somewhat right, but also somewhat wrong.
With that explanation, it made it sound like I was the evil one.

「I see. You’re the rumored Bear-san, right?」

「Well, you are?」

「I’m just the person who works as the guild master in the Royal Capital, Sanya.」

「Is Sanya-san an elf?」

Since I was interested, I tried asking.

「That’s right. In truth, I was originally an adventurer, but my predecessor stepped down 50 years ago, so I became the master.」

Back when I was in town, I also happened to see an elf from time to time.
Though, I never spoke to one before.

「I heard about you from Gran. A girl with the appearance of a bear who single-handedly subdued the Zamon Band of Thieves. I thought that Gran was just exaggerating, but it seems to be the truth.」

She glanced at the dazed adventurers.
The adventurers, who had recovered slightly, were staggering and had to borrow the shoulders of other adventurers to stand.
Not a single person charged at me.
They probably didn’t want to be sent flying into the sky again.

「For now, shall we go back inside?」

「Is that alright?」

「It’s fine. They’re just idiots picking a fight with newbies, so maybe they’ll stop picking fights with the new people after this.」

I entered the guild again.
All eyes concentrated on me.

「That’s why I said not to meddle with that bear.」

「Did you know about that bear?」

「Yeah, I know how fearsome and strong she is, which is why I was telling you guys to stop.」

I overheard such a conversation.
Was it possibly an adventurer who had been in the town of Crimonia?
Moreover, that timid person might be an adventurer I knocked out before.

「So then, you’re at the guild to report on a request?」


「In that case, can I see your guild card and your request achievement book?」

I handed over the guild card and the request achievement book that contained Eleanora-san’s signature.

「It’s a request for a bodyguard from the Foschurose family, is it? Okay, here is the request fee, and here’s the escort fee from Gran.」


「Gran came the other day, you see. I was asked to take care of the request fee and the request achievement when you arrive.」

Even when I met Gran-san two days ago, he didn’t say anything at all.

「I’ll process Faren Gramm family’s request at the same rank as the D-ranked Foschurose family’s request, okay?」

Even if you say that, the D-ranked me didn’t have any intention of raising my rank, so there was no meaning.
However, my guard mission success rate has been recorded on the guild card as 2/2.
If these numbers increase, it will probably leave a good impression when I try to take a bodyguard request from a stranger in the future.
Well, between 50/100 and 50/50, then 50/50 will obviously be better.
Though I accepted the bodyguard request this time, I didn’t plan on taking requests from people I didn’t know in the future, because travelling slowly is troublesome.
More than anything, I couldn’t use the bear house, and camping outside was troublesome.

「Also, please wait a while for the matter about the Zamon Band of Thieves. The royal family’s soldiers seem to have left for the subjugation, so we will do the request achievement processing as soon as that is finished.」

「Is that the case?」

「You not only arrested 50 of the thieves, but information was obtained because of that, so there are more than enough qualifications. However, since the subjugation is still in progress, please wait a while more.」

With that, I finished reporting and completed two rank D requests.

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  1. That receptionist really makes me mad. Not only is she useless at controlling the notoriously unruly types that are adventurers, she clearly misrepresented the situation when reporting it to the guild master. I mean, sure, it could easily be said that kuma overreacted, but the receptionist actually lied about the event.

    “The other adventurers who saw that were then also sent flying outside the guild, one after another.”
    That should mean practically every adventurer in the guild at the time got thrown out, right? Which clearly didn’t happen. Only a handful of people were involved, which clearly shows those people were singled out from all the other adventurers in that massive building. That doesn’t sound like an indiscriminate attack of a rampaging bear to me.

    “…she was going to go finish off the adventurers.”
    Also an obvious lie, seeing as she had already thrown them up into the air high enough to kill them from the fall, but chose to save their lives without anyone interfering or telling her to. How can that receptionist claim to know kuma would kill those guys?

    Either she’s an utterly useless new employee that’s already about to be fired, or her timid personality is a mask to cover her manipulative and ruthless true nature. Maybe she has a thing going with those guys to extort newbies so she’s trying to portray kuma as the attacker after she turned out to be a bad choice to target, so she would be punished instead of the receptionist’s comrades?

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