RRS – Prologue

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A normal and worthless life.

Graduated from college, tentatively entered a large-scale composite construction company, and currently a bachelor at the age of 37, without even a single girlfriend.

Because of an elder brother around the same age who had all the attention of the parents, I could freely become a bachelor that’s chained down by nothing.

Decently tall, features are not bad either, but I just couldn’t get women to welcome me. Although effort had been made to look for a girlfriend before, after three rejected confessions, it was given up completely. Meh, getting a girlfriend at this age, to be honest is actually a bother.

Although part of the reason is because work is busy, but even without one I don’t feel very perplexed at all.

…..This is not me finding excuses, okay?.

To say the reason why I was thinking about this——

“Senpai, sorry to make you wait!”

A fresh looking youth walked walked toward me with a smile, with a beauty beside him. This is my junior Tamura, and the receptionist Sawatari, who was considered the “Madonna” of the company .

That’s correct, the reason why I was invited by them today, was to help them talk about the matter of their wedding, which is also the biggest reason why I sank into the reflections about my own life. Also, the meeting area was right beside an intersection, so I couldn’t help it but to think about random stuff while leaning onto the electric pole.

“Oh, what did you need to discuss with me about?”

After slightly nodding to Sawatari, I spoke.

“It’s the first time we’ve met, my name is Sawatari Yoshie. Even though we meet often, it’s the first time we’ve actually spoken to each other. I’m a little bit nervous.”

The person who’s nervous should be me!?

After all, I really am bad at communicating with girls.

Please quickly notice it….I angrily roared inside my heart.

Normally speaking, no matter how much I think about it, they shouldn’t have tried to find someone like me who had no fate with love at all. They are definitely here to sneer at me, probably, it can’t be wrong.

“Hello, my name is Minami Satoru. It’s okay for you to not be nervous, since Sawatari-san is so famous at the company, even if you didn’t introduce yourself I’d have known about you too. You were from the same university as Tamura, right? Then you two got along together in a company meeting, and had always kept in contact after that.”

“Fa, famous? Seems like, there are a lot of weird rumors going around….”

“Of course, like having an affair with department head Kihara, and something like dating Kameyama-kun.”

I couldn’t help but start to make jokes. The Sawatari-san with reddened face and ears, and tearful eyes. This is so cute.

My jokes were always kind of out of bounds, lots of people had advised me to change this habit, but this bad habit of mine had already been drilled into the bones.

As expected, did I failed this time too? This personality of mine is really horrible.

Right at this time, Tamura lightly tapped Sawatari-san’s shoulder and started comforting her.

Ahh that damn Tamura! This situation is where I should be loudly shouting [All the normies should go explode!].

“Senpai, have some moderation, yo! Don’t mind it too much either Sawatari, Senpai had only made a joke.”

Tamura that took care of the situation with a smile, what a hard guy to hate.

Tamura was only twenty-eight, clearly being much younger than me, but his luck with girls were really great. It can’t be helped, I’ll just candidly wish them to be happy here….

“Sorry, my bad habit came up again. Ne, standing here doing nothing isn’t good either. Let’s go somewhere else, and chat while we eat,”

Jealousy is not a solution, and as I was thinking that.


Screams of distress, and chaos.

What? What happened!?

“Out of the way! Else I’ll kill you!!”

Turning around, I could only see a man carrying a kitchen knife and a handbag rushing toward this place.

A distressed scream sounded, and ahead of the man, the kitchen knife was pointing at….


The instant I pushed Tamura away, a scorching pain transmitted from my back. I fell down in pain.

Not understanding what had just happened, my whole body couldn’t move either.

“Don’t get in the way——-!”

Watching the escaping man, I confirmed that both Tamura and Sawatari were safe.

Tamura rushed over as he let out a soundless cry of sadness.

Sawatari went into a state of panic because of this sudden development, but it seems that she wasn’t injured. That’s really great.

Speaking of which, my back felt really hot. I already couldn’t feel any pain, and there was just a burning sensation on my back.

What’s this? I’m more afraid of heat than anything.

[Confirmation complete. Acquiring [Heat Resistance]…… Successful]

Don’t tell me…… I got stabbed just now?

I shouldn’t die from that, right……

[Confirmation complete. Acquiring [Piercing Resistance]…… Successful. Also acquiring [Physical Damage Resistance]…… Successful]

“Senpai, blood, it’s bleeding…… I can’t stop the blood……”

What’s with that, Tamura you are being really noisy, your voice became really weird too. Well, since it’s Tamura, it couldn’t be helped.

Blood? Of course I would bleed, I’m human too, it’s natural for me to bleed after getting stabbed.

But, the pain is a little……

[Confirmation complete. Acquiring [Pain Invalidation]…… Successful]

This……is not looking very good. It seems that because of pain and agitation, my awareness had become disorderly.

“Ta, Tamura…… don’t yell like that. It’s only to this degree, there is no need to worry……”

“But, but senpai, blood, the blood……”

Tamura hugged my head with an ashen expression on his tearful face.

I really want to see how Sawatari is like right now too, but it’s too bad that my vision had became too blurry to see anything.

The sensation of the scorching heat on my back had already disappeared, and what replaced it was an abrupt coldness.

Not good…… A person that lost too much would would die right?

[Confirmation Complete. Making a body that doesn’t require blood…… Successful]

(Oi, I say, what have you been talking about since earlier? I can’t hear very well……)

I tried to let out a voice, but it ended in failure. It looks like, I’m really going to die……

Speaking of which, the problem now is this bone-chilling coldness…… First hot then cold, I seem to be a really busy person.

[Confirmation Complete. Acquired [Cold Resistance]…… Successful. Because of the acquisition of both [Heat Resistance] and [Cold Resistance], the skill will evolve into [Thermal Change Resistance]]

Right at this time, my brain cells that was about to die, suddenly had a eureka moment, and recalled an very important matter,

Ah right!! Computer Hard drive!!

“TAMURA—-!! Just, just incase, if I die…… Please take care of my computer. It doesn’t matter if you throw it into a bathtub or short circuit it, in short absolutely destroy all the data stored inside!”

I expended the last bit of strength in my body, and entrusted the last concern in my life to Tamura.

[Confirmation Complete. Destroying data by short circuiting…… Because of insufficient knowledge on this subject, acquisition failed. As the replacement measure, acquiring [Electrical Current Resistance]…… Successful. At the same time acquiring the its sub skill [Paralysis Resistance]…… Successful]

Tamura couldn’t respond to what I was saying for a moment, his face was full of perplexity.

But he quickly understood the real meaning inside the words, and revealed a wry smile.

“Ha ha, as expected of Senpai——-”

I really don’t want to see a man’s crying face as the last scene before I die. Even if it’s only a wry smile, it’s still better than a crying face.

“Actually this time, I actually only wanted to flaunt Sawatari in front of you……”

I already knew that…… You bastard.

“Tsk….well, I’ve already forgiven you. Make her happy, okay? Also take care of my computer…..”

Squeezing out the last ounce of strength, I said.

A normal and worthless life.

Graduated from college, tentatively entered a large-scale composite construction company, and currently a bachelor at the age of 37, without even a single girlfriend.

Because of an elder brother around the same age had all the attention of the parents, I could freely become a bachelor that’s chained down by nothing.

And thanks to that, I remained a virgin even now.

I didn’t expect, that I’m about to leave this world without even using it…… My son is probably really sad.
(TL: He’s talking about his d)

Sorry, I couldn’t let you become a real man……

If there is an afterlife, I’ll definitely live as a new person. If I see one I’ll ‘do’ one, I’ll predate everywhere until it’s completely clean.
(TL: You can guess what he meant here)

[Confirmation Complete. Acquiring skill [Predator]…… Successful]

Getting close to forty, being thirty something is still only a wizard, and clearly a little more effort would have made me a sage….. Even a great sage is not a dream! But if I had really gotten to that point, that would be too pitiful……
(TL: Virgins over 30 are referred to as wizard, over 40 a sage, over 50 a great sage)

[Confirmation Complete. Acquiring EX skill [Sage]…… Successful. Continuing to evolve [Sage] into Unique skill [Great Sage]…… Successful]

…… Speaking of which, what the hell was that starting from earlier? What do you mean by (Unique skill [Great Sage]), huh? Are you mocking me?

At this degree, it’s not unique at all okay!?

I really can’t laugh at that!

What a rude fellow……

Thinking about these useless things, I sank into a deep sleep.

Is this death…… It’s actually not as lonely as I had imagined.

These were my last words before I left this world.

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