Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 16 Part 1 Release!

Good news and bad news everyone!

Good news is Piro is back!

More Good news is I have 3 weeks of PTO starting Friday.

More Good news is that the second part of Chapter 16 is a real monster, 9 pages filled with the fun loving joy of gore we’re all here to see.

Bad news is that part one, to facilitate continuity on part two, is short as hell, and I’m doing lots of overtime this week, so I can’t make it through the whole aforementioned monster to release all at once.

Still, it’s funny as hell (Pun intended), so enjoy this week’s Installment of Glorious Okama Goodness!











The link’s up there, you missed it ^

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2 Responses to Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 16 Part 1 Release!

  1. shillbear says:

    so basicly fun chapter next time but will take time befor it comes out?

    have a good cristmas everyone.

  2. Bergz says:

    Just want to inform you, that your site looks like infected. On mobile, the ad from afflow is so intrusive, it forcefully redirects the page to somewhere where “back” is not possible. While on the desktop, it got captured by Kaspersky.

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