Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 16 Part 1

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Volume 7, Chapter 16: In the North, Part 5, Part 1


“We’re almost there, Kanzo-sama.”

“Got it.”

Listening to the words of the bishounen knight, Kanzo gives a leering smile past their bright red lips while playing with their hair.

The knight, somewhat overwhelmed by the smile, quickly retreated (Ran away) as though a great bear was chasing him, leaving Kanzo to admire his backside.


The knight’s pace speeds up again at the giggle from his superior behind him and soon enough the destination was in sight.


The Dwarf Country’s underground shopping mall. Usually you would need a torch underground to keep away the darkness, but this mall is bright enough that no additional lighting was necessary.

The reason: the mall was part of a dungeon.

The dungeon is managed by the dungeon master which keeps it clean and some degree of lighting is ensured.

However, since the dwarves settled in this dungeon over a thousand years ago, very few people would even suspect this area being a dungeon.

Only the dwarven elders, settlement managers, the upper echelons of Gamble and a small part of the adventuring guild know, with the exception of a few others. Naturally, this includes the Great Hero Kanzo and their party members.


“…What’s this…”

As they walked into the dusty area to the area, Kanzo’s party members could be seen surrounding a huge hole straight through the bedrock.

Although the inhabitants here had claimed it as a sinkhole caused by a shift in the groundwater, just looking at it Kanzo could see that it kept going all the way down to the lower level of the dungeon.

“Is this a natural phenomenon?”

The knight captain who kept himself near quietly asked Kanzo.

“…It’s not… It’s just a little, but some magical residue remains. It’s almost completely pure, very few signs of a missed cast… they must be quite a mage.

Despite their looks, Kanzo has been fighting as a [Hero] constantly for more than 10 years now without losing a single time.

Just at first glance, they could see the skill of the ones who created this hole, and knew right away that their goal was to reach the dungeon below.


“Yeah, that’s right. An invader.”

An invader in a secret dungeon.

A terrible smile came upon Kanzo’s face at a thought: Perhaps this was the work of that golden saint, who seemed to have come to investigate the zombie incidents.

“And here I thought it was all rumors, this will be pleasurable after all… Darlings!”


The knights respond as one to Kanzo.

“I will follow the invaders directly through this hole, you all should go down the regular path, don’t let anyone escape!”



Kanzo jumps into the hole in the road as soon as they hear the knights’ response.

As Kanzo fills in the hole in the road behind them with [Earth Magic], the knights rushed to the dungeon entrance in order to pursue the intruders from the only remaining exit.




App’s Notes:

Short part this time, athough I think the first paragraph is worth it. The real action gets going next week with a perspective change and about 4x this word count. Expect some gore-y fun with the Earth Hero’s mooks and some training for their replacement.


Ah, also, have a fun fact as a small compensation for the small release this time: this is something that knowing the Japanese helps with and isn’t a spoiler since I don’t know if it’s true, and besides that, the author assumes you know Japanese 😛


Daichi  = 大地 ; 地 = Earth

Futa     = 風太 ; 風 = Wind

Touka  = 燈火 ; 火 = Fire

Mizuki = 瑞樹 ; A bit of an odd name out, it’s more of the reading of the first character itself which informs this one rather than the actual meaning as Mizu, said referring to(水 in most contexts means Water, though of course there are others, such as this piece of kanji, which has more connotations of purity/freshness rather than specifically water).


This has been Fun Facts With App.

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  1. Meganjax says:

    Thank you, it was a bit short but thanks nonetheless.

  2. evarench says:

    “Dear Santa
    I did my best to be good demon this year, i ate some “delicious” human souls and lots of seaweed food.
    I hope as a good demon, i will be rewarded with a handshake event with Yuru-sama.
    Thank Santa for listening to my wish.
    Greater Demon No.1912″

  3. Revilo7B says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Memi Mori says:

    I miss having Yuzu around, I know Yuru’s the same person but think of all the scenarios if both of them were around. Confusion and misunderstandings have been part of the fun.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Heh, I would have thought 瑞樹 to be the wood attribute or something, given the 树.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. Thanks for the fun facts
    Repeat from last episode –
    “Those four: made up of these two along with Mizuki and Touka, are slated to eventually become [Heroes].”
    Interesting bit of foreshadowing of their slated doom.
    Those poor bastards

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