Sponsored DKC chapter 112 by Ralph F

Chapter 112 is sponsored by Lord Ralph F. He poked a hole into my sponsor dam and the leak keep coming…it finally stopped. Still the sponsor queue is commanding once this weekend is over, we will speed up again to clear it. Brought to you by June and amazing editing work by AyabeWakasa.

I really want to help clear Nangong Liuyun’s name…When I first read it… I too light my torch and grabbed a pitchfork with a wooden cross to stake his heart. But I think baconaise assessment is on point “NL’s forced kiss feels like it was because of his frustration over his inability to get Su Luo to talk to him; he can’t connect with her on an intellectual level right now so he’s trying to force one even if it’s just physical.” I only want to add that he never let people get close to him so probably had zero skills in knowing how to communicate his desire to get close. Also almost losing her scrambled his brains 😉

I’m afraid the next few chapters will be just as frustrating to the readers who hated him here. Well at least after that we get to see Su Luo in the role of a heroine.

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  1. Zeth says:

    Yeah I kind of dislike the way he treats her, but well let’s see…
    Thank you very much for your hard work (and kind sponsorship)

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