Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 9

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Volume 1 Chapter 9: Buck-Toothed-Rabbit

“Good, your skill has been successfully upgraded. If you have enough SP, you can upgrade it to even higher levels. When a skill reaches its highest level, if you have enough comprehension, there is a big chance that you can grasp an even stronger ‘advance skill’. Although, it is very hard to gain SP, regardless of leveling-up, killing normal monsters, it is not possible to gain SP. It can only be gained through some special quests, and killing strong monsters. Monsters from weak to strong can be split as, 1 star elites, 2 star elites, 3 star elites, going higher, are powerful lord monsters, above lords, are the very rare, fairy, heaven end, mysterious god and saint destroyer monster’s that are almost impossible for humans to defeat. Killing a 1 star elite monster by yourself, you will gain SP equivalent to its level. For example, killing a LV1 1 star elite monster, you will gain 1 SP, killing a LV3 , you will gain 3 SP. Independently killing a 2 star elite, you will earn SP equal to its LVx2, killing a 3 star elite, you will gain SP that of its LVx3. Killing a Lord BOSS, you will gain its LVx10 SP. If able to kill a fairy creature, you will gain its LVx100 SP, killing a heaven end monster, its LVx1000 SP will be gained, and so on… If a group works together to defeat a monster, then the group will be evenly distributed the SP.

Babbling a lot, he finally finished explaining the skill upgrade system. At the beginning of the game, the majority of players all want to quickly gain levels and pull apart the level gap, leading in front of other players, not a lot of people will have the patience to finish listening to the Village Chief’s super long novice lesson.

But Ling Chen sat there quietly listening, not missing a word. SP can only be gained by killing elite and above monsters, this is indeed overly harsh. At the same time, it will also result in a consequence… elite and BOSS monsters that were already being fought over, in《Mystic Moon》 will be fought over even more fiercely. High grade monsters means high grade equipment, and more important than equipment, are skills! It can be foreseen, area’s that can easily spawn high-grade BOSS monsters will definitely be fought over to the death.

The Chief rested his throat, only then saying: “Young man, it is rare for you to quietly listen to me say so much, young one’s with patience like you are already very good, come, take this, these should be able to help you in your adventures.”

“*DING*… You have successfully completed the quest ‘Village Chief’s Lesson’, the rewards of an energy crystal and SP have already been administered, gained red medicine 5. Because you completely listened to the Village Chief’s words, extra reward ‘Scan Scroll’ 1.”

Huh? There’s also extra rewards?

Surprisingly, patiently listening to the novice lesson had an extra reward… and it’s even a scroll! It needs to be known, scrolls this type of thing have a drop rate of who knows how many time lower than equipment. Ling Chen felt as though we was seeing a large pie slowly drop from the sky. (TL: Chinese idiom. “Pie falling from the sky”, means something good happening out of nowhere)

Opening his bag, sure enough there were 2 extra things.

[Red Potion]: The lowest grade HP recovery potion, heals 100 HP after use, Cooldown Time: 5 sec.

[Scan Scroll]: A scroll with the ability to scan, after use, detailed information for monsters no higher than your level by 30 can be gained.

So it’s a scroll to scan the information of monsters. Ling Chen took back his focus, politely saying to the Chief: “Thank you Chief, is there anything else I can help with?”

“There is.” The Chief nods his head, and then says in melancholy: “Recently, a group of strange rabbits have appeared around the periphery of the village, they have sharp teeth, regularly attacking people, can you help me exterminate that group of rabbits, and bring back their teeth?|

“*DING*… You have activated the quest ‘Village Chief’s Request 1′, Quest Description: Collect 10 teeth from buck-toothed-rabbits and give them to the Village Chief, Quest Type: Normal, Quest Time Limit: None. Quest Reward: 100 EXP, 1 silver. Do you accept?”

“Accept.” Ling Chen directly accepted.

The Chief nods his head satisfactorily: “Then, I will wait here for your good news. Oh right, before that, you best check out the general store and smithy, the item store’s Old Wang and the smithy’s Old Tie should have some stuff that requires your help. Oh right, there’s one thing you need to pay attention to, that house, do not get close.”

The Chief extended his hand, pointing behind him. Following the Chief’s finger, Ling Chen saw a rundown small, straw house, that straw house was in the most obscure spot, and it was also the dirtiest house. Ling Chen took back his gaze, revealing a quizzical look.

“Inside lives a scary lunatic. From the day we saw him, he was in that abnormal state. Although it’s good that he usually just hides in the house not willing to leave. If at whatever moment you see him come out, you must not get close to him.” The Chief said with a serious face.

“Okay, thank you Chief.”

Parting from the Village Chief, Ling Chen jogged along the way, coming to the centre of the village, walking into the item store. He first flipped through the items being sold here:

[Red Potion]: … Price: 1 copper

[Orange Potion]: Low-grade HP recovery potion, heals 200 HP after use, Cooldown Time: 5 sec. Price: 3 copper

[Yellow Potion]: Low-grade HP recovery potion, heals 400 HP after use, Cooldown Time: 5 sec. Price: 1 silver.

[Blue Potion]: Low-grade MP recovery potion, heals 100 HP after use, Cooldown Time: 5 sec. Price: 2 copper

In Mystic Moon’s world, 1 gold = 10 silver = 100 copper, these recovery potions along with their increasing recovery ability, their prices also show a considerable jump. And these, are just what player’s at the moment can barely buy, below, are a bunch of items that normal payers can’t afford to buy…

[Beginner Strength Stone]; Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Beginner, Attribute: Fire, Effect: Physical Attack Strength+3%. Price: 20 gold.

[Beginner Magic Stone]; Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Beginner, Attribute: Water, Effect: Magic Attack Strength+3%. Price: 20 gold.

[Beginner Health Stone]; Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Beginner, Attribute: Water, Effect: HP+3%. Price: 20 gold.

[Beginner Dodge Stone]: …

[Beginner Pierce Stone]: …

As the Chief said, the general store sold some low-grade energy crystals, but the most beginner crystals were already sold at 20 gold. 20 gold,for player’s at the beginning of the game was an astronomical number. The most beginner crystals were already sold at such a price, what kind of astronomical price would higher-grade crystals be sold at.

Calming down, Ling Chen said towards the yawning shopkeeper: “Hello Boss Wang, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Oh, hello, hero from another world.” The item store shopkeeper responded a bit unconcerned: “I do have something that requires your help. Just a few days ago, when I went to Shrub Forest to gather herbs, I encountered an attack by a group of wild boar. Running away in haste, I lost a very important ring. Sigh, I don’t expect to get the ring back, but my anger towards those boars cannot be extinguished, hero from another world, can you help me exterminate 30 wild boars, relieving the hate in my heart?”

“*DING*… You have activated the quest “Wang Ji’s Request’, Quest Description: “Exterminate 30 wild boars, Quest Type: Normal, Quest Time Limit: None. Quest Reward: 500EXP, 2 silver, orange potions 10, blue potions 10, do you accept?”


“Excellent… although, forest wild boars are LV5 monsters, with your current ability you are still unable to threaten them, properly increase your strength first, I await your good news.” Shopkeeper Wang lazily closed his eyes after finishing.

Walking out of the item store, Ling Chen came to the smithy. First quickly sweeping through the equipment sold, and then saying to the old blacksmith who was working hard smithing: “Hello Boss Tie, is there anything I can help you with?”

The old blacksmith stopped his work, wiping the sweat on his face, saying smilingly: “Hello, hero from another world, I do have something I need your help with. Recently I’ve pretty much used up my casting materials, can you help bring me 100 wolf teeth? Wolf teeth are sharp and durable, mixing it into the iron can create a sharp weapon.”

“*DING*… You have activated the quest ‘Blacksmith’s Request’, Quest Description: Bring back 100 wolf teeth and give them to the smithy’s Old Tie. Quest Type: Normal, Quest Time Limit: None. Quest Reward: 1000EXP, 3 silver, 1 LV5 iron short-sword, do you accept?”


“Wolves are at the Wolf’s Cliff at the north of the village, the bottom of Wolf’s Cliff is a bottomless chasm, that is a very dangerous place, when you reach there make sure to stay away from the cliff’s edge, do not fall down. Also, wolves are LV5 creatures, with your current ability you are unable to threaten them, properly raise your strength, I await your good news.” Finishing talking, the old blacksmith turned around, continuing his work. (TL: These are some pretty damn generic NPCs.)

Waling around the Novice Village, receiving only the 3 quests, 2 of which it is required to fight LV5 creatures, clearly not something regular players can do at the moment. Ling Chen walked around the village a bit longer, besides the straw house the Chief warned not to get close to, walking around the entire village, only then carrying his novice sword and charging to the wilderness.

Leaving the village, what’s there is a vast field. Taking a look, his vision filled with thickly dotted groups of people, occasionally seeing some rabbits appear in these groups, but immediately being swarmed by players, instantly exterminating them leaving behind just a few rabbit hairs. (TL: ZERG FEST!)

Beside Ling Chen, a white rabbit spawned, and then started to rock back and forth examining this world.

[Buck-Toothed-Rabbit]: Type: Beast. Level: 1, HP: 50. A type of rabbit with big, pointy teeth. when in an emergency rabbits will also bite people, if bit it will really hurt ne. (TL: There is a chinese idiom that goes something like “Anxious dog jumps the wall” saying that when pushed up against a wall, people will do extreme things. The rabbit biting thing is a play on that.)

Under the scan skill, Ling Chen gained this buck-toothed-rabbit’s basic data, right when he was about to raise his sword, a massive swarm of arrows and magic bullets all smashed into the poor little rabbit, instantly, all that was left in front of Ling Chen was a pile of rabbit fur.

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