Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 8

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Volume 1 Chapter 8: Moon God Bracelet

Legend goes, the Moon God clan has existed since the spread of humanity, with protecting the Mystic Moon world as their mission. Every main land in Mystic Moon, will each have a patron saint from the god race, they are known as Moon Saints. All are female, having immense power. Although, unless the mainland suffers a catastrophic disaster, or approaches a moment of life and death, the god clan’s 3 goddesses will not act. Towards the conflict between same and different races, they too do not interfere. The place we are at right now is a land outside the the central main land, it is one of the countless islands spread across the endless sea. We the people who live here are unable to leave, and when you leave here, you will also be unable to ever return. Come find me when your level reaches 10. I will send you to a continent named ‘Forgotten’ (Yi Wang). The patron moon saint there is named ‘Forgotten Goddess’, if you are lucky enough, maybe you’ll be able to see her one day.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“This is the basic background of Mystic Moon, if you want to know more, you will need to look for it yourself. Please allow me to describe to you some necessary knowledge for adventuring. Then , let’s start from the basic attributes first. Strength, constitution, agility, spirit are the four basic stats along with luck and comprehension these two innate attributes. I believe that the girl’s from the fairy race have already given you detailed explanations, those are the most basic ability names, I don’t think I need to explain more. Allow me to first explain to you the rules of damage colours that appear in battle.

Damaging the target, or when being damaged, normally a red damage number will appear. If a critical strike is activated, it will deal double damage, the color of the damage that appears will be yellow. If a pierce attack is activated, then, the damage you do will ignore defense, the damage that appears will be blue. Against high defense targets, the effect of the pierce strike is quite impressive. If both critical and pierce is activated, then, purple damage will appear… Critical pierce strike, at a lot of times will be a miracle strike that can turn around an unfavourable situation. In addition, there is also a very rare black coloured damage, that only appears when the insta-kill effect activates. Although, a cheat attribute like insta-kill besides undead creature, pretty much won’t appear.

(TL: Guh, I hate this)
“Elemental resistance, is regarding the ability to resist the associated element. The resistance number represents the ratio that the associated element is reduced by, for example when resistance is 50%, damage can be reduced by 50%, when resistance is 100%, then you can be immune to this type of element, although such a situation is almost impossible for a human. If resistance surpasses 100%, for example reaching 125%, then, the associated element will not only not cause harm, on the other hand it will absorb the 25% damage and transfer it to health. Also, if your personal element is suppressed by another element, that there is a chance for a negative resistance to appear for a certain element. For instance, if resistance towards the fire element is -50%, then when suffering from a fire based attack damage received will be 150%, if it’s -100%, then damage received will be 200%. Using the element that suppresses to attack the target will obtain an effect of double the result for half the work.” (TL: Chinese idiom)

The Village Chief slightly paused for a pit, taking a few breaths, continuing to say: “In regards to attributes, is there anything else that you don’t understand?”

Ling Chen though for a bit, shaking his head, and then raising his right hand: “Chief, what kind of equipment is this Moon God Bracelet?” (TL: Goddammit what is there to think about!. Do you not math! Sigh)

The village Chief smiled warmly: “This is just was I was about to explain to you. The Moon God Bracelet was invented by the Moon God clan a long time ago, it can bestow upon human’s additional strength. The Moon God Bracelet itself has no attributes, but can be slotted with energy crystals or energy orbs, and take the power from the crystal or orb bestowing it upon the wearer. See, your iron bracelet here has two holes, those are used to slot in energy crystals or energy orbs. According to the strength of the energy crystal, they can be split into 5 grades; beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate. Because the ability of this Moon God Bracelet is too low, at most it can only be slotted with intermediate power crystals, and at most only two. In the future in your adventures, you will for sure be able to see some high-grade Moon God Bracelets that can be slotted with more and higher-grade energy crystals or even energy orbs. They say, on Forgotten continent there once appeared a Moon God Bracelet that had 7 slots, although, sigh, I don’t have the fortune of seeing such a legendary item in my lifetime.”

“What are energy orbs?” Ling Chen interrupted.

“The nature of energy orbs are the same as energy crystals, but they are also an existence that surpasses energy crystals. They are not like energy crystals that are simply broken pieces, but are a complete body. The grades for energy orbs from low to high are Fairy Orbs, Heaven End Orbs, Mysterious God Orbs and the Saint Destroyer Orbs that only exist in long ago legends. Energy orbs are incredibly valuable, if a normal person is able to obtain one, then it is something that is enough to be proud of for the rest of their life. Although, even if an energy orb is obtained, it can not be freely used, because only fairy grade or above Moon God Bracelets, have the qualifications to slot them. Speaking of the rule of grades, Mystic Moon world’s equipment, including Moon God Bracelets from low-grade to high are separated as: Pale White, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Fairy (仙灵), Heaven End (天绝), Mysterious God (神玄), Saint Destroyer (圣灭). The stronger the the equipment, the more difficult for it to appear. Heaven End and Mysterious God equipment even looking at the entire Mystic Moon world are very rare, as for Saint Destroyer equipment, those are thing’s that only exist in legends. Maybe, only the god race or fiend race could have any.

The Chief’s voice paused for a moment, and then continued saying: “Then, let me teach you how to use the Moon God Bracelet. Right now, I will give you a beginner energy crystal, what you need to do, is slot it into the Moon God Bracelet in your hand.”

After the Chief’s voice, a prompt sound rang beside his ear: “*DING*… You have gained a randomly attributed energy crystal from the Village Chief of Novice Village number 49554, please slot it into your Moon God Bracelet.”

Ling Chen opened his bag, inside was added a small exquisite red crystal. Picking up the crystal, Ling Chen felt puzzled… this crystal as big as a thumb, how could it slot into the small hole on the Moon God Bracelet.

[Beginner Critical Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal, Grade: Beginner, Attribute: Fire, Effect: Critical Rate+2%

“Hehe, looks like your luck is pretty good, getting the energy crystal that can boost crit. rate. Then, slot it into the Moon God Bracelet, you only need to bring it close to the Moon God Bracelet.” The Chief said laughingly.

Increasing crit. rate by 2%, it is a pretty good attribute. The most elementary power crystals already had such an effect, then higher-grades… and then orbs that are even more powerful than crystals…

Ling Chen picked up the fire red crystal, slowly bringing it to the hole on the iron bracelet, on contact, a beam of red light flashed by, a system prompt “Slotting Successful” ringing by his ears. The power stone in his hand disappeared, the iron bracelet that initially had two empty holes, one of them was now filled by a red crystal.

Opening his stat page, his crit. rate had suddenly become 7%.

“You’ve done very well, elementary energy crystals and Moon God Bracelets can be bought in the corresponding stores, but high-grade energy crystals and Moon God Bracelets, along with energy orbs can only be obtained through other means, such as killing powerful monsters. . I believe in your future adventures you will find stronger Moon God Bracelets and energy crystals, maybe you’ll even be able to obtain very valuable energy orbs. Also, you need to remember, the same Moon God Bracelet cannot be slotted with two of the same energy crystal or energy orb with the same effect. For instance, your Moon God Bracelet already has an energy crystal that increases crit. rate, which means, no matter how many free slots your Moon God Bracelet has, you can no longer add any energy crystals or orbs that increase crit. rate.

“You should now understand how to use the Moon God Bracelet, now let me explain to you the rules for skills.” The Chief proceeded to say, “The basic rules for skills you must already know, what I’m going to explain is only the rules for skill upgrading and advancing. The greatest advantage of humans, is their high intelligence and great hidden potential, as long as you have enough potential, you can make the same skill exhibit an even stronger power. Right now you are an apprentice warrior, then, you must have a beginner skill ‘Full Power Strike”, its level is LV1, but you only need one skill point, it can then be upgraded to LV2, possessing an even stronger power. Right now, I will use the power bestowed upon me by the Moon God to give you a skill point, please put it into ‘Full Power Strike’.”

Finishing his speech, the Chief waved his hands, immediately, a white light fell from the sky, falling upon Ling Chen, gone in a flash.

“*DING*… You have gained 1 skill point, please put it into ‘Full Power Strike’.”

Ling Chen saw, an additional attribute had appeared on his stat page: SP: 1.

Without wasting time, Ling Chen put this skill point that he just got into his only upgrade-able skill “Full Power Strike”, right away, a white light flashed on his body.

“*DING*… Your skill ‘Full Power Strike’ has successfully upgraded to LV2.”

[Full Power Strike]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5. Points to Upgrade to LV3: 5. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, using the weapon in the hand to strike at the target in front with all your strength, 120% damage, MP Consumption: 4, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

After Full Power Strike’s upgrade, it’s damage was increased to 120%, even the cooldown decreased to 0. Only the MP consumption increased by that 1 point, one upgrade, who knew that it could have such a huge improvement!

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