Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 86

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Volume 1 Chapter 86: Looking for Black Flame Grass

After Ling Chen waited for almost 10 minutes the sound of slightly hurried footsteps finally came from outside of the hall. Ling Chen turned around taking off the mask on his face. Facing Azure Dragon’s mayor he obviously can’t continue to wear a mask.

Azure Dragon’s mayor looks around 40 years old. He is a handsome man with a gentle expression, but in the gentleness it is mixed with a deep sense of tiredness. His eyes are sharp but his gaze is slightly dim, clearly caused by overworking. Originally Ling Chen who waited here for 10 minutes had a whole stomach full of resentment and was not going to give this mayor a good attitude, but seeing his worn out look… He clearly isn’t purposely putting on airs but is indeed overly busy, his resentment also directly went away. He went up and greeted him: “Hello mayor, my name is Ling Tian.”

Azure Dragon’s mayor sized him up, saying with a light smile: “Truly the person to stand out from millions of other world humans and arrive here first, you do indeed have an extraordinary aura. Just from your appearance one can tell that you are definitely not an ordinary human. Sigh, just now there was an important matter so I was unable to arrive right away, I am truly sorry for making you wait so long. Come, sit first.”

Coming in this mayor first complimented him and then apologised without any airs, moreover he didn’t have any sort of false or pretentious demeanor. Ling Chen immediately had a more favourable impression towards him, sitting in the chair in the very middle face to face with him. The Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian said that the mayor might hand over a very difficult matter for him to complete, what could it be? Azure Dragon City’s highest ranked NPC — A quest given by the Azure Dragon’s mayor, without needing to think one already knows that it is definitely not normal.

Azure Dragon’s mayor’s gaze fell on the “Proof of Courage” insignia worn at Ling Chen’s chest, his eyes instantly lighting up. “What you’re wearing in front of your chest should be the Proof of Courage insignia. Only the most outstanding heros have the right to wear this insignia, this cannot be faked. Oh right, just now I heard the report say that you obtained the strength inheritance of the Hall of Heroic Souls?”

“Yes.” Ling Chen replied simply.

Azure Dragon’s mayor let out a wow: “Only in an average of once every hundred years will a person who has the qualifications to obtain the Hall of Heroic Souls’ strength inheritance appear on Forgotten Continent! Having this kind of talent I believe that even though you are a player you will still have extraordinary accomplishments in the future on Forgotten Continent. Oh right, whose power did you inherit.”

“War God’s power.” Ling Chen directly responded saying.

“…” Hearing Ling Chen response Azure Dragon’s mayor clearly blanked for a moment. He lightly shook his exhausted, slightly dizzy head, asking uncertainly: “Say it again, I think I didn’t hear clearly…”

“War God’s power.” Ling Chen once again responded. He knows why Azure Dragon’s mayor would ask again. It’s not that he didn’t hear clearly but instead that he instinctively assumed that the answer he heard was wrong. Because in the perception of these people War God’s trial is simply impossible to pass, which means that there simply isn’t anyone that can pass War God’s trial. After Ling Chen responded again he stood up, in a fleeting grey light he called out War God’s Sword, displaying it before Azure Dragon’s mayor.

The instant War God’s Sword entered his eyes, Azure Dragon’s mayor’s eyes violently contracted. After an instance of silence he abruptly stood up, his shaking eyes tightly stared at War God’s Sword, his voice slightly trembling in shock: “War… War God’s Sword!! You…”

This person… Could it be that he actually passed War God’s trial?

How can that be? The trial that even so many of Forgotten Continent’s prodigies couldn’t pass, how could an otherworld player whose power level is extremely low pass it!

But, War God’s Sword will only be given to the person that passes War God’s Trial!!

“You passed War God’s trial?” Azure Dragon’s mayor shouted in shock. He only knew just now that what he heard before was not an auditory illusion due to exhaustion. As the lord of a city he has seen countless things in his life, he basically won’t have such violent changes in mood. But, the matter of passing War God’s trial is honestly too shocking… Because this is something that no one has been able to do in even 1000 years on Forgotten continent.

“This is the note the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian let me hand over to you.” Ling Chen didn’t directly respond, turning over to Azure Dragon’s mayor the note that the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian gave to him.

Azure Dragon’s mayor took it over, this note is indeed written by the guardian of the Hall of Heroic Souls, there’s no mistake. He quickly opened it looking at the words on top… In a short period of time his expression was covered by layer after layer of shock. When he next lifted his head, the expression of his eyes staring at Ling Chen was like looking at a monster that came from space.

Simultaneously gaining the approval of all of the powers in the Hall of Heroic Souls… Even fighting wanting to voluntarily attach to him.

The pillar in the middle bearing War God’s power disappeared, this person… He truly passed War God’s trial!

The shocked expression remained on the face of Azure Dragon’s mayor for a long time before slowly being suppressed by him. He rapidly adjusted his expression, sizing up Ling Chen again for a long time before saying in amazement: “You actually passed War God’s trial and obtained War God’s strength inheritance. Without any exaggeration you are the most amazing person that I have seen… In my entire life.”

“You are too kind.” Ling Chen shook his head saying, this evaluation was a bit outrageously high.

“No, it is indeed so. The Hall of Heroic Souls has been established for 1000 years, there has never been a person that could pass the trial War God left behind, a whole 1000 years. And you, you have already done it after arriving in the world for just a few short days of time. The height of your talent and skill is virtually unbelievable. If the matter of War God’s strength being inherited travels out you will become known by all within a short period of time. You’ve just arrive at Forgotten Continent, you definitely don’t know how impressive of a matter passing War God’s trial is in our eyes. That was originally a universally recognized trial that could not be passed.”

“Let’s just forget about that, I don’t want too many people to know.” Ling Chen said.

Azure Dragon’s mayor nodded his head and started smiling: “Strong but not cocky, very good. If that’s the case then I won’t have people publicize this. Although I think I need to tell Forgotten City’s emperor about this matter, he will definitely be very interested. Although you can relax, since you are unwilling he naturally will not announce this matter either. Letting him know your name earlier will have a great benefit towards you gaining a foothold in Forgotten City.”

Ling Chen nodded his head and did not oppose, instead directly asking: “Mr. Mayor, I heard that recently you’ve had some troublesome problems? I wonder if there’s anything I can help with?”

Azure Dragon’s mayor was dazed for a moment and then Ling Chen saw that a fleeting light seemed to flash across his eyes for an instant. Azure Dragon’s mayor slowly nodded his head: “There is indeed, moreover this matter has made me sleepless for this period of time. Are you willing to listen to me explain this matter and then help me?”

Ling Chen nodded his head… No shit, the reason he came here was to accept this quest of the mayor’s, how could he refuse.

“In truth I originally wouldn’t hand this matter over to you players because with the strength of you players it is simply impossible to complete. But… “ Azure Dragon’s mayor stared straight at Ling Chen, his gaze filled with hot steamy passion: “You are the person that passed War God’s trial, you are a peerless prodigy that Forgotten Continent has yet to see in 1000 years! Being able to create the miracle of passing War God’s trial, maybe… You really can help me. In addition, what makes me most at ease is that even if you players die you can also revive right away and your level just drops by 1. So I don’t even really need to worry about your safety.”

The corner of Ling Chen’s lips twitched… He has the “protection” of Lunar Scourge, after he dies his level doesn’t just drop by one level, dying once his level will directly return to zero! All of his hard work will go down the drain. For players there is simply no punishment more cruel than this. Although he didn’t interrupt, continuing to listen to Azure Dragon’s mayor talk.

“Sigh,” Azure Dragon’s mayor let out a long sigh and then started to explain: “Speaking of it this matter is very easy, it’s just finding an item, but it is also incredibly difficult. Just one month ago when my youngest son was in the Black Forest training, he encountered the attack of a powerful Lord monster the Green-Eyed Mosaic Snake. Even though he escaped with his life he was bitten by the Green-Eye Mosaic Snake. There are extremely few Green-Eyed Mosaic Snakes, reportedly the number of Green-Eyed Mosaic Snakes on Forgotten Continent will not surpass 10. It is a type of extremely scary venomous snake, if you are bitten by it once you will definitely die if the venom is not cured on time. And there is only one thing that can cure the Green-Eyed Mosaic Snake’s venom, it’s name is called Black Flame Grass.”

Black Flame Grass… Ling Chen remembered this name.

“Black Flame Grass is a type of very special and also very recognizable herb. It is only a dozen centimeters tall, its entire body is pitch black and it’s shape is like burning fire. Its numbers are very few, only existing in places that are dark all year round. And currently there is only one place in the entirety of Forgotten Continent that is known to have Black Flame Grass… That is place located at the most eastern part of Forgotten Continent called ‘Silent Soul Ridge’. Silent Soul Ridge is located about 200 miles east of Azure Dragon City, and that is one of the forbidden areas for humans on Forgotten Continent. Silent Soul Ridge’s sky is dark all year round, this is something that everyone on Forgotten Continent knows, but nobody knows why. Some say that countless bones are buried there thus creating numerous undead, driving away the light there. There are also some that say there is a powerful demonic beast of darkness hiding there. Its darkness aura covered the sky, but they are all guesses, nobody dares to approach the place to find the real answer… Because of the people that have entered Silent Soul Ridge there has never been a person that could come out alive. Never!”

Ling Chen: “…”

“Silent Soul Ridge also gained its name from this. Once you get close you will turn into an undead as one of the wisps of silence there. These few days to find Black Flame Grass for my son I have sent a total of three waves of fearless expert bodyguards over… On the way we’ve always been maintaining communication, but once they reach Silent Soul Ridge communication will be entirely cut off and then there will be no word of them. They… clearly all died there. After three waves I didn’t dare to send people again to go die there, but Black Flame Grass and my youngest son’s venom, sigh…”

“You want me to take a trip to Silent Soul Ridge and then bring back Black Flame Grass?” Ling Chen understood what the quest is that Azure Dragon’s mayor is about to give to him.

“Yes! I bid you, you have to help me. Right now it is also only you this kind of person that has enough strength and does not need to worry too much about death that can help me. My youngest son’s venom has been controlled at the moment, but if one month passes and we still don’t have the Black Flame Grass then his venom will completely act up, at that time he will die for sure. So please, you have to help me go to Silent Soul Ridge and get the Black Flame Grass before one month. If you succeed I will definitely greatly repay you!!” Azure Dragon’s mayor said seriously and emotionally.

“Ding… You have triggered the quest ‘Looking for Black flame Grass’, Quest Description: Go to Silent Soul Ridge, obtain Black Flame Grass and give it to Azure Dragon’s mayor. Quest Type: Unique Hidden, Quest Time Limit: 1 month, Quest Reward: Unknown. Quest Penalty: Fame drops to 0, Azure Dragon’s mayor’s favorability towards you will greatly decrease, from then on you cannot accept any quests in Azure Dragon City, do you accept?”

“Ding… Warning. This quest’s difficulty is extremely high, with your current strength it is Entirely Impossible’, if you accept there is an extremely high probability of facing the cruel failure penalty, please consider carefully.”

Facing Azure Dragon’s mayor’s eager gaze and the notification sound by his ears Ling Chen fell silent.

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