Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 85

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Volume 1 Chapter 85: Ruo Ruo Loves Chen

“Dr. Ma, can Ruo Ruo touch virtual reality games in her current condition?”

“Looking at her current condition it is entirely okay. The current virtual reality worlds have already become extremely perfect and humane, just like the current ‘Mystic Moon’. After entering the game the exhaustion of a person’s mind is incredibly small, practically approaching a state of slumber. So even if a person is immersed inside 24 hours a day they only need to replenish the necessary nutrients on time and it will not have a big influence on the human body. Right now even though Ruo Ruo has yet to fully recover, staying in the game 8 hours a day is entirely no problem.”

“Okay, thank you Dr. Ma.”

“You’re welcome. Actually, you already don’t need to protect her like she’s a porcelain doll. Letting her exercise more and training her mind will instead help her recover faster. Also… Do your best to satisfy her requests… What I mean is, if she’s in a good mood it is very beneficial to recovery of her body and mind

“Ok, I know.”

“Ya!!” Seeing Ling Chen hang up the phone, Ling Shui Ruo made a victory sign with her hand while laughing: “Brother, this time it’s my win!”

“Fine.” Ling Chen helplessly shrugged his shoulders, but he was actually warmly laughing in his heart. Because this at least proves that Ling Shui Ruo’s mind has indeed already recovered very well. He took out Shui Ruo’s game device — It is an aqua blue coloured crystal bracelet. Pulling over Shui Ruo’s smooth soft hand he gently put it onto her white wrists. Shui Ruo’s skin is overly snow-white and delicate, everytime when Ling Chen touches her skin he will always be very careful, afraid of hurting her.

Ling Shui Ruo lifted her hand looking at the beautiful game device on her wrist, smiling happily. Like this she can also accompany him at all times in the other world.

“But you need to remember, you can’t go past 8 hours a day.”

“I know brother.” Ling Shui Ruo stuck out her pink tongue, a casual playful action yet it was so cute that it made Ling Chen dazzled.

“Then, Ruo Ruo, what class are you going to choose?”

“Brother is a profession that mains attack, of course I’m a priest. Like this brother will be able to reassuredly fight at the front and I can protect brother from the back…Always being protected  brother, I also want to protect brother once.”

“Ok, priest… Then what name does Ruo Ruo prepare to use?”

“This… is a secret!”

Closing the door he lied together on their big bed with Shui Ruo. The first time they will enter the game world together. Ling Chen looked at the girl sticking beside him with her eyes closed, for him her smiling face will always the the most valuable thing and most beautiful scenery in the world… There is nothing more valuable than Shui Ruo’s smiling face. The him today is honestly really happy.

His hand pressing on the game device, after a short silence Ling Chen had already returned to the game world.

“Ding… Welcome to the Mystic Moon world, we hope you have a joyful experience.”

Ling Chen appeared in a location very close to the Hall of Heroic Souls, this is also the place where he logged out yesterday. He directly ran in the direction of the class change hall.

Since Ling Chen appeared in Azure Dragon City until know, there still hasn’t been a second player who has entered the class change hall. In the later stages levels will be gradually pulled apart due to profession, gear, skills, items and other various aspects, but at the early stage where everyone has the exact same starting point, pulling apart such a great distance is indeed a bit exaggerated. The class change hall was desolate, it was still only just those seven class trainers. They saw Ling Chen come in and immediately surrounded him like wolves that hadn’t eaten meat for hundreds of years.

“Take me to go see the mayor?” Ling Chen said straight to the point.

Azure Dragon City is very big, there are countless NPCs inside, and on these countless NPCs there definitely also hides countless tasks of all sorts. But the rewards given by these regular quests that can be directly accepted are also naturally some regular rewards… Either potions or money or experience. More generous ones will give low grade energy crystals or low grade equipment. These things have a great allure towards regular players, for them doing quests is a lot more important than farming and leveling up. But with Ling Chen’s current equipment he clearly isn’t foolish enough to waste a bunch of time to go earn those non essential rewards.

The location of the mayor’s residence is slightly north of the center of Azure Dragon City and is a forbidden area towards players. If there wasn’t someone special leading him Ling Chen simply would not be allowed to enter.

And so, the class trainers with nothing to do brought Ling Chen over to the mayor’s residence. These seven class trainers are evidently famous people within Azure Dragon City, the line-up of the seven trainers leading a youngster walking on the streets of Azure Dragon City also stood out quite a lot. Bearing the gazes of countless people they finally arrived in front of the door of the mayor’s residence. The warrior trainer took a step forward, saying towards the city guards guarding there: “Please notify the mayor, just say the the first otherworld person has already arrive and has obtained the strength inheritance from the Hall of Heroic Souls. We’ve already brought him to see the mayor.”

The gazes of the city guards guarding at the of the door immediately all focused on Ling Chen, their faces revealing a deep admiration and respect. People that can obtain the Hall of Heroic Souls’ strength inheritance are all once in a hundred year geniuses. After they mature they are all reputed figures. The expression of the city guards immediately became respectful, nodding his head he quickly entered the mayor’s residence. In a bit he then hastily returned, saying towards them: “The mayor said he only wants to see this player that passed the Hall of Heroic Souls’ trial and told me to tell the seven trainers to keep post and not to casually leave. This hero from another world, please follow me.”

The seven class trainers immediately all became awkward, only able to stare at Ling Chen walk into the mayor’s residence by himself.

The mayor’s residence is by no means a place that regular players can enter, but people with strong talent and ability will always enjoy special treatment no matter where they go. Azure Dragon City’s mayor once specially told the seven class trainers that if they meet a very gifted player then they can let him enter the Hall of Heroic Souls… If the person can obtain the strength inheritance of the Hall of Heroic Souls then directly bring the person over to see him. Even though the power ranking of players is very low, but due to their massive numbers and the gift to not truly die they are undoubtedly an extremely massive force, Forgotten Continent naturally will not look down on them. Towards the super geniuses among them, they will also use all kinds of methods to pull them in. When necessary they could play a great role.

“Please wait for a moment, the mayor will arrive right away.” The city guard brought him to a quite lavishly decorated reception hall, politely saying. He then retreated a few steps, leaving after saluting him.

The reception room is spacious and grand, in the steadiness there is a bit of a modern era atmosphere. Out of courtesy Ling Chen did not sit down. Walking to the middle and standing there he silently waited for the arrival of the Azure Dragon mayor. Being able to see Azure Dragon City’s highest ranking NPC after just arriving at Azure Dragon City could also be considered a relative honour.

“Brother, can you hear?”

A sweet soft voice rose up from the communication device. Ling Chen immediately lifted his left arm, looking towards the name shown on the communication device…

Ruo Ruo Loves Chen.

Ling Chen smiled, smiling exceptionally gently. He put his lips close to the communication device, softly saying: “Ruo Ruo, are you at the novice village already?”

“Ya! And it’s novice village number 49554, the same novice village as brother!” Ling Shui Ruo’s voice had a deep happiness in it. She was just this easily satisfy, being able to be so happy just by being placed in the same novice village as him.

“Haha, because the hearts and fates of me and Ruo Ruo are always closely connected, being placed in the same novice village is not strange at all.” Ling Chen said with a smile. For the first time he was upset about why he left the novice village so early, or else he could bring around Ruo Ruo and do quests together, farm and level up together, and then leave the novice village together, change classes together… How beautiful of a thing would that be. Right now it’s only her in the novice village. Since after him and Ling Shui Ruo met, virtually at all times she had him at her side. Now having her by herself and also being an exceedingly beautiful beauty, it honestly made him unable to relax.

“Hee… Brother, there’s so many people here, and a lot of people are staring at me. I’m a little scared, what should I do?”


With Ling Shui Ruo’s beauty and charisma, no matter where she goes she will always be the focus of all eyes. Ling Chen’s expression became a bit cold, his voice still gentle: “Go to the second little house in the novice village first, that is the novice village’s item shop. Then look for the item shop’s Shopkeeper Wang and ask for a mask. After you get the mask wear it, this way people won’t be able to recognize you, lest some one sets their eyes on my Ruo Ruo. And then go find the village chief, he will tell you some basic knowledge of the game world. Remember to finish listening to everything he says, if there’s something you don’t understand you also have to carefully ask him, he will be very happy to tell you. After he finishes saying everything there will also be an additional reward, and then after that…”

Ling Chen told Ling Shui Ruo in great detail about some processes that she needs to go through at the novice stage, he then talked about some things that she needs to pay attention to… Like absolutely not going near that room in the innermost of the novice village and stuff like that. After talking for quite some time their call finally ended. Ling Shui Ruo carried a heart full of curiosity and jogged towards the item store under the stunned gazes of countless male and female players who were like they’d seen an angel. As for on Ling Chen’s side, the mayor still hadn’t come over.

Walking to a corner of the reception hall, Ling Chen picked up the communication device putting it at his lips, using an extremely low voice saying: “Ghost Fang, is it convenient for you to speak?”


“At novice village number 49554, how many people are there?”


“Let all the people there secretly protect a girl called ‘Ruo Ruo Loves Chen’, you know who she is. Note, it’s secretly protect, you cannot be discovered by her and especially cannot disturb her. But when necessary, like when she encounters danger then you can act as a passerby to give her help. Also, whoever wants to violate her, no matter who they are, directly kill them, no need to say anything.  If someone makes her frightened or even a tiny bit hurt, find their real life identity… Cut them to pieces and feed the dogs!” (TL: This is not a joke…. Although it doesn’t happen.)


The communication device hanging up, Ling Chen also retracted his ice cold gaze. He lifted up his arms, silently staring at them.

It’s already been many years… Since after meeting Ruo Ruo I have never killed a person again, the people that I’ve wanted to kill have all been through the hands of others.

Because, these hands of mine that have hugged Ruo Ruo and touched Ruo Ruo’s body, how can they be stained with blood again. And how can I allow hands stained with blood, to go hug and touch my Ruo Ruo that is more kind and pure than even an angel.

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