Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 71

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Volume 1 Chapter 71: Undead Zephyr Bird

After the sword page boy died, Xiao Hui happily ran over preparing to devour the corpse. But before he could start the sword page boy’s corpse gradually dissipated like an illusion, making Xiao Hui release a series of blue whimpers. In the first place the sword page boy was a dead undead, dying again it will directly dissipate. But when it dissipated, the silver sword in its hand and the golden bracers on its arms fell down. When Ling Chen took back Soaring Cloud he also used his fastest speed to pick them up. Without the time to look at their stats he directly threw them into his bag and then turned around, focusing his eyes on the Undead Zephyr Bird and spear page boy that had already come upon him.

The Undead Zephyr Bird’s speed was incredibly fast, when Ling Chen had just turned around it was only a distance of a few meters away from him. Soul Sacrifice’s effect had not disappeared, right now Ling Chen’s attack is explosively high but his HP is only 1. If he is just lightly touched once he will die… Under the effect of “Heaven’s Jealousy” if he dies, his level will directly drop to 0!

So no matter what he cannot allow himself to die!

Facing two Lord bosses in a 1 HP state and also in an extremely dangerous environment, even if its him he is also faced with extremely great pressure… But it is also only him that has the possibility to win!

His gaze tightly focusing on the Undead Zephyr Bird and spear page boy that approached at the same time, he silently calculated their distance. A long sharp cry rose up and the Undead Zephyr Bird’s diving speed suddenly increased, its sharp beak stabbing straight towards Ling Chen’s skull like a sharp bayonet. Ling Chen’s pupils widened, his body abruptly shifting to the side. He did not move towards the direction the sword page boy from before appeared but instead dodging in the direction of the approaching spear page boy… A howling wind swept by, narrowly flying past Ling Chen’s body the Undead Zephyr Bird hit the bridge causing it to sway wildly. If not that his balance was good enough, this swaying would have been enough to throw Ling Chen off the bridge. Ling Chen’s body lowered, his body as if nailed onto the bridge… He may have evaded the Undead Zephyr Bird’s diving attack, but his position after dodging placed him in the middle of the Undead Zephyr Bird and the spear page boy. A human and a beast attacking from two directions, he will have no place to run.


Beside the ears of Ling Chen who had just avoided the Undead Zephyr Bird travelled over a slight piercing wind sound. The sound of wind rapidly closed in carrying a fatal sense of danger. Without even thinking he tightly held onto the bridge with one hand, his body suddenly lying down, his stomach tightly sticking to the surface of the bridge… Instantly, a silver light shot past over his back… That was the silver spear that the spear page boy threw! Spear throwing, this is one of the signature attack methods of spear type weapons!

Throwing out the spear, a flash of silver light and another identical spear had already reformed in the spear page boy’s hand. This scene made Ling Chen startled. Sure enough, in the next instant the spear page boy that got close stabbed towards him who was lying on top of the bridge.

With his current posture, dodging this rapid stab is extremely difficult. Ling Chen bit his teeth, using all of his strength to flip over, Soaring Cloud in his right hand rapidly whipping out. In his dim eyes flashed an extremely bright light for an instant.


That incredibly short, fleeting parrying judgement point triggering, the spear page boy’s spear struck Soaring Cloud, being firmly parried by Soaring Cloud. And it is also at this instant that the Undead Zephyr Bird’s second attack arrived from the other direction. A mass of deadly wind swirled around its body quickly forming.

Being caught in the middle, he did not have anywhere to retreat to. Ling Chen did not panic, in the first place dodging to the center of the two enemies was something that he deliberately did.

“Moon… Shadow!”

With a whisper, the black bracelet on Ling Chen’s right hand revealed its true Lunar Scourge appearance in an instant. A mass of strange light that you couldn’t say whether it was bright or dark shot out from Lunar Scourge. Under the light reflected the shadows of all of the surrounding objects and beings. And those shadows looked overly dim, like the shadows had been covered with another shadow.

The world, seemed to have completely frozen at this moment.

The bodies of the Undead Zephyr Bird and spear page boy all became unmoving. The swirling wind around the Undead Zephyr Bird’s body that was about to be complete dissipated on its own. Ling Chen jumped up from the ground, two “Full Power Strikes” smashing towards the Undead Zephyr Bird at the same time. With his current peak attack state, if these two attacks hit they will be able to get rid of a large chunk of the Undead Zephyr Bird’s life. The reason that he purposely moved to the middle of the two enemies just now was to make the effect of Moon Shadow able to simultaneously envelop the spear page boy and the Undead Zephyr Bird. Under the effect of Moon Shadow, their shadows along with their bodies will be forcibly frozen for 5 seconds.

5 seconds, is enough to determine victory!

Miss, Miss!

Two incredibly powerful attacks, hitting out two big “Misses”. Ling Chen was surprised for a moment, in his mind flashing by that “extremely high dodge ability” line in the Undead Zephyr Bird’s description. Making a prompt decision he immediately turned around, another two “Full Power Strikes” slashing towards the spear page boy.

-2328, Miss.

Even though the spear page boy is also a LV15 Lord, its dodge ability clearly cannot compare to the Undead Zephyr Bird’s. Ling Chen roughly estimated, his current hit rate for his attacks on the spear page boy should be 50% and above. He raised his arms again, his two arms using the quickest speed to release “Full Power Strike”, heavily cutting at its body. Under the status of Soul Sacrifice, as long as it hits it will deal a 4-digit damage for sure!

Miss, -2409, -4792, Miss, -2388, -4804!

Four rounds of attack, 8 Full Power Strikes under the Soul Sacrifice state, 5 hits, two criticals… At the instant that the last round of Full Power Strikes landed and the effect of Moon Shadow disappeared, the spear page boy’s HP was cleared by the second critical hit. Falling over while maintaining the previous stabbing position, its body disappeared leaving behind the silver spear in its hands and the silver robe on its body.

And at this time, the Undead Zephyr Bird had already regained freedom. Ling Chen’s pressure did not weaken at the slightest, because for him it is this big bird that is the greatest trouble. Soul Sacrifice’s effect still hadn’t ended… With his current vitality, under a full HP state he should be able to tank one attack from this Undead Zephyr Bird and not die, but under the current Soul Sacrifice state he will unquestionably die if he is swept by any random attack.

Chirp~~~ (TL: That’s right, that’s what mighty birds sound like. Jks aside, I honestly don’t know how to translate all this Chinese onomatopoeia so if it seems unfitting sometimes… yeah…)

In the long cry, the Undead Zephyr Bird had already returned to the air, circling above Ling Chen’s head. This kind of creature that can fly is undoubtedly what close combat professions don’t want to see the most. As long as they don’t fly down on their own, no matter how strong of an attack they possess they can only stare helplessly.

Ling Chen looked up partially, tightly grasping Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud he concentrated his focus, waiting for the chance when it dives down to attack.


After circling around in the air four rounds the Undead Zephyr Bird finally abruptly dived down, swift like a preying eagle. Ling Chen’s eyes flashed, instantly determining its direction of diving and landing point, his legs applying force and then jumping backwards… Immediately, the Undead Zephyr Bird’s diving attack missed,  hitting the bridge and causing the already crumbling bridge to shake wildly.

Ling Chen’s feet staggered, he used his incredible balance to forcibly steady his body. In the process of steadying his body, he slashed out two Full Power Strikes.

Miss, Miss!

Ling Chen: “…”

The Undead Zephyr Bird turned around on the bridge, with a cry its two wings started to rapidly flap, large amounts of wind element rapidly gathered with the flapping of wings. Its movements made Ling Chen bolt backwards without any thought.


A horizontal swirl of wind swept forward from the Undead Zephyr Bird’s body, charging straight towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen’s speed quickened a bit more, rapidly sprinting until the front of the barrier at the end of the bridge before the wind swirl finally disappeared behind his back.

Still being able to maintain balance while sprinting so quickly on a softwood bridge, just this is enough to make people awed.

But the danger was not gone. After the wind swirl the Undead Zephyr Bird’s massive body was already sticking to the surface of the bridge and flying over to him at a low level. When its massive wings stretched, its entire body was wider than the bridge by one fold… Behind Ling Chen is the barrier that cannot be crossed, in front is the Undead Zephyr Bird’s body that is blocking all paths forward… This time, he’s truly been pushed into a corner, and his HP… is still only 1.

Do I have to use the Celestial Aqua Scale?

Ling Chen thought frowning, his body closely leaning against the barrier behind him. His right hand was also already grasping the Celestial Aqua Scale that can withstand 5 attacks. Under this kind of circumstance, if he wants to survive then there seems to only be using the Celestial Aqua Scale this one method, but he was also very unwilling. The trial has only just started, in front there are definitely even stronger enemies and greater dangers. If he used it right now… He won’t have anything to rely on later.

While his eyes flickered he suddenly glanced at his feet, his gaze immediately focusing.


The Undead Zephyr Bird’s speed suddenly quickened, its body bringing up a series of wild howling wind charging towards Ling Chen who did not have any paths of retreat. Ling Chen’s eyes narrowed into two thin slits, right at the instant that he was about to be touched by the Undead Zephyr Bird, he suddenly let out a light shout, abruptly jumping to the right.

The Undead Zephyr Bird brutally missed, its body slamming into that white coloured barrer, and Ling Chen’s body also fell down in the sound of the wind… And then, one arm swiftly reaching out, he tightly grabbed onto the very edge of one of the planks, his entire body just hanging on the bridge like that. Afterwards he swung his body backwards, using the momentum and the plank as a leverage point to swing up high, his body drawing a large arc and then hopping onto the plank behind the Undead Zephyr Bird from beneath. After a short moment of fixing his body,  he charged to the back of the Undead Zephyr Bird in the last few seconds before the effect of “Soul Sacrifice” disappeared, Full Power Strike heavily cutting down…

Miss, -2352, Miss, Miss.

Ling Chen’s attack finally hit once. Just one time got rid of 20% of the Undead Zephyr Bird’s HP. The effect of Soul sacrifice also disappeared at this moment.After two rounds of attacks Ling Chen quickly retreated, at the same time as he was retreating he used a yellow potion pulling back his health, frowning as he stared at the Undead Zephyr Bird that had already turned around… The dodge ability of this LV15 Lord is honestly too terrifying. Against this kind of creature that has incredibly high dodge, elementalists that can ignore dodge ability have the easiest time. Archers and assassins that have strong hit ability also will not feel stumped… But for warriors and shield-guards that chase after attack and defence and have low hit ability, they are a nightmare-like existence.

Up to now, his dual two-handed weapons have in total attacked the Undead Zephyr Bird 8 times, but he has only hit once.

Can I only depend of Shooting Soaring Cloud to forcibly hit…

But, on this extremely unstable bridge, it is very likely to make Soaring Cloud fall down the chasm after throwing out Soaring Cloud… This is something that he is absolutely not willing to see.

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