Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 70

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Volume 1 Chapter 70: Soaring Cloud Insta-kill

Ideals are beautiful, but reality is… Ling Chen searched in the plant clusters for a long time but did not find any plant faeries again. Plant faeries are a couple of demonic spirits that developed intelligence relying on the power left behind by War God, they aren’t some sort of official monster. And their numbers are very few, the 5 Ling Chen killed were already all of them.

After searching around this massive garden for a period of time, Ling Chen did not find anything of value and finally moved his feet walking towards the exit. The true trial, should start after leaving this garden. He increasingly felt that this place is War God’s former residence 1000 years ago. Afterwards it was sealed with his strength before he died, becoming his place to test future generations.

Walking out of the garden, the gurgling sound of flowing water travelled into his ears. In front of him appeared a chasm about 50 meters wide, on top hung a 50 meter long, 4-5 meter wide bridge, underneath the bridge is the flowing river water. Everything here was close to the most pristine of nature, making people very easily get lost in this painting of nature and hard to connect this place with the dangerous trial ground. Ling Chen slowed his footsteps, walking forward one step at a time. When he was just about to step on the bridge, a series of barking sounds travelled over. Xiao Hui who was originally running behind him suddenly jumped to his front, blocking in front of him, arching its body and facing the direction of the bridge. Its eyes releasing a light of caution.

Ling Chen’s eyebrows immediately furrowed. He bent his waist, picking up a stone beside his hand and throwing it onto the bridge.


Right at the instant the stone came in contact with the bridge, a white sword aura suddenly shot over from the chasm beneath, hitting the stone. Before the rolling stone could touch the bridge a second time it had already been destroyed into dust.

This bridge… is actually hiding a terrifying sword aura formation!! As long as one steps onto the bridge, large amounts of sword aura will shoot over making it impossible for people to guard against!

This bridge, is the first challenge of the trial? This is truly War God’’s trial, very scary.

How should I pass?


While he was focusing on the bridge, Xiao Hui seemed to have sensed his master’s quandary. With a light call it extended its right paw scratching Ling Chen’s the end of Ling Chen’s pants. After drawing over Ling Chen’s attention it jumped up on the spot once and then charged onto the bridge with a “Fwoosh”.

Fwoosh Fwoosh Fwoosh Fwoosh……….

Everything was like Ling Chen predicted. Where Xiao Hui reached a series of white sword aura would suddenly shoot to. The sword aura’s speed is extremely fast, like a series of white coloured shooting stars… But, Xiao Hui’s speed was even more shocking. Under its full on sprint Xiao Hui’s body brought up a grey shadow and swiftly charged through. All of the sword aura all struck the position that Xiao Hui had just stepped at an instant ago, all of the sword aura being thrown behind it, not a single one could touch its body. After a few seconds, Ling Chen still hadn’t completely reacted and Xiao Hui was already standing at the other side of the bridge, jumping up and down on the spot calling out to him… Very evidently, it wants him to copy the method that it used to charge over.

Ling Chen indeed wanted to directly charge over like it…

But the problem is… Xiao Hui’s movement speed is as high as 300! And his is only a little over 100! If he were to copy Xiao Hui and directly mindlessly charge over, he would be turned into a beehive the moment he stepped onto the bridge.

Standing at the edge of the bridge hesitating for a long time, Ling Chen still did not try crossing, and also could not go try. After a little while he lifted up his head looking left and right, suddenly seeing that not 100 meters to his right, there is another bridge. This bridge also connects both sides, but it looks a bit narrower.

With his movement speed, it is impossible to pass through the sword formation on the bridge. After thinking for a bit he moved his feet walking toward that bridge to the right.

Xiao Hui on the other side crooked its head in puzzlement. Looking at its master leave it then hurriedly charged over. In a short few seconds a grey shadow flitted by and Xiao Hui had already returned behind Ling Chen. Completely treating the sword formation like nothing. That comfortableness made Ling Chen’s teeth slightly itch looking at it.

Standing before the second bridge, Ling Chen just discovered that that this bridge is a lot narrower that that other bridge just before. Its width is only less than two meters and it is formed from wooden planks. The occasional light breeze that blew over made it shake, looking like it could snap at any moment.

Ling Chen picked up a rock testing the bridge. This bridge does not have a sword formation like the bridge before, but Ling Chen’s state of mind did not relax because of that. A bridge with a scary sword formation, a bridge without a sword formation… Maybe anybody would pick the one in front without a sword formation! This seems to be purposely guiding people to walk this bridge… Under this kind of situation, it’s very possible… On this bridge exists danger even greater than that other bridge.

Ling Chen became silent. After a long time he finally moved his feet, carefully stepping onto the bridge. Xiao Hui can easily pass that bridge’s sword formation, but I am unable to! Even if there could be even greater danger in front, I can only walk this path.




His feet stepped on the bridge, bringing up the sound of the wood being tightened and potentially breaking at any moment. That sound made Ling Chen quite rattled. At the same time following him stepping on, the bridge also shook even more severely making it a bit difficult for him to control the balance of his body. Even Xiao Hui behind him also walked unsteadily.


Right when Ling Chen carefully walked to the center of the bridge, Xiao Hui’s shouting suddenly rose up from behind him. Ling Chen’s footsteps immediately stopped. Turning his body his eyes scanned the front and back of the bridge, his alertness rising to the highest. He already understood that when Xiao Hui released this kind of sound, it means that it has detected the approach of danger.


Two white rays of light suddenly flashed at the two ends of the bridge at the same time and then rapidly set up two wide barriers, blocking off the front and back of the bridge.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Two white barriers that fell from the sky sealed off his path of advance and retreat, locking him in on this incredibly unstable bridge that could snap at any moment. Ling Chen focused his eyes looking at those two big barriers, his eyebrows scrunching together… This bridge, sure enough isn’t that easy to pass… And, it is far less simple than just these two barriers.

After the barriers appeared, two virtually identical grey lights flashed in front of the barriers, and then forming to human figures covered in a faint grey glow.

[Sword God’s Page Boy · Sword]: Type: Undead, Level: LV15, Grade: Lord, HP: 15000. The sword page boy of War God’s page boys, has superb sword mastery. After death it carried a portion of Sword God’s will and power, becoming an undead that guards this place.

[Sword God’s Page Boy · Spear]: Type: Undead, Level: LV15, Grade: Lord, HP: 15000. The spear page boy of War God’s page boys, has superb spear mastery. After death it carried a portion of Sword God’s will and power, becoming an undead that guards this place.

The two undead page boys did not have any pauses after appearing, charging at him from two different directions. Right at this time, a screech travelled over to Ling Chen from above. Ling Chen rapidly lifted his head, seeing a massive green coloured bird that appeared at some unknown time, diving straight at him.

[Undeady Zephyr Bird]: Type: Undead, Level: LV15, Grade: Lord, HP: 12000. One of War God’s pets he raised when alive, has sharp eyes, an agile body and extremely strong dodge ability, can manipulate wind elements to attack. Even though it is in an undead state, its body seems to be harbouring a certain mysterious power War God left behind before leaving.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Left, right, upwards… A whole 3 Lord grade bosses!!

This is undoubtedly the strongest line-up Ling Chen has encountered besides the Greedy Giant Toad. Simultaneously facing 3 LV15 Lord bosses, and himself being on a dangerous bridge where he will fall down the chasm if he is not careful. This kind of environment, this kind of opponent… If it was another player here, they would probably choose to directly jump down from here.

With his current ability, there is no pressure facing one LV15 Lord boss, he can also cope with simultaneously facing 2. If it’s three, if he goes all out then it’s also entirely doable. But the pretense is under an ideal environment. In his current circumstance, even facing one LV15 Lord boss is still incredibly dangerous.

He needs to quickly finish off one of them or else if he becomes surround from the left, right and above it will be too troublesome!

Rapidly making a decision in his head, Ling Chen steadied his body and then used his quickest speed to rush straight at the sword page boy.

“Fire of Rage!”

“Soul Sacrifice!”

Under this extremely dangerous situation encountering powerful enemies, he unhesitatingly used “Soul Sacrifice” the impasse skill that places him at the edge of death. He then lifted up Soaring Cloud, throwing it towards the sword page boy that is about to get close to him while running.

“Shooting Soaring Cloud!!”


It has to be a critical hit!!

Like a silver shooting star Soaring Cloud shot over to the sword page boy in a whistling wind, piercing it from its chest and then flying out through its back, accurately sticking slantingly on a wooden plank.


A 5-digit damage value flamboyantly floated up from the sword page boy’s head. The sword page boy’s running body immediately froze, and then weakly fell over… Death!!

This powerful LV15 Lord, was actually directly one-shotted by Shooting Soaring Cloud!

Under the state of Soul Sacrifice, Ling Chen’s attack strength is incredibly terrifying. But even if Shooting Soaring Cloud triggers a critical pierce under this state, it is still impossible for it to deal a damage over 10000… The reason it was able to, is because that damage number at the instant the sword page boy was killed, was black!

In Shooting Soaring Cloud’s skill effect, that 1% chance of triggering instant death!

For Ling Chen this was undoubtedly an unexpected great surprise, the initially three enemies became 2 in an instant. Even though it’s just one less, his pressure has decreased by multiple fold. Originally if he were to be caught in the middle, he would have no places to dodge. Now, the direction of the sword page boy has left him abundant movement space.

After the sword page boy fell, the spear page boy and the Undead Zephyr Bird had also already arrived. Ling Chen ignored them, using his fastest running speed charging straight to Soaring Cloud and then pulling it out from the wooden plank. With the current situation there is a very big risk using Soaring Cloud, because if he does not control well the landing point, Soaring Cloud will fall down the chasm below. Without Soaring Cloud, that will be the equivalent of him losing an arm, his strength will be greatly reduced.

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