Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 56

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Volume 1 Chapter 56: Shura’s Legend (I)

“Here, take this. This is a badge symbolizing courage and honor, and only you are qualifed to have it. It will bring you great luck if you equip it,” said the chief as he handed the badge to Ling Chen.

[Proof of Courage]: Type: Badge, Grade: None, Equipment Requirements: The first to leave Novice Village, cannot be traded, and will disappear if thrown away. Gifted to the first player to leave the Novice Village as a marker of honor, Attributes: Luck+1, Comprehension+1.

So it was a badge…and it even adds Luck and Comprehension!

Although it’s not impossible to raise Luck and Comprehension, it is still a very difficult thing to do. Even increasing them by one is difficult because they are innate attributes. They will not change with one’s level or job class, and normal equipment will definitely not add to innate attributes. Luck and Comprehension will only improve with unique rewards that are only obtained by completing ‘special tasks’. However the chances of getting a ‘special task’ are very small, and the majority of the players will never get such an opportunity, even if they do, they still might not be able to complete the task.

For instance, this badge that adds one to both Luck and Comprehension, is something that solely the first player to leave the Novice Village can obtain.

“Thank you Chief,” Ling Chen politely replied as he took the badge and equipped it. However, he was still confused….it is said that this badge is only awarded to the first player to leave the Novice Village, but he has technically not yet left the Novice Village. Nevertheless the chief has already given the badge to me…is he not afraid of me just suddenly deciding to not go?

“Ha, ha, you truly deserve this badge. And yes, the place that you will be transferred to will be one of the main five cities of the Forgotten Continent, the Dragon City. When you get there, you should go meet the city chief and when he sees your badge he might be willing to give you some special tasks. So, do you want to leave for the Forgotten Continent right now? This is external region, it is not on the same area of the Forgotten Continent. So if you chose to leave here, then you will never be able to come back. It is best for you to complete any unfinished tasks you have here before leaving. I believe that even if you chose to go tomorrow, you will still be the first to leave Novice Village,” said the smiling chief.

After thinking for bit, Ling Chen asked: “chief, after hearing you talk about the Forgotten Continent, is it alright for me to ask a few question about that place?”

Nostalgia reflected upon the chief’s face as he started to state: “Yes, I have been to the Forgotten Continent when I was young, and I have completed my lifelong wish of traveling across it, but some things that happened in my later years has made me inclined to come here. You are the first to leave here, so ask whatever you want. I am very willing to answer all your questions.”

Nodding his head, Ling Chen asked: “What kind of place is the Dragon city?”

“The Dragon City is to the East of the Forgotten Continent, it is one of the five main cities of the Forgotten Continent. The five main cities are the Azure Dragon city of the east, the White Tiger city of west, the Vermilion Bird city of the south, the Black Tortoise city of the north, and the Forgotten city at the center. The land of the Forgotten Continent is extremely vast, and along with the five main cities, there are countless other cities, towns, and villages scatters across the land like stars in the night sky. And of course all of this is human territory. The power of humans is not very substantial, their strength is no where near that the the Beast clan, and it can not even be compared to the Ocean clan. But humans are able to obtain a land that is as vast as the Forgotten Continent in the world of Mythic Moon is because of two reasons: one, the human intelligence, and two, the protection of the Moon God Clan. And because of this reason, humans have developed an eternally unwavering faith in the Moon God Clan. After all, it is only due to the existence of the Moon God Clan which can oppress the ancient demons. Young one, you who come from a another world may not be able to understand our faith in the Moon God Clan, but when you get to the Forgotten Continent, or anywhere outside, do not say anything that would disrespect the Moon God Clan. And don’t do anything that would offend the Moon God Clan. Or else you will be dislikes and you may be ostracized.”

Ling Chen: “….”

Unintentionally, he took a brief look at the Luna Chain on his wrist. Tao Tie told him that to wear the Lune Chain was the same as to become the sworn enemy of the Moon God Clan. This was a fact that he can never hope to change.
But to become an enemy of the Moon God Clan was equivalent as to becoming the enemy of all of the Forgotten Continent!

The chief continued speak with an unchanging face: “The Dragon city that you will sent to is the most comfortable city of the Forgotten Continent, the people there are very passionate and friendly. The monsters in that area are also very weak, I believe you will definitely like it there. The Dragon city is rumored to be protected by the mysterious god Azure Dragon, which is part of the legendary mysterious god beast, so there are few things in this world that can threaten the peace of the Dragon city. And the other four cities also have the protection of their legendary guardians that they are named after. The Tiger city has the mysterious god White Tiger, the Bird city has the mysterious god Vermilion Bird, the Tortoise city has the mysterious god Black Tortoise, the central Forgotten city is protected by the strongest of the five saint destroyers of the Forgotten Continent—–the Kirin!”

“Five Saint Destroyer….There are five saint destroyers on the Forgotten Continent?” Ling Chen said with shock in his voice.

“Yes,” the chief responded while nodding his head: “saint destroyers are not only the strongest on the Forgotten Continent, they are at the top ranks of this world as well. The power held by these five saint destroyers can not be rivaled by any.”

“Who are the five?”

“One is the Kirin, it is one the first creatures said to be birth in the Mythic Moon, it symbolizes prosper and protection, and it holds the strongest holy powers in this world. The other guardians of the four cities, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, all have to obey its orders. It is also the most peaceful of the five saint destroyers. Rumor states that it is somewhere within the Forgotten City, but no one has seen it yet. Two is the Jinwu(Golden Crow), which is also called the sun crow, legend states that it is a divine creature birthed by the the sun high in the heavens. It can controls solar flame that is strong enough to incinerate all in this world. It holds the most calamitous abilities in the five sacred beast, but it also has a very fragile lifeforce. At the same time, it is the most fear nemesis of the monsters left by the ancient demon gods. The ten mysterious god beast will all tremble before it. However, there are precarious legends that state that the Jinwu’s root fire has already been extinguished many moons ago, and thus has disappeared in this world. Three is the Void Dragon God, it is part of the strongest species of beast on the Forgotten continent….it is at the top of the dragon clan. Not only does it bear the might that can destroy this land, but it also holds the power of calling upon the whole dragon clan. Even the Moon God Clan does not dare to disrespect it. Four is the divine guardian of the Moon God Clan—the Eight-wing Heaven Tiger. In the past it was the mount of the fierce Moon God, even though it is a beast, it has the same status as the three goddesses of the Moon God Clan Order, Destiny, and Freedom. Rumor has it that with just one roar, it can cause the skies to collapse and the land to split. Five is the king of the Ocean Clan—the Oceanic Rage Shark, it holds a colossal sized body and strength that can not be rivaled. Everything that is in or above the sea is under its control. There is no creature that can cause any threat to its might of the sea. If it is angered, then the whole ocean will turn.”

The chief took a short breath after introducing the five sacred beast of the Forgotten continent, and started again: “ The Kirin, the Golden Crow, the Void Dragon God , the Eight-wing Heaven Tiger, and the Oceanic Rage Shark are the strongest beasts of the Forgotten Continent and the sea surrounding it. They hold indomitable strength and everlasting lives. Their appearance was made possible by many unknown forces, growths, and evolutions. Expect for the Golden Crow, the other four sacred beast should still exist in this world, but the chance of encountering any one of them is extraordinary rare.”

Ling Chen meticulously memorized the names of the five sacred beast and all the other information, then asked: “Do the three goddess of the Moon God Clan also hold the power of Saint Destroyer?”

“Yes,” answered the chief as he nodded his head, “The Order goddess, the Freedom goddess, and the Destiny goddess also hold the top tiers of Saint Destroyer. Although they hold the same appearance as humans, they have already far surpassed human levels. After all the humans’ pinnacle stops at Mysterious God, and no matter how hard a human works they will never even touch a Saint Destroyer. However to get to the level of Mysterious God is already an almost impossible task for humans to complete. Since hundreds of thousands of years have passed, there has only been two or three that have reached the Mysterious God tier in human history. The goddesses bear a bloodline and strength that differs from the human. But it is not only just them, their Moon God messengers also hold powers of the Mysterious God—no, they surpass the Mysterious God level, and can be place in the middle of Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer. Ha, ha, you might feel surprised, but this is all true. The Moon God Clan is indeed omnipotent.”

Ling Chen signed a breath of cold air….The Saint Destroyer strength of the goddesses of the Moon God Clan, even their messengers have strengths that are at least of Mysterious God tier. This was such an almighty strength, in their eyes his power is perhaps even less than that of an ant.

But he who possesses the Lunar Scourge, is fated to become the enemy of the Moon God Clan….

“They could be considered the strongest of human,” Ling Chen inattentively soliloquized.

“Yes, if you view them as humans, then they are indeed the strongest of humans. Humans look up to and worship them, and they shoulder the preservation of all humans within the Forgotten Continent. If humans ever encounter any calamities, they will never abandon them. However they also will never interfere with disputes or wars that happen between humans. From within the ‘humans’, only the Night Demon Clan can oppose them. But the Night Demon Clan never involve themselves in any human activities, their only enemy is the Moon God Clan. It’s almost as if they hold a great vengeance that can never be alleviated towards the Moon God Clan. The Night Demon Clan are very enigmatic, no one knows where they are and why they hate the Moon God Clan. Although we have never seen proof of their existence, we know that they have regularly attacked the Moon God Clan. Thus all humans on the Forgotten Continent and the whole of the Moon God Clan view them as their nemesis. The humans of the Night Demon Clan are also very strong, and everytime they attack they bring great trouble to the Moon God Clan. But still they have never really caused any substantial threat to the Moon God Clan. And there exist no one else in this world that can cause any threat to the Moon God Clan, because that is an inconceivable thing to do….”

Suddenly the chief’s voice slowed, as if he had just remembered something else as a terrible disturbance flickered upon his face. He took a long breath as his voice began to deepen: “If I had to say that there was ever a human that could threaten the Moon God Clan, then there can only be…..Shura!”

“Shura?” Ling Chen said curiously.

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