Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 54

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Volume 1 Chapter 54: Xiao Qi

Picking up Soaring Cloud, Ling Chen put away his two weapons. Taking out the map of the Novice Village and glancing at it, he then started walking towards the north-western direction. Currently what he needs the most is to raise his level to LV10, he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to anything else. If he stayed here there would definitely be wave after wave of people coming to disturb him — For example the Black Flame Alliance just now, right now he can only go look for the territory of other LV10 creatures.

“You are Ling Tian?” Seeing that he is about to leave, Xiao Qiufeng could no longer maintain silence, taking a step forward and asking.

He did not gain any response…  Ling Chen’s footsteps didn’t even have any sort of pause, he didn’t even turn his head around, walking forward in a straight line. In fact, from the very beginning he never even glanced towards them, completely ignoring their existence.

“What an arrogant person!” The lead shield guard of the Battle Alliance said with a frown. The great Xiao Qiufeng taking the initiative to speak to him and yet he didn’t pay him any attention. More than just arrogant, in their eyes his arrogance practically had no limits.

“He has the qualifications to be arrogant.” After not gaining a response, Xiao Qiufeng did not continue to speak, silently watching him leave and then letting out a muffled exclamation: “The vast China truly is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Every year the Heaven Ranking and Earth Ranking will always change, but those few people ranked at the very top almost never change… But this time, a big change might occur to the Heaven Ranking. (TL: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙, the movie generally used as a description of a place saying that it is filled with people of talent. These people of talent can be on the surface or hidden. Hence the crouching and hiding.)

The shield guard was startled and then immediately said unconvinced: “Humph, he only stepped on some kind of dogshit luck and gained a Celestial item, that’s it. If leader had the same equipment destroying him would be easy as pie. His arrogance can only be at this time, when the Heaven Ranking and Earth Ranking experts all start to develop there will be no place for him to be arrogant!” (TL: Stepping on dogshit luck, getting very lucky… I don’t know, there’s most likely some kind of story for this.)

“…” Xiao Qiufeng shook his head: “He is more than just having powerful equipment. Maybe he… is a person even scarier than [Yan Huang Alliance]’s ‘Sword Emperor’ and [The Dark Night]’s ‘Death God’.

Remembering those completely unseeable movements that he used to evade the concentrated arrows and magic attacks, and that backwards parry against the attacks of those two warriors in that kind of dangerous situation… Also that faint feeling that he emitted that made his heart feel an inexplicable chill… Xiao Qiufeng’s heart was entirely unable to calm down, this is definitely not a persons whose strength simply depends on his equipment… Then again, without extremely powerful strength, how could he obtain this kind of equipment that at the novice stage could be considered a cheat.

This person… exactly who is he!

“E…Even scarier than ‘Sword Emperor’ and “Death God’? Th, th… that’s not possible right. They are the world recognised only two SS rank experts in China.” The shield guard said unable to believe Xia Qiufeng’s word.


A series of crisp cries came from behind. Hearing this voice Xiao Qiufeng’s rigid expression eased down, turning around and looking towards that girl girl jogging over.

The girl is 16, 17 years of age, wearing a slightly tight light red apprentice elemental mage robe on her body, outlining her thin waist and perky breasts, showcasing her curvaceous body. What was clearly just an ordinary mage robe, worn on her body had an elegant and refined feeling. Only 16, 17 years of age, but she had clearly developed early, a sexy figure with amazing curves, bright delicate rosy lips, a perfect, straight, delicate nose, long, curled black eyelashes, an unmatched beauty with a stunningness that could throw the world into disorder. Matched with her smooth fair skin and vibrant beauty she had a unique aura of liveliness and a youthful charm.

“Princess.” The arrival of this girl made the eye’s of everyone light up, but then immediately lower their heads and respectfully greet her. Because she is the only daughter of the leader of the Battle Alliance in reality, Battle Alliance’s princess that has gathered the love of everyone since she was little, and also the little sister of the game world’s Battle Alliance’s leader Xiao Qiufeng. Incredibly luckily, this pair of brother and sister were actually placed in the same novice village at the novice stage.

“Didn’t they say that a Lord BOSS appeared? Where is it where is it?” The girl jogged before Xia Qiufeng, lifting her head and looking around the surroundings, her beautiful face filled with excitement… Seemingly never having thought of the scariness of a Lord BOSS.

“Already dead.” Xiao Qiufeng pointed at the corpse of the Gold War Bear that hadn’t disappeared yet.

“Ah? Already dead!?” The girl’s soft lips widened, releasing a series of exclamations: “Woah!! Brother! You guys are really too amazing! Actually dealing with the Lord BOSS so quickly! Truly my most amazing big brother! Oh right right, did it drop anything good, is there anything suitable for me to use. The staff that I’m using is still really basic!”

Xiao Qiufeng: “… We didn’t kill it, it was someone else.”

“Someone else?” The girl paused for a moment, “Is it that someone else stole its ownership… Is it that the other side had more people? Or else how could they beat big brother.”

Xiao Qiufeng shook his head saying with a sigh: “It’s not like that. The reality is that we didn’t even move, that Lord BOSS was killed by a person… just one person, and it was practically an insta-kill.

“Ah?” The girl widened her eyes, her face filled with disbelief. How could there be a Lord BOSS that could be insta-killed by a person.

“This is something that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it with your own eyes. Even though this person’s name has never been heard of before, but from the weapon ranking list and his current mannerism, it doesn’t seem like he will maintain a low profile. If it’s like this then you will know who he is very soon. Qi-Qi, you said this time you don’t want to join Battle Alliance, what’s going on?” Xiao Qiufeng asked with a frown.

The girl called “Qi-Qi” narrowed a pair of beautiful eyes with long, curved eyelashes saying very seriously: “I’ve already promised Mengxin jie-jie to join her “Heart’s Dream” studio!”

Xiao Qiufeng had a short moment of silence before opening his mouth saying: “You should also know that Yun Mengxin has absolutely no hope of winning the bet with her father. Garnering a fortune within 2 years that can match the current Yun family, this is simply fool’s talk. Not to mention her father has even purposely spread out this news, causing everybody to know about it. The Long family also already knows about it, Yun Mengxin will also definitely be isolated and without help because of this. She probably knows herself that there is simply no hope. This insignificantly weak struggle of her is only just that pitiable “intolerance” in her heart. There is absolutely no meaning in you helping her.”

Xia Qi pursed her lips saying defiantly: “I don’t care, I have to help Mengxin jie-jie!”

“I will not interfere with you. But you need to be clear that even if you are there, Battle Alliance will not intervene and help.” Xiao Qiufeng said with a serious expression.

Xiao Qi pursed her lips, holding her arms and saying: “Brother, I’m not an insensible person, of course I won’t allow Battle Alliance to stand at the opposite side of the Yan Huang Alliance. Me helping Mengxin jie-jie is my own personal affair, it has nothing to do with Battle Alliance.”

Xiao Qiufeng: “…”

“Actually we all know that Mengxin jie-jie has no hope of succeeding. But, we will not give up! We all like Mengxin jie-jie, even if we know that it is impossible to succeed we still need to have the courage to fight back and not give up. So, we will use our method to continue working hard! We girls don’t want to be the victims of family benefit! Not only is it just me that thinks like this and is doing so… Su-Su and Mu jie will also join our side!” Xiao Qi gripped tight her little fists, biting her lips and saying firmly.

“Su-Su? Su family’s princess? That Mu jie-jie, could it be…” A hint of surprise flashed across Xiao Qiufeng’s face. He’s seen Yun Menxin before, he believes that she has the ability to steal the souls of men, with that person’s background being so infatuated with her can be considered a normal thing. But who knew that her charm was also so great amongst women. My little sister is willing to leave the Battle Alliance to help her, joining that little studio that is destined to have no future… Even Su family’s eldest daughter and the person call “Mu jie-jie” by Xiao Qi also…

Mu Bingyao — She is the “Ice Heart Demon” ranked 5th on the Heaven Ranking!

But… What they need to face, is the entire Yan Huang Alliance! Because that person, is the leader of the entire world’s biggest guild — the Yan Huang Alliance’s number one seat!



[Little Raccoon]: Type: Beast, Level: LV10, HP: 310, A type of mammal that belongs to the raccoon species, possesses a very developed foot sense, it is accustomed to using its front paws to hunt and attack. Hates gan tsui mian. (TL: 干脆面, gan tsui mian, dried crisp noodles. In China there is something called Little Raccoon Dried Crisp Noodles,小浣熊干脆面 that was apparently crazy popular in schools in the 90s because there were collectible cards of the 108 outlaws from Water Margin, Shui Hu Zhuan.)

On the soft grass a bunch of little raccoons leisurely walked around. They didn’t even have any reaction when Ling Chen walked into their territory, clearly not the attack on sight type of creatures. Ling Chen scanned the surroundings, not seeing the existence of other players he called out his two weapons and charged straight up, cutting towards the little raccoons.

“Fire of Rage!”

Shing! Shing!!

-358, -356, -718…

He charged straight at the most concentrated area of raccoons, a Crescent Slash to the left and right, simultaneously killing four little raccoons. With his current attack strength, under the effect of Fire of Rage he can directly oneshot a little raccoon without even a critical hit with a one hand attack. Both hands together, every round of attack caused a small group of little raccoons to fall down. The temperament of little raccoons is gentle, belonging to the type of creatures that only attacks when attacked, it will not automatically attack if no one attacks it. Therefore against Ling Chen that can insta-kill them, every little raccoon that died didn’t even have the chance to attack.

Just like this, his two hands simultaneously released Crescent Slashes, quickly clearing the HP of one after another little raccoons, he really didn’t feel any pressure at all. The territory of these little raccoons is truly an amazing farming ground, the area is vast and the spawn time is not slow… But the speed that Ling Chen cleared these little raccoons was honestly too shocking. Every dozen minutes Ling Chen’s movements would be forced to stop, waiting for the next wave of little raccoons to appear.

While the majority of players were forming parties and farming LV7 black rabbits or LV8 goblins, who would have thought that there is actually a person going to the territory of LV10 creatures and wreaking havoc by himself, and his efficiency is scarily shocking. One person, practically taking an entire farming map for himself. Under the negative effects of “Heaven’s Jealousy”, Ling Chen’s levelling difficulty was double of other players. But he has the ability to one shot LV10 creatures, has two weapons and has max level skills… His LV9 experience bar was still rising at a relatively rapid speed. (TL: That LV8 goblin is really random)

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