Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 39

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Volume 1 Chapter 39: Spirit Devour


The sudden pain made Ling Chen instantly feel as though he’d fallen into hell. Pain from his body, no matter to what degree he is able to withstand it, not allowing himself to let out a single sound, but the pain that descended upon his body, is from his mind! As if countless needles, countless sharp knives are stabbing and cutting at his soul, that kind of pain is 10, 100 times more cruel than being cut into pieces or being pulled apart by five horses… Ling Chen’s hands held onto his head, howling in pain, his body slowly fell onto the stone counter, no longer able to stand from the pain. (TL: Chinese death penalties in the past)

What is this!! Who can tell me exactly what is happening…

Why does my mind hurt so much… so much that I feel like it’s going to rip apart and be ground into pieces…

Exactly what is happening!!!

The feeling of pain continued, furthermore it is slowly becoming stronger with every second, making Ling Chen’s screams of pain increasingly shrill. This is clearly a game world, it is a virtual game world where bodily pain has been eased to the lowest, where all senses have been adjusted to the most comfortable condition! Why is there such a feeling of pain!! What is making me in pain… what wants to destroy my mind!!

“Aiya, hee, after being quiet for so many years, a person has finally come here. Thinking about it, it seems like I’ve already slept for a very long time… Hm?  How is it a little brother that is this young and doesn’t seem to be very strong?”

In extreme pain, Ling Chen’s mind suffering from a hell-like torture suddenly heard a voice.. a woman’s voice!

This voice gave off the feeling as though it came from the heavens, when it reached his ears, it actually made Ling Chen who was suffering from extreme pain feel numb, as if even his bones had softened a bit. Because this voice is honestly too lovely, just hearing this voice you will truly understand the true meaning of gentle and lovely. Just a few short notes, yet they are practically about to pull out your soul, as if having a magic that can stimulate the nerves of the entire body of men, even women… and their desires.

He difficulty turned his face, using his about to collapse consciousness to control his eyes and look towards the source of the voice… The world before his eyes is so dark, a darkness without any light. This kind of darkness, he should not be able to see anything, but, the figure of a woman clearly reflected into his eyes, allowing him to clearly see her body and face, as if her body was completely isolated from this world of darkness.

The instant he saw her, Ling Chen’s eyes that are filled with pain appeared a moment of sluggishness

That is indeed a woman, a woman of seemingly 20, 30 years of age, yet seemingly also not yet 20. She floated in the darkness, staring at him in interest. Where Ling Chen ‘s gaze fell upon, is a stunning face that is enough to mesmerize the world. Her exquisitely beautiful face, skin white as snow, slightly pursed pink lips that are like a fresh petal, arched eyebrows and stunning eyes revealing an endless charm, making the heart’s of people sway with just a glance.

A body of black clothes like the night, however slightly tight on her body, closely sticking to her proud chest and buttocks, her perky breasts and butt all vividly portrayed. At her waist a black ribbon lightly tied, drawing out a slim waist, accentuating the beautiful form of her body, displaying a perfect S shape, anyone who took a glance would be unable to shift their gaze, they would all be completely stunned.

This is an alluring woman, without any actions she emitted a dream-like graceful beauty and a charming enchantment that is enough to make the world’s men go crazy. Even Ling Chen… who is still under a condition of pain where his mind is practically about to collapse, when seeing her, uncontrollably let his heart sway, unable to believe that the world actually existed such a woman that can emit such an enchanting aura.

“Who… are… you!!”

He bit his teeth, using an unbelievably surprising will to make himself not let out sounds of pain, difficulty squeezing out three words through the gaps of his practically crushed teeth. Before entering here, he is certain that there are no other life forms here… This woman, who is she? Could it be that she was here the whole time?

Hearing his question, the woman’s lips slightly perked. With this smile, her face that was already enough to enchant the world became even more bewitching, an indescribable seductiveness appearing.

“Heehee, suffering from the spirit devourment of Lunar Scourge and still able to speak, you’ve really made this big sister astonished. Aiya, such a handsome little brother, big sister really can’t bear to watch you become a sacrifice, but, it’s you who touched Lunar Scourge yourself. Even if big sister wanted to save you, big sister has no way ne, big sister can only watch you become the sacrifice for Lunar Scourge, hee… Being here for so many years, the outside world should have already forgotten about us, it has indeed reached the time for us to resurface.”

The sound of that voice is not delicate like a young girl’s, it is both mellow and quite lazy, sweet and agreeable but also carrying a natural proudness and seductiveness, making Ling Chen’s heart involuntarily sway, his soul as if wanting to leave his body, following the voice and leaving.

If this woman was born in troubled times, she would definitely be a temptress that could ruin a country, even a dynasty with her every frown and smile.


Who this woman is, he doesn’t know. Lunar Scourge… Is it, the black coloured new moon that is tightly bound to his right wrist?

The pain that I am suffering, is from its devourment? Devourment… it wants to engulf and destroy my mind?

And then, become its offering!?

Exactly what has happened!?

This is clearly a game world, why is this feeling of my soul being sliced and feeling of pain so realistic and intense.

If the mind is destroyed… Then, you are either controlled by another person’s mind, forever becoming a puppet, or you lose all consciousness and become a zombie that has life but no consciousness.

The feeling of engulfment my mind is bearing is not fake… In the beginning what enters the game is the player’s mind? This item called the “Lunar Scourge”, it distinctly wants to devour my mind!

Ling Chen used all of his conviction and will, his struggle becoming more intense in an instant… His forehead and body is covered in droplets of sweat, as if just having experienced a rain storm.

“Oh?” Ling Chen’s suddenly strong resistance made the woman slightly surprised, following that the corners of her lips slightly curved, small ripples appearing in her enchanting eyes: “Little brother, resisting like that will bring about an even scarier punishment from Lunar Scourge ne.”


Right after the woman’s voice finished speaking, Ling Chen’s mouth let out a miserable, gut-wrenching cry that was like it came from hell. His body could no longer maintain even a squatting position, holding onto his head and rolling on the ground in pain. Where his body rolled to, the ground would be completely soaked from his flying sweat.




His cries of pain became increasingly shrill, to the point that even the most cruelest person would be unable to continue listening. The shrill cries of this degree virtually made people unable to imagine exactly what kind of pain he is suffering. His body and face are all completely twisted, twisted to a terrifying degree, his shrill voice also becoming increasingly hoarse…

The woman watched him rolling on the ground in pain with a light smile, listening to the miserable shouts beside her ears that are like they came from hell. And yet, her face of unrivaled beauty did not have any hint of sympathy, instead looking like she is admiring a pleasing scenery. She smiled lightly, letting out a voice as soft as the wind:” Little brother, the consequences of struggling are very scary. Right now, you just need to quietly close your eyes, relax your mind, let yourself fall asleep, then there will be no more pain. Come, listen to big sister’s words, stop resisting, relax your mind, and then you can peacefully sleep, there won’t be any more pain.”


The gut-wrenching screams of pain continued, so shrill that even the air is faintly trembling.

As long as I relax my mind and sleep… there will be no more pain… I can obtain relief…

As long as I fall asleep, I will no longer need to suffer this pain that is 1000, 10000, countless time more terrifying than death…



No!! If my mind crumbles and is devoured… I will become a puppet, become a living corpse!!

At that time, who will take care of Ruo Ruo!! She only has me by her side, her body is so weak, how can she continue to live without me!

I don’t want to sleep… Nobody can even think about destroying my mind!!!




One whole minute passing by, Ling Chen’s distressed cries have already become scarily hoarse. He no longer has the strength to roll around, his body painfully twitching on the ground, the the roars of pain did not stop. His body is shrouded by a black mist, but the entire time it has been unable to intrude into his brain and body.

The black clothed woman’s smile finally became stiff, her charming eyes narrowing, an imperceptible touch of shock flashing across in the depths of her eyes.

This kind of torture, just a few short seconds is enough to make a regular person completely fall apart. That kind of pain, has already surpassed the thresholds of what a human can bear. Even if your will is unbelievably strong, your mind would simply be unable to bear it, it would be crushed in an instant.

Yet an entire minute has passed by and he is still struggling, resisting, not even a sliver of Lunar Scourge’s soul force is able to penetrate.

How can there be a human whose spirit is so strong to such a degree!! This person…

Her red lips opening, the lovely voice slowly coming out: “Little brother, what you’re doing is not good. No matter how tenacious you are, you can not defeat Lunar Scourge. Like this you will only suffer even more pain ne.”

The moment she finished talking, she suddenly saw the convulsing Ling Chen’s cries of pain stop, he… slowly opened a pair of eyes wet with sweat… The black clothed woman’s gaze abruptly shook.

“You… will never… be able… to imagine… the.. pain… and torture… that… I’ve suffered… Those sufferings… and tortures… not a single time could they destroy my body and mind…”

“This bit of pain…. is nothing!!!!!”


A light shock suddenly occurred in the dark world, the black clothed woman’s expression abruptly changed.

Ling Chen eyes at this moment strangely became a red-black colour, his thoughts also returning to that past that he should have forgotten in this turbulent world of darkness…

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