Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 38

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Volume 1 Chapter 38: Black Crescent Moon

This is a space that couldn’t be considered very big. The same walls, but what’s different from the all the other areas is that in the air floated little orbs emitting a light green glow. Ling Chen tried grabbing one with his hand only to discover that these floating orbs don’t have a physical body, but are rather more like glowing air, it’s also these floating orbs that made  the light in this place especially bright.

There are no signs of life here, there even doesn’t seem to be any signs of any being having ever lived here. At first glance, this place appears to be a big hall, the hall is very spacious, only a small stone counter in the middle of the grounds. The stone counter is not even half a meter tall, when Ling Chen looked at the counter, a beam of light seemed to have reflected over for a moment.

This place is?

No fabulous treasure, no life forms, even not able to find any special existence, the only thing that can be seen is a spacious hall and the stone counter in the middle of the hall, this was completely different from what Ling Chen expected.

A place guarded by an ancient mythical beast, how can it just have these things!

Staying silent for a bit, he walked forward, heading for the stone counter in the center.


His feet seemingly stepping on something, Ling Chen stopped his footsteps. Looking downwards, the ground underneath is uneven, where he stepped faintly appeared the shape of a sword hilt.

This is…

Ling Chen immediately crouched down, pushing aside the surrounding rocks. Immediately, a complete sword hilt appeared before his eyes. The sword hilt displays a black colour, on top it is faintly ingrained with extremely complex, blood coloured lines. The entire sword hilt is around 30 centimeters long, its thickness is far greater than a regular sword hilt, its appearance is pretty normal though. When Ling Chen stepped on it a large part of it was slumped in the ground which is why Ling Chen didn’t notice it when he scanned the place earlier.

Could there be a sword hidden here?

Ling Chen’s heartbeat immediately started to quicken… A sword that can be hidden here, even without thinking it’s easy to know that this sword in not an ordinary sword. He extended his arm grabbing the hilt, casually lifting it… And then, his face froze.

Under his pull the sword actually didn’t move at all, as if it was embedded in the ground.

Ling Chen slightly furrowed his brows. He adjusted his position, two hands grabbing the sword hilt, and then suddenly biting his teeth, using all of his strength pull upwards.


Under the effort of his full strength, the black sword hilt finally lifted from the ground, but it only stayed in the air for a short two seconds. After only lifting it up for two seconds Ling Chen was no longer able to maintain his grip, the sword hilt once again falling onto the ground with a “Bam”, and then causing the rigid ground to deeply sink down.

That feeling was not like lifting a small sword hilt, but instead like pulling a thousand tonne boulder.

“So heavy… how can anybody use such a heavy sword.” Ling Chen wiped the sweat on his forehead. The instant the sword hilt lifted off the ground, he saw very clearly that this is not a sword, but just a sword hilt, without any blade. Its appearance may be bigger than a regular sword hilt, but it is still only 30 or so centimeters long, a couple centimeters thick, how can an item of this volume be heavy to such a degree, exactly what is it made of?

In addition, why is there just a sword hilt here. Since there’s a sword hilt, there should be a sword blade… Could it be that this is a sword where the blade was broken off?

Ling Chen once again squatted down, composing himself and looking towards its stats.

[Shura Emperor Sword’s Broken Piece 1]: 10 000 years ago, the world famous “Red Mystical Sword King” because of obsession descended into the way of the Shura, becoming the incarnation of a Shura, the Red Mystical Sword that he wielded after being bathed in the blood of countless life forms changed into the [Shura Emperor Sword]. After becoming a Shura, Red Mystical Sword King’s nature disappeared, from then on his only reason for living was to slaughter, massacring the lives of countless beings, causing the world to fall into chaos. In the end bringing onto himself the punishment of the heavens, befalling the combined judgement of Saint Destroyer beast Void Dragon God and the three goddesses Fate, Order, Liberty, in the end dying under the hands of the 3 goddesses. The 3 goddesses wished to completely destroy the [Shura Emperor Sword] but were unable to, they thus broke it into 5 pieces, scattering them into 5 different directions, making them unable to come back together for eternity.

Ling Chen: “…”

Shura… Emperor… Sword…

This sword hilt is one of the pieces of the Shura Emperor Sword that the 3 goddesses broke?

Who Red Mystical Sword King is, he didn’t know. The concept of a Shura, he also only had a vague idea, only knowing that Shura’s represent arrogance, heartlessness, and bloodlust. But, the Red Mystical Sword King that changed into a Shura actually needed a Saint Destroyer beast and the 3 goddesses to act out judgement together…

What kind of power is that!!

Red Mystical Sword King must have already become a long ago legend… or maybe, 10000 years of time has already passed, maybe on Forgotten continent there doesn’t even exist a person that remembers his name. But… Ling Chen placed his hand on the sword hilt… the sword used by Red Mystical Sword King, is also definitely undoubtedly powerful to an unimaginable degree!

Shura Emperor Sword, is very likely a heavenly item, maybe even a godly item… just its name is revealing a dominating pressure and overpowering sense.


Both hands exerting force, finally lifting it up again, and then quickly putting it his bag when it was completely in his hands.

This is one of the 5 broken pieces of the Shura Emperor Sword… If, by chance there is a day where I can collect all five pieces… will there be a chance to reforge the Shura Emperor Sword?

Strength that requires a Saint Destroyer beast and the 3 goddesses to face… This Shura Emperor Sword produced an irresistible attraction to Ling Chen. Even if he knows that this Shura Emperor Sword isn’t a good sword, but instead a sword of absolute evil that is drenched in blood and sin.

Successfully putting the Shura Emperor Sword broken piece in his bag, Ling Chen continued walking forward. Before he clearly saw that there seemed to be something at the center of the stone counter. Its reflecting light also flashed at his eyes.

The sound of footsteps was particularly clear in this overly quiet space, Ling Chen walked in front of the stone counter and stopped his footsteps. This is a smooth stone counter, it should have existed here for a very long time, but strangely the stone counter doesn’t have a speck of dust on it and is as bright as a mirror. Only in the center is placed a standing black ring.

This ring is…

Ling Chen did not rashly use his hands to touch it, instead bending his waist, examining it from a closer distance, only then discovering that this is not a standard ring. Tts size is about double of the metal bracelet he is wearing, one side is about 1 centimeter thick, and then from the thickest part it starts to become thinner on both sides, when it spreads to the opposite side of the thickest part, it’s already become a thin, almost unseeable line. At first glance, it seems as though an opening has appeared.

Looking at it from the cross section, it’s like a crescent moon at the beginning of the new moon cycle. A black new moon.

Ling Chen’s looked at it from a different angle, looking at it from the side… This ring has a width of almost 2 centimeters, at the thickest position, there are three holes of the same size closely together, at the two sides, there are also a series of small holes evenly spreading across… Ling Chen counted the holes, from the thickest to thinnest place, the two sides are each distributed 6 holes, along with the 3 at the thickest area… There are a total of 15 holes.


This made Ling Chen unable to help but think of Luna Chains. Luna Chains also have holes spread out on them, and this black crescent moon shaped ring can also be worn as a bracelet. Although Ling Chen was just randomly thinking about it. Of course he wouldn’t think that this is a Luna Chain. The Village Chief said that the strongest Luna Chain that appeared on Forgotten continent had seven slots, which also means that seven is already the limit… No matter what the 15 holes of this black crescent moon can’t have anything to do with Luna Chains.

But something that can be placed here is definitely not an ordinary item.

What exactly is this…

Focusing his eyes, Ling Chen lowered his head looking towards its stats:


The information that came from his head made Ling Chen a bit dazed. This black new moon is clearly in front of his eyes, yet he cannot see any attributes.

What’s going on?

Could it be that it has an attribute to hide its information, only its owner can check it out?

At once, Ling Chen extended his hand, grabbing towards the black crescent moon shaped ring, his fingers, under a slow movement touched the side of the ring.


Right at the instant when Ling Chen touched the crescent moon ring, a mass of incredibly dark light suddenly released from the crescent moon ring, like night had suddenly descended, instantly covering all of the light in this space. Ling Chen’s pupils immediately enlarged, the world abruptly changed, the world of light before turning into complete darkness in an instant. This is a darkness without any impurity, without any light, a terrifying darkness. Since he was just a child he had experienced so much darkness, countless days of complete darkness, but he never knew, that the colour black could actually be so deep, so thoroughly black.

What’s going on??

What’s happening!?

The black crescent moon that his fingers touched disappeared, following the senses of his right hand, making him feel like it floated up on its own, and then quickly passing through his hand, tightly binding onto his right hand wrist…

“Ding… Your Luna Chain ‘Metal Bracelet’ has been completely destroyed by an unknown force, completely disappeared.”

“Ding. Your energy crystal ‘Beginner Critical Crystal’ has been destroyed completely destroyed by an unknown force, completely disappeared.”

“Ding. Your energy crystal ‘Beginner Strength Crystal’ has been destroyed completely destroyed by an unknown force, completely disappeared.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

What’s going on? Who can tell me what is happening?

Ling Chen’s left hand rapidly grabbed toward his right wrist, sure enough the metal bracelet that was socketed with 2 energy crystals had disappeared. On his right wrist, what he is currently wearing is another ring shaped item… Its shape, is clearly that crescent moon shaped black ring!


At the same time, a feeling of pain as if being cut by a thousand blades came from the depths of his consciousness, making his body abruptly freeze, his mouth letting out a scream of incredible pain…

Moon God Bracelet -> Luna Chain

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