Shen Mu – Volume 2 Chapter 5

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Volume 2 Chapter 5: Dragon Rider

After Xianhuan Continent and Mohuan Continent merged together, eastern martial study, Daoist arts, western battle qi, and magic all collided intensely. Vital qi against battle qi, Daoist magical weapons against magic, sword qi and battle qi raged haphazardly across the battlefield. The might of Daoist magical weapons and magic dazzled and flared.

In the early stages, from the huge resistance put up by western practitioners, no one doubted the might of Daoist arts and magic. Every somewhat successful Daoist and magi ranked Intermediate or higher all possessed super horrifying strength. They were capable of directly manipulating the world’s original vital qi. A single Daoist could handle ten western pugilists. A magus ranked at Intermediate or higher could also deal with ten western martial artists single-handedly.

However, the amount of Daoists and magi was incredibly small. The required constitution for cultivating Daoist arts or studying magic was exceedingly harsh. Therefore, Daoist arts and magic were not at all widely popular. Additionally, many Daoists isolated themselves from the mortal world. Very few showed their presence to commoners. Because of this, in the eyes of the people, Daoists were the most mysterious. For someone to cultivate magic, one would require tremendous amounts of expensive magical materials. There was no way of becoming a successful magus without having vast wealth.

Although there were also requirements in regards to one’s constitution in order to cultivate eastern martial arts or western battle qi, they were absolutely not as severe; even an average person was capable of cultivating them, but because there were differences between everyone’s constitutions, there was naturally a notable difference in success between practitioners. In comparison, martial artists who cultivated their bodies were inferior to Daoists and magi. Other than melee combat, these martial artists were simply not able to be opponents to those practitioners who could directly control the world’s original vital qi.

It was only natural that not all circumstances were absolute. There were a few eastern martial artists who could cultivate to the highest, most profound, level. Any practitioner who came across such a formidable eastern martial artist in battle would have a headache.

Furthermore, there would occasionally be an eastern martial artist who was capable of cultivating unrivalled power. Their super petrifying strength could even be said to be without rival under heaven—a practitioner’s worst nightmare to face in battle. But as everyone knows, progress in martial study is sluggish. Even during the span of many centuries, a martial artist capable of cultivating up to the highest profound level is rarely seen. It was because of this that martial arts began to gradually decline.

It was the same situation with western martial artists. Although there were many western martial artists who cultivated their bodies, the average strength of their population was far from the levels of Daoists and magi. However, there was a unique practitioner among these martial artists. Their super strength was not at all weaker than Daoists and magi. In the common people’s eyes, these figures were known as dragon riders.

In order to become a dragon rider, one must first directly tame their own dragon.

Naturally, there was also a division of strength between dragons. Western dragons could be divided from weakest to strongest in five ranks: Land Dragons, Flying Dragons, Auxiliary Dragons, Monolithic Dragons, and Holy Dragons. As it turns out, these five ranks corresponded with their practitioner counterparts, so there were Land Dragon Riders, Flying Dragon Riders, Auxiliary Dragon Riders, Monolithic Dragon Riders, and Holy Dragon Riders—these were the five ranks of dragon riders.

Thus, in order to become a dragon rider, one must first attain a rank, and then they must also directly tame a dragon of the corresponding level. Therefore, all dragon riders were powerful. In a way, the reason why dragon riders sought after dragons as mounts was to prove that they possessed formidable strength.

In the western continent, Monolithic Dragon Riders were very few in number, and the scarcity of Holy Dragon Riders rivalled the rarity of phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. But to be able to attain such a high level, all these dragon riders possessed supreme, tyrannical strength. Even those successful practitioners—those magi and Daoists—didn’t dare lightly oppose their attack.

After Chen Nan returned to the Residence of Eccentrics from the imperial ancient book room, he still felt some lingering fear recalling the ancient, underground tomb he had just traversed.

“This old man is truly hard to make out; he actually didn’t kill me in order to silence me. However, I should nevertheless prematurely leave this troublesome place…”

After going through this experience, he finally understood that old saying: “Outside of people, there are people. Outside of heaven, there is heaven.” That old man’s outward appearance made him seem to be utterly senile and incomparably feeble, yet he was actually an exceptional expert with terrifying cultivation. And this was following his encounter with Zhuge Chengfeng. He had seen yet another fifth ranked practitioner. In fact, he may even already exceed the five ranks.

“Boy, why are you so dazed again? You seriously haven’t grown up yet!” With two hands, the Old Poison Devil clung onto the wall of the courtyard, looking at him.

“F*ck! Perverted old man, you were peeping on me again!” Chen Nan exited his house.

“A heart beating is inferior to taking action. Come on, let’s go take a look at your cool water1 together.”

“You…” Recalling Nalan Ruoshui to his mind, Chen Nan hesitated. If he were to leave, he feared that he’d never be able to see the girl he favoured again.

“Oh, I forgot, it’s Ruoshui, heihei…” The Old Poison Devil was all smiles.

If not for that fact that the old fellow was saturated with poison from head to toe, Chen Nan really would have given him a good smacking.

The Old Poison Devil smiled. “A dragon rider came to the Residence of Eccentrics today. Many people have gone to see his dragon. Your Ruoshui originally wanted to come get you so that you two could have gone to see it together, but you weren’t here, so she went first. Come on, let’s go join them and have some fun.”

Dragon rider was synonymous with strong practitioner. Dragons were powerful yet mysterious creatures. Chen Nan’s interest was immediately piqued. He followed the Old Poison Devil and left.

Today, the Residence of Eccentrics wasn’t as peaceful as it normally was. The sparring ring within the residence was full of people gathered together. Even the ordinarily rarely seen Old Witch deserted her ‘great magical research project’ to come here.

It was also Chen Nan’s first time seeing this many eccentrics gathered together. The overwhelming majority of these people were formidable practitioners. Of course, there were also people that belonged to fields similar to that of the Old Poison Devil—outstanding researchers with immense talent. These people were mostly above the age of thirty. Young people around the age of twenty like him numbered no more than thirty five, so he was quickly able to find Nalan Ruoshui within the crowd.

Nalan Ruoshui was wearing aqua blue clothing, appearing just like an elegant orchid in a secluded valley: naturally graceful and tranquil, indifferent and enlightened. Seeing Chen Nan and the Old Poison Devil enter the sparring ring, a faint smile appeared on her peaceful face.

Chen Nan waved at her. “Ruoshui!”

The Old Poison Devil beside him strangely shouted, “Ruoshui, I’ve come! I haven’t seen you in half a day, yet it’s as if we were separated for half of autumn~!”

Chen Nan stomped on the old man’s foot. The roaring of a dying boar erupted from the old man, garnering strange looks from everyone present.

A smile was evident on Nalan Ruoshui’s face. “Chen Nan, how could your steps be so careless!”

The Old Poison Devil shouted, “He wasn’t being careless, it was deliberate!”

Nalan Ruoshui ignored him and continued speaking to Chen Nan. “Next time the ground is unsteady, use a little more strength so that you won’t stumble.”

The Old Poison Devil was left speechless.

Seeing Chen Nan and Nalan Ruoshui head towards the ring together, the Old Poison Devil indignantly shouted, “Destroying the bridge after crossing the river!”

In the center of the sparring ring, there lay a gigantic, fierce creature. Its body was covered in dark green scales that flickered in the light. It was vicious and terrifying. There was no need to ask. This was the dragon rider’s dragon. The dragon’s body was about seven zhang long. There was a pair of horns growing out of its head. On its flank, a pair of giant, fleshy wings protruded outwards. Its appearance seemed quite ferocious.

A tall youth stood beside the dragon. The youth appeared outstanding and bright. His build was tall and sturdy. His rugged physique was brimming with explosive power. He possessed masculine beauty.

A peculiar look formed on Nalan Ruoshui’s face. “Can you see? That person is the dragon rider. He is Great General Sima Changfeng’s son. His name is Sima Lingkong. For ten straight years, he cultivated with experts in the western continent. He recently finished his studying and has returned. The emperor already conferred upon him the title of eccentric. Today, he officially enters the Residence of Eccentrics.”

Chen Nan nodded. “Oh, so it’s this big of a deal. En, eccentrics are conferred the title?”

“Of course. Every eccentric enjoys the status of a state official, how could they not be conferred the title?” With that said, Nalan Ruoshui glanced at him. “You’re classified as an exception, of course. You’re a secret state official, but… ai! You… It’d be better if you recovered your power already! Even though you don’t possess the envious glory of a state official, at least have formidable strength…” When she finally finished, she seemed slightly emotional.

Chen Nan didn’t notice how bizarre Nalan Ruoshui was acting, but his heart felt somewhat bitter. He was going to depart from this place soon; it was possible that he’d never be able to see this beautiful doctor again. But here and now, he was still unable to say anything.

Nalan Ruoshui said, “Look, this dragon is truly powerful and brazen. I’ve never seen such a huge, valiant creature before.”

“Powerful and brazen? No matter how I look at it, I still think it looks like a winged, pregnant lizard.”

“Puchi,” Nalan Ruoshui giggled.

“Goodness, what are you looking at? That’s a dragon!”

Chen Nan said, “Last time when I was in the mountain range at the western border, I saw a green dragon at least thirty zhang long. In comparison to that green dragon, this one is simply a dragon’s grandson—a baby dragon.”

“Oh really? Was it actually that big?” Nalan Ruoshui looked doubtful.

“Gaga, this little boy is right. What he saw was a Monolithic Dragon. Monolithic Dragons have a length of thirty zhang or more. This is nothing more but a run-of-the-mill Flying Dragon. It’s only at a level a bit higher than that of a Land Dragon.” No one knew when the Old Witch had arrived behind Chen Nan and Nalan Ruoshui.

Chen Nan turned around and greeted his terrifying neighbour.

The Old Witch nodded in acknowledgement as she continued, “Western dragons have five ranks. In order, they are Land Dragons, Flying Dragons, Auxiliary Dragons, Monolithic Dragons, and Holy Dragons. Other than Land Dragons, the remaining four ranks of dragons are all capable of flight. Land Dragons are about five zhang long, Flying Dragons are about seven zhang long, Auxiliary Dragons are between fifteen and twenty zhang long, and Monolithic Dragons are at the very minimum thirty zhang long. As for Holy Dragons, I’ve never seen one before, but I’ve heard others say that Holy Dragons are all incredibly rare. Their powerful strength absolutely isn’t proportional to the size of their bodies.”

Nalan Ruoshui smiled. “Magic-popo’s knowledge is indeed extensive.”

“Gaga, I stayed in the western continent for quite some time. If I didn’t even know this, then wouldn’t others laugh at me? However, girl, your mouth is quite sweet. Truly charming. It’s much better than that little girl Chu Yu’s. Whenever that little girl sees me, she wants to run away.”

At the center, the dragon rider Sima Lingkong was explaining something to everyone watching. Everyone listened with ardent interest. At that moment, Princess Chu Yu suddenly appeared like a thief. She constantly peered towards the center of the ring. It seemed like she was looking for someone.

Chen Nan and Nalan Ruoshui looked at each other, both unable to contain their grins.

The Old Witch furiously said, “This damn girl! Am I really that scary? Every time she comes to the Residence of Eccentrics, she always does it so covertly. Hmph, it really pisses me off!”

With her reconnaissance of the ‘enemy positions’ complete, the princess let out a breath of air. Like an effervescent fairy, she ran to the center of the ring.

“Sima Lingkong, how audacious of you to not report to me, the princess, after returning!”

After everyone present saw the gorgeous little demon, grins covered their faces. But Sima Lingkong, originally in glowing spirits, looked like a deflating ball, immediately withering.

“Greetings, Your Highness the princess.”

The princess’s unruly nature erupted in full force. “The several people who went to the western continent to cultivate all reported to me after returning. Only you did not. Speak, is it because you failed to prepare a good present for me?” With that said, she circled the dragon, examining it. “This dragon is not bad. Is it the present you are giving to me? But it’s a little ugly. Oh well, I’ll make an effort to reluctantly accept it.”

Upon hearing her words, Sima Lingkong’s face turned green. He gave her a pained, apologetic smile. “Princess Yu, this is my mount. The present I prepared for you is still at home. I will have it delivered to you shortly.”

Chen Nan finally understood the meaning behind the little demon’s ‘external reputation’ in the imperial capital. Whoever saw her all seemed to come down with a headache. One could imagine how difficult it must have been for the noble children within the imperial capital to survive such miserable childhoods growing up with her.

“Are you trying to say you don’t want to give this dragon to me?”

“It’s not that… This…”

The princess humphed and said, “Miser, feel at ease. I don’t want this small and ugly creature. In the mountain range at the western border, I saw a dragon that is much bigger than yours.”

Sima Lingkong wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. “This is merely a Flying Dragon. It’s natural that it’s not as big as a Monolithic Dragon.”

The princess said, “Is this dragon obedient? Can I ride it and fly?”

“Of course.”

“That’s great!” The princess immediately looked excited.

Sima Lingkong gave the Flying Dragon a few pats. “When you’re in the air, be smooth and steady, okay?”

The Flying Dragon nodded its head. It actually seemed to understand human speech.

Everyone was astounded.

The princess was also somewhat startled. She asked, “Can it understand human speech?”

“Of course. Dragons are intelligent creatures. Although it’s only a Flying Dragon of the second rank, it can still understand some simple human words.”

The princess excitedly climbed up onto the dragon’s back. Just then, the Old Witch shouted from the back of the crowd, “Yu’er, if you want to fly, you can learn magic from me! Look how relaxed this is. Why should you need to ride other people’s dragons?” With that said, the Old Witch floated up into the air and landed at the center of the ring.

The instant the princess saw the Old Witch, her face took a massive turn, but she quickly assumed her sweet smiling expression again.

“Hello, grandma. I actually have something to do, so I have to go back to the imperial palace.” Immediately after her words, she swiftly slipped off the dragon’s back and, like a loach, bore her way out through the crowd.

All the eccentrics in the crowd looked at each other in dismay. Then, they all broke out into great laughter.

The Old Witch loudly shouted, “When that little girl sees me, she wants to run. Come back.” She read aloud an incantation and, using the wind element Wind Soaring Technique, she quickly chased after her.

From afar, the princess could be heard shouting, “Don’t! I really have to go back to the palace…!”

The princess was finally caught and brought back. She pouted her little mouth, but she didn’t dare have a fit.

When Chen Nan saw her look of embarrassment, he couldn’t help but suddenly break out into a grin. Nalan Ruoshui tugged at his clothes. “Don’t smile. Can’t you see everyone else is also restraining themselves? If that little girl sees you, you’ll end up miserable in the future.”

Chen Nan naturally understood the princess’s demonic nature. When the princess’s gaze headed towards his direction, he promptly stopped smiling.

The Old Witch laughed, “Gaga. Don’t be upset, quite a few people beg me to teach them, but I still refuse to teach them. Don’t you want to fly up into the sky? I can teach you!”

The Old Witch cast a spell. A sphere of teal light surrounded the princess, raising her up into the air.

“Is it fun? As long as you learn it from me, you can do it too.”

Although there was a look of excitement on the princess’s face, after she heard the Old Witch’s words, she resolutely shook her head.

The Old Witch immediately ceased her magical energy transportation spell in anger. The princess shrieked as she dropped from the sky. In an instant, when she reached the ground, a ball of gentle light caught her, but her small face was already deathly white in fright.

Chen Nan finally understood why the princess was so afraid of the Old Witch. At the same time, he also understood why she was unwilling to pay respects to the Old Witch to be her teacher.

At that moment, Sima Lingkong took a step forward and said in greeting, “Greetings, Magic-popo.”

“En, spare the courtesy. Lad, you aren’t too bad. You’re so young, yet you already have your own dragon.”

Sima Lingkong said, “Senior, I don’t deserve such praise. Junior is much inferior to senior. That year when senior was cultivating in the western continent, her mighty name was famous and widespread. There are even people today who still mention you.”

The Old Witch quacked in laughter. “You are already pretty good. I reckon that in your generation of youths, you can already be regarded as a valiant individual. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, someday, you’ll definitely become a fourth ranked Monolithic Dragon Rider.”

No one knew when the Old Poison Devil had arrived behind Chen Nan and Nalan Ruoshui. He quietly muttered, “This damn old woman is really too shameless. Look at her pleased expression. I really can’t tell if she’s a bona fide Grand Magus or if she just stepped on some lucky dog shit. But this boy covered in muscle all over is really strong. To be capable of becoming a Flying Dragon Rider at his age is already quite spectacular.”

Chen Nan nodded in agreement. He had long since sensed the strong power within Sima Lingkong. The reputation of second ranked Flying Dragon Riders was indeed justified.

The princess took advantage of the Old Witch being occupied with conversing and furtively stood up and slipped away into the crowd. After a moment, the Old Witch suddenly realized the princess was absent. In a fury, she left to continue with her ‘great magical research project’.

Just then, Sima Lingkong suddenly found Nalan Ruoshui. His eyes instantly shone. He burrowed through the crowd peering at the Flying Dragon and walked towards them.

“Ruoshui, you also came. If you want to see the Flying Dragon, I can bring it directly to your family home.”

At that time, Chen Nan suddenly felt his right hand tighten. It was being gripped by Nalan Ruoshui’s small, soft hand.

“No need. I only wanted to accompany Chen Nan to come take a look.”

Cold lightning flared from Sima Lingkong’s eyes. Seeing the two of them holding hands, he turned his sights on Chen Nan and asked, “Who’s he?”

Nalan Ruoshui calmly answered, “He is someone I can entrust my life with.”

Chen Nan was expressionless, but then his heart began to feel a little uneasy. Nalan Ruoshui was clearly already acquaintances with this muscular man. It was pretty obvious she had grabbed him for use as a shield. He had a feeling he was being used.

Sima Lingkong’s eyes were about to breathe fire. He fiercely looked at Chen Nan and said, “Boy, screw off. This is a matter between me and Ruoshui. I hope you don’t get involved.”

Standing behind Chen Nan, the Old Poison Devil said, “Youngster, your words need not be so aggressive. Say whatever it is you want properly.”

The eccentrics looking at the Flying Dragon found that there was some commotion going on at the side. They all turned their heads to look.

Nalan Ruoshui said, “Let’s go.” She grabbed Chen Nan’s hand and they headed away from the ring.

Sima Lingkong couldn’t restrain his fury. He shortly pushed his way before the two of them and angrily said, “Ruoshui, I hope you take note of our engagement. You’re currently my fiancée, so don’t be so friendly with others. Not only does this insult my family’s principles, it insults the principles of your family as well.”

Nalan Ruoshui heatedly replied, “Rubbish. Who’s your fiancée? Please act dignified and don’t speak without thinking. Step aside!”

With one hand, she pushed Sima Lingkong away. With the other hand, she pulled Chen Nan into a sprint in the opposite direction. Chen Nan was very unhappy. He wanted to shake off Nalan Ruoshui’s hand, but he hesitated. In the end, he didn’t do anything.

All the eccentrics in the sparring ring began discussing and gossiping in succession.

Sima Lingkong stood in place for a moment. A faint sneer appeared at his lips as he chased after them.

After Nalan Ruoshui and Chen Nan ran away from the sparring ring, they went straight to Chen Nan’s courtyard.

Once they arrived in front of Chen Nan’s gate, Sima Lingkong arrived as well. “Ruoshui, what is the meaning of this? Don’t you know that I like you? In a short while, my dad will propose our marriage to your family. What are you doing right now? How can you follow some irrelevant man?”

Nalan Ruoshui said, “Abandon that thought. I won’t marry you.”

“You…” A severe light flashed through Sima Lingkong’s eyes. “Fine. Let’s see what you’re capable of. Hmph, when your dad agrees, I’ll see whether or not you’ll marry me.”

An ominous glint in his eyes flickered. He said to Chen Nan, “Boy, treat the words I just said as wind past your ears and forget about it, okay? I want you to stay away from me, do you understand? Screw off!”

Chen Nan was already fairly upset. Hearing these words, his fiery anger immediately braved three zhang. This made his ancestral profound skill that he had been forcibly suppressing to violently surge. A colossal imposingness erupted out from his body.

Nalan Ruoshui, afraid of Sima Lingkong attacking Chen Nan, stepped protectively in front of Chen Nan. At the same time, the imperial guards dispatched by the Eldest Princess to protect Houyi Bow also sensed the formidable power fluctuation. Seven figures arrived in front of the three in an instant.

Chen Nan secretly cursed himself in shame and blamed his own impulsiveness. He quickly suppressed his power. The strong aura evaporated in an instant.

Everyone present grew suspicious. Nalan Ruoshui and the several warriors finally concluded that that forceful killing intent had erupted from Sima Lingkong, while Sima Lingkong thought that that strong imposingness had come from the several warriors in front of him, because there was currently not even half a thread of power in Chen Nan’s body. No matter how he probed, he couldn’t sense any practitioner aura on his body.

Sima Lingkong mocked, “Boy, are you a man? Hiding behind a woman, what kind of ability do you have?”

Chen Nan coldly gazed at him. “Dog, what are you barking about? She clearly doesn’t like you. How shameless of you to keep bitching about it.”

Sima Lingkong shot him a livid laugh in return. “Heihei, you’re a guy who is living off a woman. If I don’t dismember your body into countless pieces, then I—”

“Enough! Sima Lingkong, are you finished? If you remain here making trouble and being rude, I’ll report you to Her Highness.” Nalan Ruoshui’s expression was ashen. She had forgone her usual calmness.

“What’s so great about this guy? What ability does he have? He can’t even be considered a pretty boy. Ruoshui, you—”

“You’re shameless!” Nalan Ruoshui furiously gnashed her teeth. She spun around and dragged Chen Nan into the courtyard.

Sima Lingkong started to follow them in, but the several warriors at the side reached out and stopped him. One of them said, “Sima-gongzi, please halt. The Eldest Princess has ordered: without her approval, no one may enter even half a step into this courtyard.”

This caused Sima Lingkong to quickly go mad with anger. His rage surged in his heart. He bellowed, “Why? Why can that adulterous couple go in?”

“Because this is actually Chen-gongzi’s courtyard. Nalan Ruoshui is acting under orders to treat his illness.”

“What? That useless trash is also an eccentric?”

The several warriors didn’t reply.

Sima Lingkong gradually calmed down. He murderously looked towards the courtyard, then spun around and left.

After they arrived inside the courtyard, Nalan Ruoshui quickly released Chen Nan’s hand. She turned her face to the side and said, “Sorry.”

The unhappiness in Chen Nan’s heart gradually dissipated. “It’s nothing.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I acted like this?”

“I’m waiting for you to tell me.”

Nalan Ruoshui turned her body back towards him. “My father, Nalan Wencheng, is the left minister of the court. Sima Lingkong’s father is also from the court. He is the Mighty Great General Sima Changfeng. The two of them are important ministers of the Empire of Chu, but they’ve never gotten along. For the past few years, the ministers of the court began to socialize and the relationship between the two of them began to warm a bit. Later, someone suggested that the two families bond by having their son and daughter marry in order to improve their relationship further.

“Inharmonious ministers are detrimental to the nation. Father agreed with those socializing court officials. At that time, the Mighty General also gladly agreed. Maybe others don’t know Sima Lingkong’s character, but I’m well aware of it. He had returned to the imperial city a few times in recent years. Every time he’d come back, he’d always make a big deal about his accomplishments and other loathsome matters. He’s basically just a distinguished thug.

“I understand my father’s problem—I know he means well for the nation. I hate how Sima Lingkong’s acts like an accomplished thug, but I can’t do anything to change reality. In a few days, Sima Changfeng will send people to visit and propose marriage. I don’t know what to do. I can only provoke and upset Sima Lingkong so that he’ll hate me, thereby ruining this marriage, so…”

“So you purposely dragged me in front of Sima Lingkong to provoke him?”

“Yes… Sorry.”

“Ai, you really don’t understand a man’s mind. Doing this will only produce the opposite effect of what you want.” Chen Nan really did somewhat sympathize with Nalan Ruoshui. This ordinarily incomparably calm girl was actually so helpless. As the daughter of a noble, she couldn’t dictate her own happiness and could only be used as a bargaining chip in politics. He sighed. “How can I help you?”

A watery mist appeared in Nalan Ruoshui’s eyes. Her voice trembled a little as she said, “I don’t know… I don’t even know what I should do…”

“How about…” Chen Nan really wanted to say: “How about I bring you someplace else?”, but when he was on the verge of saying it, he swallowed the words back. Although he did hold some feelings towards Nalan Ruoshui, liking somebody was definitely not the same as loving them. However, he already decided that when the time comes, he’d definitely help her.

“How about what?” A hopeful look was evident on Nalan Ruoshui’s face.

“How about you run away from the wedding? Wait until this matter passes, then come back.”

Nalan Ruoshui was rather disappointed. “I’m a girl, where can I go? I’ve never travelled anywhere far. I’ve never experienced Jianghu. I’m all by myself… Wuwu…”

When she finished speaking, she couldn’t endure it anymore and broke out into tears.

Chen Nan awkwardly scratched his head. He didn’t have a handkerchief. In the end, he raised his spacious sleeve in front of Nalan Ruoshui.

Nalan Ruoshui tugged at his sleeve, lightly dabbing her tears away. She suddenly threw herself into his bosom, bawling loudly.

“What should I do? What the hell should I do… Wuwu…”

Chen Nan was at a loss.

After Nalan Ruoshui cried for a while, her voice gradually began to soften. Her voice seemed to be distant as she said, “If you were esteemed, if you had unrivalled power… I-I’m leaving.”

1 涼水/liangshui/cool water has a one character difference from 若水/Ruoshui.

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