Shen Mu – Volume 2 Chapter 4

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Volume 2 Chapter 4: Ancient Tomb Below the Imperial Palace

In a flash, another month passed. During that time, Nalan Ruoshui continued to treat Chen Nan’s illness, but he didn’t ‘improve’ at all. Chu Yue also visited. She gave Chen Nan a thin booklet. The booklet contained several internal foundation techniques. She had Chen Nan select one to begin cultivating anew. From these actions, it was clear that Chu Yue no longer held any hope whatsoever in regards to Chen Nan recovering his power.

However, Chu Yue was left greatly disappointed. No matter what foundation technique Chen Nan cultivated, there was never any result at all. Not a single thread of vital qi condensed. The Eldest Princess felt somewhat anxious. Finally, she brought Houyi Bow with her to the Residence of Eccentrics to have Chen Nan give it a go and see whether or not he could still draw back the bowstring under his circumstances. The result was obvious. Chen Nan put on an act and tried (and failed) to draw it back, before he discouragingly said, “I can’t. It won’t draw back at all.”

Chu Yue furrowed her beautiful forehead. “How can it be like this? It doesn’t make any sense. Ruoshui never lies. She said that according to the theory, your power can be recovered. Moreover… cultivating martial arts from anew also doesn’t have any effect…”

Chen Nan aptly replied, “I think my body has something odd going on, but when I just held Houyi Bow, I felt very unusual. I seemed to sense an indication that my inner vital qi was almost restored.”

Chu Yue’s eyes shone. “Really?”

“Really. I really sense that kind of feeling.”

Chu Yue contemplated for a moment, and then said, “That’s good. I’ll have Houyi Bow remain with you. Diligently interact with it; perhaps it will help you recover your power. However, I’ll need to dispatch some men to come guard it. After all, the Godly Bow is our Empire of Chu’s national treasure. It’s just in case a thief were to find out about it being here and come to try steal it, which wouldn’t be any good.”

Chen Nan assumed a look of gratitude. With teary eyes, he said, “Your Highness the princess, for the sake of helping me recover my power, you’d actually let me borrow the national treasure. Such benevolence. If I recover my power, I’ll pledge my life to the Empire of Chu to repay your kindness.”

Chu Yue dully smiled. She nimbly left.

Beginning on that day, some imperial guards were stationed outside of Chen Nan’s courtyard. Day and night, they guarded his courtyard.

“Are they here to prevent robbers from stealing Houyi Bow, or are they worried that I’ll take Houyi Bow and abscond?” He didn’t think too deeply about this question. After all, Chu Yue had left a pretty good impression on him.

For the past few days, Chen Nan had been rather puzzled. He admitted that for a while now, he had held a good opinion of Nalan Ruoshui, but he believed that it definitely wasn’t love. But that day he hadn’t gotten to see the beautiful doctor, he felt that his heart had become vacant.

Originally, he wasn’t too sure of his own feelings until Nalan Ruoshui became occupied. It was only when she had vanished from his line of sight for a few days did he feel that his heart contained Nalan Ruoshui’s figure. But after careful consideration, he ultimately concluded that it was nothing more than a good opinion.

There are some things that people will never be able to forget. The reality etched in the bones and inscribed in one’s heart can never be erased. Up until now, Chen Nan had been unable to forget about his confidante from ten thousand years ago. The scene of Yu Xin dying in place of him frequently appeared in his mind. Whenever he recalled the bits and pieces from his past, his heart would become unbearably pained. He didn’t know how much time he needed until he could begin a new relationship.

Although Chen Nan didn’t know the beautiful doctor’s opinion, he felt that Nalan Ruoshui seemed to have been dodging something. Whenever she faced him, she wasn’t as undisturbed as she once was. His heart skipped a beat. “I mustn’t misunderstand others and myself!”

“Could she…”

Today, after Chen Nan arrived inside the ancient book room, he helped the old man thoroughly translate the last few pages of the ancient book. The old man grasped the translated scroll in his hands. “I’ve already gotten what I’ve wanted. What about you, have you found whatever it is you’ve wanted to find?”

Chen Nan, startled, said, “Huh? What do you mean?”

“Heihei…” the old man laughed. The ravines covering his face shuddered.

“Youngster, you’re rather complicated. Few in years, but your cultivation is already this astonishing. Not only that, but you can also understand ancient languages. You’re truly a genius!”

“Eh? Old man, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand you?”

The old man said, “Youngster, you don’t have to keep pretending. I don’t harbour any malicious intent towards you. Actually, since the first day you set foot in this room, I already discovered that you were a profound practitioner. Your cultivation ought to have just reached the third rank.”

Chen Nan’s mind was boggled. The practitioner aura that his body emitted was extremely faint. He never expected the old man to be able to see through him on their first encounter.

The old man said, “If you aren’t yet twenty years old, with your cultivation, you’d be considered as one of the top twenty practitioners under the age of twenty on the continent. If you’re almost twenty five years old, your cultivation would still enable you to be considered as one of the top two hundred practitioners on the continent. No matter what age group you belong to, you’d be considered as one of the most remarkable young experts.”

Chen Nan didn’t speak. He calmly observed the situation develop.

The old man said, “Youngster, you’ve suppressed it pretty well. I believe that there aren’t too many people that are capable of seeing through your outstanding skill, but I’m capable of it.”

Chen Nan nodded. “Old man, your vision is indeed as bright as a torch. Junior cannot possibly hide when in the presence of senior.”

The old man also nodded. “What are you looking for?”

Chen Nan didn’t reply. Instead, he asked, “What is senior looking for? And did you get it?”

The old man laughed. The heaps of wrinkles on his face all lightly shuddered together. It was actually kind of frightening.

“Heihei, youngster, I had you translate ancient text that was disordered, with sentences that were broken apart and scattered. You probably hold considerable amount of resentment for me, right?”

Chen Nan said, “No, that’s not true.”

The old man said, “I didn’t have any other methods. That book is a thing from heretic groups. Its contents involve many taboos. Ordinary people can’t possibly tolerate them. I was afraid that if you were to find out, you’d loathe my old self and not help me translate it. Because of that, I set up this scheme.”

Chen Nan asked, “A thing from heretic groups?”

The old man answered, “Yes, I had no other alternative. I’m already over a hundred and seventy years old now. My body is already deteriorating beyond recognition. I didn’t fully cultivate Dao, and I wasn’t too talented in martial study, so I can’t turn my body youthful again…”

“Over a hundred and seventy years old! Become youthful again?!” cried out Chen Nan, startled.

“Yes. Over seventy years ago, I had a little accomplishment in my martial cultivation. When I was a hundred years old, I regained my youthfulness. In these past ten or so years, although my power has progressed profoundly, I was incapable of stepping into even higher levels all along. My body gradually began to age—time isn’t waiting for me! The realm of immortals is becoming farther and farther away.”

Chen Nan’s jaw dropped in awe. He never thought the old man in front of him, seemingly in the last moments of his life, could actually be an exceptional expert. The old man’s ‘little accomplishment’ that he had mentioned was definitely not merely just ‘little’; it was definitely a major advancement in power.

The old man continued, “For the purpose of prolonging my life, I had no choice but to research evil books for alternative methods and techniques in the hope that one day, I’d be able to comprehend and transcend life and death.”

Chen Nan was amazed. “Study evil books? Transcend life and death?”

“Yes. Actually, there was originally no difference between justice and evil in this world. ‘Justice’ is merely acknowledged by the overwhelming majority of people, yet ‘evil’ is something that the overwhelming majority cannot possibly tolerate. Now that I’ve become this old, I can see through everything. I’ve long ago realized that there isn’t a difference between justice and evil, and I pay no mind about whatever practitioner manuals. As long as I can prolong my life, then that’s ‘justice’.”

Although Chen Nan thought that there was some reason in these words, he felt a chill run down his spine. He mentally said, “People say Buddha ages into a devil. Once this old guy attains a certain level of power, won’t he eventually descend onto the path of demons?” He was now certain that this old man’s cultivation was of the fifth rank at the very least.

The old man reiterated, “Youngster, what are you looking for?”

“It’s as senior says, I’m indeed searching for something. I’ve said before that I’m extraordinarily interested in ancient legends and mythology. In particular, the history of Shenmo Cemetery leaves me silly and bewildered. With the help of the imperial family’s boundless collection of books and records, I aspire to unearth its veil and uncover the mystery.”

A light flashed through the old man’s eyes. “Shenmo Cemetery has been mystifying for all eternity. I don’t know how many generations have been perplexed by it. If you’re able to unravel the hidden spider’s thread and horse tracks, you’ll definitely cause a sensation throughout the entire continent. Have you found anything?”

Chen Nan sighed. “Nothing. I’ve rummaged through nearly the entire ancient book room, yet Shenmo Cemetery is like an endless void; there’s nothing at all on it. There isn’t a single book that has its history recorded.”

The old man said, “Ai, the truth has already been annihilated from history. If you want to learn about what happened ten thousand years ago, I’m afraid you’ll only find out once you enter heaven.”

Chen Nan nodded in agreement. The Empire of Chu was the eastern continent’s most formidable empire. Its imperial library could be said to be all-inclusive, yet there wasn’t even the slightest trace of Shenmo Cemetery’s origins recorded. It was obvious that the truth of its origins would not be found within historical records.

At this time, Chen Nan suddenly sensed a peculiar undulation rippling softly through the ancient book room. It was exactly the same as that time when he had first stepped into the room. Previously, he hadn’t paid much attention to it. This time, he shut his two eyes and carefully sensed that hint of undulation. Slowly, a look of astonishment arose on his face. That trace undulation was unexpectedly coming from underground.

Seeing his face undergo a drastic change, the old man nodded in acknowledgement. “To be even able to sense this trace, subtle undulation, youngster is indeed not simple. Your body’s spiritual root is evident.”

Chen Nan asked, “Senior, what is that?”

The old man replied, “Alright, for the purpose of repaying your help in translating that ancient scripture for me, I’ll lead you to go take a look.”

The old man led Chen Nan before a bookshelf. With some effort, he pushed the bookshelf to the side. After that, he fumbled about on the floor. A pitch-black tunnel entrance appeared before Chen Nan’s eyes. The undulation was coming from that precise place.

Chen Nan simply didn’t dare trust his own eyes. The majestic imperial library surprisingly had this kind of secretive place.

The old man said, “Seventy years ago, I had a little success in martial arts, and my body’s spiritual root began to open. I accidentally sensed this trace, peculiar undulation. I never thought that you’d naturally possess a spiritual root. Ai, some people just cannot be compared to others!”

Chen Nan was a little doubtful. “How can this imperial ancient book room have this kind of secret tunnel?”

The old man smiled. “This tunnel is something that I personally secretly excavated.”

“You excavated it?” Chen Nan was amazed. This old guy’s courage was seriously too much.

“Anything is possible. The emperor wouldn’t dare say anything even if I were to boldly dig out a cavern under his throne, because I’m his great–great-grandfather.”

Fainting! Crazily fainting! Chen Nan was seriously a little bit at a loss. He never expected this old man to be so great.

“Follow closely behind me. I’ll lead you down to take a look.”

The tunnel spiralled down, snaking underneath the ground. Chen Nan stepped down with gentle footsteps, following the old man. He was more or less apprehensive. Following the pitch-black tunnel, they descended about thirty or so meters down. About ten meters below them, a bright light shone. The two of them arrived at the origin of the bright light. The tunnel that the old man had excavated intersected with this place in the form of the character 丁.

The tunnel was historical and motley. The four walls were as hard as unshakeable diamond. One could imagine how challenging it must have been to dig out this tunnel. The tunnel was square. A night pearl was embedded into the wall about every three zhang. The bright light was being emitted from this exact pearl.

Chen Nan sighed in amazement. “Wow, how lavish. A pearl is priceless. It’s hard to imagine there would be one here, let alone so many. How many pearls are being used as ordinary light sources here?” With that said, his two eyes stared unblinkingly at those pearls.

The old man said, “Boy, grow up a bit. Do you want to rob a tomb?”

“Ah, th-this is a tomb?” Chen Nan felt his back turn cold. He found the light emanating from those pearls had somewhat of a bewitching strangeness to them.

“Of course. What kind of living person lives underground?”

“No way. How can there actually be a tomb constructed underneath the magnificent Empire of Chu’s imperial palace?”

“At the time when the imperial palace was being constructed, who knew there’d be something underground? No one would dig fifty meters into the ground.”

The old man led Chen Nan along the ancient tunnel towards the relatively bright end. The only thing inside the spacious tunnel was the ‘tata’ sounds of their footsteps. It caused the old tomb to appear especially hidden and desolate.

Following the winding, ancient tunnel, the two of them arrived at a bright hall. Although the great hall was underground and was guarded from the corrosion from the rain, snow, wind, and frost, it was still engraved with the vestiges of years past. The historical site was full of stains and markings. The four walls of the hall were all exquisitely sculpted with many legendary gods, demons, devils, and monsters… Pearls were embedded among the sculptures, causing the entire hall to be as bright as daytime. The vivid, lifelike sculptures were illuminated by the pearls. It seemed like they possessed spirits, as if they desired to break out from the wall.

A white jade platform was situated at the center of the ancient hall. The jade platform was penetratingly luminous, emitting a gentle brilliance. A single glance was enough to know that it was top quality jade. What captivated Chen Nan’s interest wasn’t the white jade platform, but rather, it was the person on top of the jade stage. A tall, stalwart, middle-aged man stood at the center of the jade platform.

The middle-aged man’s head was covered in long, pitch-black hair that drifted to his shoulders. His face was bronze in colour. His long eyebrows reached his temples. His nose was straight, mouth square. His pair of eyes, a resonating black, intimidated one’s very soul. It was a terrifying gaze. However, what made one’s heart tremble the most was the middle-aged man’s imposing manner. He was peerlessly towering. A look of heroism—of disdain for the world—came forth from the corner of his eyes. It made the middle-aged man appear to look down on all living things, as if gods and devils were mere ordinary life forms.

Chen Nan’s eyes were so impassioned, tears almost escaped down his face. The middle-aged man’s appearance was very much similar to that of his father. Their eyes had the same wise, penetrating, imposing expression, as if they were tyrants over the land under heaven. That unrivalled appearance containing that egotistical, self-centered arrogance deeply overwhelmed him.

The old man said, “We’re finally here. That trace, peculiar undulation is radiating from the man in front of us who has already perished. This senior truly must have been a supreme talent!”

Upon hearing the two words ‘already perished’, Chen Nan mind jolted. He simply didn’t believe his own two ears. He once again attentively examined the man before him before finally discovering a hint of brilliance among his long hair. To his surprise, it was the hilt of a sword. The two words ‘flying sword’ flashed through his mind. The peerless, domineering, middle-aged man had been pierced through the head by a flying sword and died.

“Damn, this unmatched expert actually died under a flying sword?” Chen Nan wasn’t totally convinced. The imposing manner of the middle-aged man in front of him was not at all weaker than that of his father, Chen Zhan. He was certain that he had long ago eclipsed the fifth rank. That year, after Chen Zhan arrived at the peak of the martial way, even those Daoists practicing the Dao Mahayana could barely withstand his blows. He previously heard his mother once say, “With martial arts with that extent of cultivation, this mortal world no longer possesses any blades or weapons capable of causing injury. It’ll be hard to come across a worthy opponent.”

He walked around the jade platform. Behind the jade platform, he found some bone meal. In another nearby place, he found a pile of broken fragments of bone, each about one cun long. He didn’t need to think twice to know that these two people had died under the unrivalled power of that middle-aged man on the stage.

The old man said, “That book I have was found here. From the calligraphy in the book, I determined that this all dates back six or seven thousand years. This senior’s body is basically immortal. It remains upright and standing, never falling over. It’s simply too hard to believe.”

Emotion welled in Chen Nan’s heart as he sighed, “This senior’s power must have surged to the skies for his corporeal body to be able to successfully condense into an inextinguishable body. The strong will always be strong. Even after death, their imposingness will still be as compelling as before.”

The old man said, “Go up and take a look. There’s some handwriting at his feet.”

“Oh?” Chen Nan’s mind shook. Together with the old man, he leapt on top of the jade platform.

On the sparkling jade platform surface were a few lines of writing inscribed with strength, as if it were etched with intense enthusiasm. The strokes were vigorous and forceful, yet there was also some lingering sorrowful air present, causing one’s heart to boundlessly sigh.

A demon becomes immortal,
Heaven cannot tolerate this.
Behead the demon and vanquish evil,
Admonish the world.
I lament,
The demon has a younger brother,
Their encounter was by sheer luck.
With gravely injured bodies,
They resisted one another,
Without the power to reverse heaven,
They perish along with the enemy.
With a body courageous,
The demon dies in a cave,
With my body shamed,
I seal myself here!

“So it’s like this, ai!” Chen Nan let out an emotional sigh. “Although the demon had only just reached the realm of immortals, he was still an immortal after all. This senior’s heroism soars to the clouds. He actually eliminated an immortal. How admirable, admirable!”

The old man was also moved. “Yes, if he had been left by himself, perhaps this world would have another formidable martial immortal.”

Chen Nan sighed, “While living, one is unrivalled and performs miracles, able to carry heaven and support the earth. After death, his figure is immortal and continues to stand erect. Boundlessly domineering, frozen in persistence, he is a peerless hero who looks down at the world with disdain.”

After that, he suddenly began to laugh: “Haha~! I’m currently brimming with confidence in the martial way. Immortals can be formidable, but can’t a martial artist at the very peak still eliminate them? Just imagine if a martial artist were to reach the realm of immortals, heihei…”

The old man said, “I’ll bring you to the place of the demon practitioner to have a look.”

Chen Nan followed the old man through the ancient hall. They went along the tunnel until they arrived at an ancient cave that seemed like the purgatory of the human world. Serene, thick light suffused from the pearls. The ground was an expanse of white. Looking carefully, he unexpectedly saw innumerable dried bones, some of which were already completely smashed. There was a draft that lightly blew by. Waves of dust were swept up by it. A muggy air diffused throughout the ancient tunnel. In the middle of the endless withered bones, there was a dried up puddle of blood. The presence of a demon clung to the four edges of the sanguine pond. A thick, cold air dispersed from it, as if a ghost was floating in the puddle.

This was an eerie and terrible tunnel. Within the extreme silence, there seemed to be hissing and howling, as if myriad living souls were present. This was frightening enough to make one’s scalp numb and chill one’s heart from inside out.

Chen Nan looked around. His heart was startled and his courage struggled to battle on. “This is the location of the demon practitioner? This place is truly devoid of all emotion. In order for this place to be private enough, he actually massacred countless living creatures. For someone to ascend to immortality like this, heaven really cannot tolerate it!”

With that said, he couldn’t help but look towards the old man. If he hadn’t guessed incorrectly, the so-called evil book that was currently in the old man’s possession had to be this demon practitioner’s demonic cultivation technique. His body involuntarily turned cold. The man standing in front of him could perhaps be the second demonic Daoist.

The old man laughed. The wrinkles on his face shuddered. “Youngster, don’t be afraid. I’m a man who practices martial arts, how could I still proceed to cultivate Dao, let alone a very nefarious, very bloody, cultivation technique? For someone that practices martial arts to change to cultivating Dao, even if it didn’t go against the laws of the world, it’d still be incredibly hard to achieve; the two sides are inherently distinct. I only wish to borrow some unique opinions from that demonic book. For the sake of obtaining fresh blood, I merely go to the imperial kitchen every day to butcher some livestock.”

The chill on Chen Nan’s body warmed a degree. Soon, the two of them departed from the sinister, frightening ancient tunnel.

After arriving back in the ancient hall, Chen Nan went to the jade platform. Intently starting at that peerlessly strong practitioner, he said to the old man, “When I was in the ancient book room, I previously only sensed this peculiar undulation twice throughout all my time there. Why couldn’t I sense it all the time?”

The old man said, “The two times you sensed it were by chance at the exact time of a night with a full moon. It is only then does the undulation become strong enough. I assume that it has something to do with the layout of this place. This place probably holds some ancient formations that accumulate original vital qi from the world.”

“This place has ancient formations?”

“That’s right. It can be assumed that it was arranged by that demonic Daoist during his time long ago. If one were to cultivate here, it’d definitely be half the work for twice the effect. However, the risk is inevitably amplified. If one’s cultivation has been too smooth—if one hasn’t experienced appropriate hardships that would sharpen their mind—they will definitely develop the heart of a demon. It’s very easy to accidentally become a devil.”

Chen Nan nodded in agreement. “What is called having a way must have a loss. This world is in equilibrium. This is knowledge everyone must possess: the understanding of when something must be renounced. That time, the demon Daoist was too avaricious and vicious. After arranging a great formation to gather original vital qi from the world, he still massacred how many more living beings? If he hadn’t done so, perhaps he may not have attracted murderous misfortune towards himself.”

The old man said, “Talking is one matter, doing is a different matter. Many lousy characteristics can take root in the depths of one’s soul. In the face of tremendous allure, it is very hard to have self-control. For example, you can currently be said to be a peerless expert with unrivalled power, but is your heart not tempted?”

Chen Nan laughed. “I’m tempted, of course I’m tempted. But I don’t have this kind of opportunity.”

The old man said, “What if you really did have such an opportunity?”

“Although I’d be tempted, I’d still give it up in the end.”

The old man’s eyes unblinkingly gazed at Chen Nan. “For what reason?”

Chen Nan replied, “Obtaining power externally has always been inferior to the pure strength obtained from personal cultivation. I’m afraid it would restrain my power’s development.”

The old man sighed. “Youngster, you are very responsible. Although you are responsible enough, I’m not. At the time when death threatens my life, if there was such formidable power offered to me like this, I’d absolutely not renounce it.”

Chen Nan laughed, but didn’t say anything.

The old man said, “Youngster, are you willing to lend me a helping hand? Can you help me break free from the shadow of death?”

A puzzled look appeared on Chen Nan’s face.

The wrinkles that littered the old man’s face shuddered. “Youngster, are you aware? The first time you entered the ancient book room, I could sense the spiritual qi within your body. I carefully observed you and discovered your body’s innate spiritual root. If I were able to get help from someone with an innate spiritual root, there may be a chance I’d be able to obtain tremendous power and thereby no longer have the need to cultivate the demonic book. I’d also be able to continue living for a few more decades.”

The old man pointed at the domineering, revered, peerless expert atop the jade platform. “Do you know why there’s a trace, peculiar undulation surging forth from his body? It’s because there is tremendous power trapped within his body. It’s his unrivalled cultivation. If I were able to extract it…”

When Chen Nan heard the old man’s words reach this point, his heart chilled. Chen Nan was baffled. The old man never needed to bring him here to repay his kindness. It turns out that everything had been premeditated by the old man all along.

“Senior, you must be dreaming. It’s already been a millennium; that peerless expert’s heroic spirit has already faded away. How can there still be formidable power stored within his body? I think this effect occurs because his immortal body and the original vital qi from the world have resonated together.”

The old man said, “That possibility hasn’t been ruled out, but what I guessed may also be a possibility. If we don’t try, how will we know? Youngster, are you willing to help me?”

Chen Nan asked, “My cultivation is not up to par with yours, so how can I help you?”

The old man explained, “The cultivation does not matter, it is your body’s spiritual root that permits you to easily attract the original vital qi of the world. If the two of us cooperate, we can surely extract the power from within the peerless expert’s body.”

Chen Nan’s heart was very unwilling to help this deeply scheming old man. He was even more unwilling to vandalize that peerless expert, but considering his current unfortunate situation, he had no choice but to comply with the old man’s request.

The old man was jubilant. “Your spiritual root is natural and innate. My spiritual root is acquired via cultivation; it cannot possibly compare with yours. In a moment, place your two palms on his back. Carefully sense the power within his body, and then lead it out. I’ll be nearby assisting you.”

After climbing onto the jade platform, Chen Nan inwardly said, “Please excuse me.” He pressed his two hands against the back of that senior’s inextinguishable body. He carefully sensed that trace, peculiar undulation.

The old man also reached out and pressed his hands against the back of the inextinguishable body and closed his eyes, carefully feeling it.

A complicated, indescribable feeling seemed to be drawn from ancient times up to the present and transmitted itself into Chen Nan’s heart. In a flash, it made him seemingly experience thousands of years of life. His felt a devastating sense of loss. He fearfully jumped back. If it wasn’t for the inextinguishable body’s ice-cold touch, he truly would have believed that the peerless expert had resurrected. He knew that that complicated feeling was the peerless expert’s feelings at the point of his death. It was a sense of loss, a sense of helplessness…

Chen Nan quickly calmed his heart. Pushing aside all of his distracting thoughts, he carefully sensed the peculiar undulation in the inextinguishable body. Suddenly, the peculiar undulation seemed to resonate with his being. A boundless power began surging forth from the inextinguishable body. Chen Nan was astounded. The body left behind by the peerless expert unexpectedly truly stored a tremendous power within. He was absolutely shocked. This exceeded his imagination. The man had been dead for thousands of years already, yet such an unrivalled power still surprisingly remained in his body.

Chen Nan took a furtive glance and saw that although the old man had his hands pressed up against the back of inextinguishable body, he didn’t seem to feel anything. He secretly came to a realization in his mind: he couldn’t possibly lead the tremendous power out and pour it into the old man’s body. He felt the old man’s scheming was too deep. He had not been transparent with his actions at all the whole time. If he were permitted to absorb this exceptionally formidable power, who knows what kind of dreadful consequences would arise.

After a while, Chen Nan released his hands. He let out a long sigh. “Excluding that trace, peculiar undulation, I can’t feel any power flowing whatsoever within this senior’s inextinguishable body.”

Hearing him say that, the old man also released his hands, a look of disappointment too hard to conceal was evident on his face.

After leaving the ancient hall, in the spacious ancient tunnel, Chen Nan was incredibly nervous. He feared this deeply scheming old man would kill him right then and there to silence him. When they exited the tunnel entrance at the ancient book storeroom, he finally let out a long breath of air.

The old man pushed the bookshelf back into his original position. He gave a laugh towards Chen Nan. “Heihei… Youngster, don’t be afraid, I won’t be a danger to you. You are a brave hero of the younger generation of my Chu. How could I destroy an eventual exceptional expert of the Empire of Chu?”

The old man patted his shoulders. “Diligently work hard. My old self can rely on that demonic book to live another twenty, thirty years. In this period of time, I can give you a few tips and directions.”

Chen Nan, stupefied, nodded his head. It was only when he arrived back at the Residence of Eccentrics did he become aware of the icy, cold sweat that permeated his body from fear.

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