Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – The Preceding Hero and the Arena 4

「Hou. ……I can tell with a single glance. It’s a sharp sword that can rival my own Magic Sword!」
「The main materials for it are the body ores of male and female Basilisks and the magic eyes of the head of the harem. Although I’m not too sure about it since I haven’t used it on a person as an opponent, but there is paralysis poison stocked up in the body ore used for the sword blade. You won’t die from it, but it’s seems that you’ll feel extremely numb, got it?」

Yuu held the blue jeweled treasured sword with his right hand of the arm that was broken and gripped the green jeweled treasured sword with his left hand.
In order to ascertain the feeling of the handle of the sword with his right hand, he repeatedly tightened and loosened his grip.

(……Alright. So my right arm has somehow recovered to a level where I can move it.)

As Yuu was confirming the condition of his right arm, Falhart looked at Yuu looking surprised.
That wasn’t unreasonable. In actuality, the bones in Yuu’s arm were broken enough that it would be more correct to call them smashed instead of broken.
That arm was moving normally after a bit of time had passed. It would be unfair to tell someone to not be surprised.

「I’m surprised. ……Is that, that Magic Sword’s ability?」
「Well now. That’s a trade secret.」

Of course, it was a side effect of the Holy Sword’s power. But even if his mouth was torn apart, he wouldn’t say that.
However, a complete recovery seemed to be far away as his bones had a grating sensation and a suitable pain for that was running through his arm. Also, it seemed like it would give in if it were to receive a strong impact.

「Now then, it’s the second round, Knight Ossan!!」

But that didn’t matter. If it was just to move, there was no problem. He just had to get over the pain that would happen at that time with fighting spirit!

「Haha. Then let me say it again……Have at you!!」

Drawing his sword from the ground, once again taking his stance, Falhart kicked the ground.


In response to that, Yuu similarly kicked the ground and closed in on the Knight.
With both of them dashing towards each other, the distance between both Yuu and the Knight shortened in an instant.


The Knight’s Magic sword was swung in a horizontal slash.
Yuu pulled his posture back from that, dodging with an angle of a forward-bent posture that looked like he was about to fall forward. In the instant he dodged, he twisted his body and as he was rotating, he drove the twin swords’ attack into the Knight’s chest. ……But,

「っ, Amazing……! That “pull back” just now, it surprised me!」

It was an intricate instant of offense and defense. The Knight brought back the swung sword with a terrifying speed and defended against the attack of Yuu’s twin swords.

「Well now, hahaha. I had planned on hitting you with that stroke, but to think that I would have to take a defensive posture on an incoming attack……!」

Anticipating that Yuu would get in close, he probably did a swing that was easy to bring back.
If Yuu’s attack was even a second late……,

「Damn it, this is just too thrilling!!」

My heart was throbbing from elation just like the elation I felt three years ago when I had struggles to the death with Agniera and the others.

Taking the Knight’s back, Yuu held the twin swords in a reverse grip, extended the thumb, index finger and middle finger of both hands, and took a posture where he was stand on all fours while still holding the twin swords.


When Yuu used all four limbs to jump to the right, the Magic Sword was swung down at the place he was just at a moment ago, and the arena made of stone was smashed.

And then, Yuu rolled over to face the Knight that swung down the Magic Sword and instantly closed the distance with Shukuchi.

「Haha, I won’t let you!」

The Knight minutely moved his sword as if pouring out his swordsmanship and returned at blow to each of the continuous high speed slashes from the twin swords.
As each attack was poured out, Yuu’s attacks became larger and the Knight’s movements were gradually becoming sharper.
Decreasing the opponent’s number of moves with the smallest movements, and earning the greatest number of moves, at the height of that ability, Yuu involuntarily laughed with a *Hehe* as he continued to press down on the Knight.

Improving with the treasured swords that he held in a reverse grip, he raised the speed of the continuous attacks.
Yuu’s attack then changed from a line of orbital slashes to a point-aiming thrust.

「っ, Fierce!」

The fierce attack of a thrust that was fired with a speed that eyes couldn’t follow and the defensive stance of the Knight that would continue to ward that off.
That offense and defense that was similar to a reproduction of the proverb of the spear and the shield had, without a single breath, collapsed in an instant.

Maybe because the place that Yuu had driven into was bad, or maybe because his concentration was interrupted from the intense pain in his arm, but the thrust that he unleashed with his right hand was repelled by Falhart, who had continued to wait for such an opportunity.

Falhart shifted into an attack!


The strong sword that could smash the ground cut the wind and was swung.

In order to defend against that, Yuu defended with the reverse gripped green jeweled treasured sword that he held in his left hand.
An impact that was stronger than before ran through Yuu’s arm.
Yuu felt a delusion that his arm gave in from just that impact, but he didn’t care about that and focused on his next hand.
The blue jeweled treasured sword he grasped in his right hand. He “connected” that with the green jeweled treasured sword, and subsequently forcibly rotated the handle to the right as if he were cutting something.


Knight Falhart’s Magic Sword twirled around in the air and, *Kashin!*, it made a high-pitched sound and stuck into the arena.
Far behind him.

「……I give in.」

Shocked, but somewhat looking happy, Falhart looked at the deep crimson sword blade of the double-headed blade that was at his neck and muttered that.

Man~, I’m the one that should be saying that I give up. I didn’t think that he’d have enough ability to rival Leo.
If I continued cutting, there’s no mistake that he would have defended against it all. ……That’s why,
I needed an action that had enough impact that it would stop that Knight Ossan’s movements with a 『thought』. Successfully surprising the Knight Ossan that didn’t think that the two swords could connect, his movements stopped for only an instant.

Well, it was kind of a gamble. If the Knight Ossan didn’t pause right there, he might have either done another attack or get into a defensive stance.
But, well, if I didn’t go along with the bet, it probably would have dragged on even longer. That skill that was refined to a point that it looked like a sample seemed like he was dealing with me with ease and that fact meant that he had no weaknesses.
If we continued competing with each other head on, the day would probably come to an end.

「……Now then, the loser shall bravely take his leave. However, before that, may I hear your name?」

Returning the Magic Sword to its scabbard, the Knight Ossan extended his hand with a kindhearted smile.
Come to think of it, the Knight Ossan did announce his name, didn’t he.

「Yuu Yashiro. Uuum, ……Falhart, was it?」
「Enhans. It’s Falhart Enhans, Yashiro-kun.」

When I held my hand out in return, Falhart grasped my hand with his gauntlet covered hand.

「Hahaha, it’s been a while since I’ve felt so good. Well then, I hope to be able to have a rematch with you someday.」

The Knight Ossan, Falhart said that and then, while laughing, he jumped into the ocean water outside of the ring. ……While still wearing his armor.

「Hey, you’re going to drown, you know!?」

Just as I, having had experience with nearly drowning with my main equipment, was about to jump in to save him, I immediately stopped.
While still wearing his armor, Falhart smoothly swam to where the other fighters were.

「……Good grief, the world really is vast.」

Since he didn’t use magic, I’m not exactly sure, but if it’s in terms of sword technique, the Knight Ossan has something that could rival that of Leo, humanity’s greatest warrior.
I still don’t know everything about this world. This fight just now made me think that.

「Now then, it’s about time things started to finish up, isn’t it? ……Hn?」

As I was about to turn my eyes over to Bernadette’s group, a black object passed by in front of my eyes.
Interested in it, when I peeked over at it, a waterspout was raised outside of the ring.

「Looks like things over there ended as well.」

When I turned my head to the direction that the voice was raised, the fox-eared, blond hair boy that was about my age and wearing clothes that looked like a dougi was showing a daring smile.

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