Chapter 45: With this, it’s the end!

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With this, it’s the end!!


Weiss and I still haven’t reached a conclusion.
My arm, which was my sole attacking method, had its attack completely repelled by Weiss’ second knife.

“Is this it?”

Amidst this repetition where neither of our attacks were hitting, Weiss utters with a light tone.
Until now, my arm has been able to cut down my opponents by itself, without my awareness, but I don’t have any other methods of attack now that it has been averted……
As Weiss was saying, my best is only at this level.

“Sigh…. Honestly, I’m disappointed. In that case, I should probably stop playing around, huh.”

The next moment, Weiss’s attacking speed clearly rose. But that wasn’t all, his strength seemed to increase as well.
I had thought for sure that Weiss had been serious before, but casting successive recovery spells and winning through stamina in the end might be tough now.

After Weiss started fighting seriously, I was kept on the defensive.
Due to Weiss continuing to attack with no respite for my arm to react, I was gradually driven into a corner.
Even those attacks I was able to avoid before, I’m not able to now and get wounded.
I’m just barely able to avoid the attacks coming at my neck. That was the situation I was in.
However, I still have my recovery magic left.

“……. Heal!”

When I get wounded, I heal myself and escape danger.
Within that cycle, Weiss suddenly stops attacking for a moment.

“……As I expected, that recovery magic is amazing. But all the same, if I go so far as to decapitate you, who knows what will happen, right?”

While looking at my neck, he grins.
I was blatantly guarding my neck but it seems to have backfired……

“Well, you might not let me decapitate you easily, but how’s this?”

He declares and simultaneously vanishes.
Where he went and such, I put off searching and use my knife to protect my neck in a panic.


In an instant, an earth-shattering shock hits my arm. I end up blown backwards, unable to endure it.


I finish healing as I stand up, and prepare myself for the next attack.
However, Weiss hadn’t moved from his spot for some time, and didn’t make a move either, as if waiting for me to finish preparing.

“…… Just now, it was like a warm-up before the real performance. From here on, I’ll be revealing my full power, so please hang in there, okay?”
“No wait, how can the attack just now not be your full strength……”

Even though I’ve been stuck in a deadlock for a while now……
However, I can’t just keep complaining.
Weiss was already preparing his next attack.
……Isn’t there something, anything to forestall Weiss just one more time?
Everything I said about me about when we encountered the dragon before is no good.

When I was looking for something, [that] caught my eye.


I picked [that] up, and threw it above me with all my strength.

“……It’s too late to become desperate at this late hour!!!!”

That moment, Weiss disappeared again. However, his target was probably my neck.
Unable to withstand the shock, my knife might end up breaking.
……But, what was with that?
Don’t I… don’t I have recovery magic that’s even more amazing than this――!!

The shock of the attack started transmitting to my arm, and I understood that my knife was breaking.
Before long, the attack had completely shattered my knife and was extending towards my neck.
With that impression, I stuck my arm out front.


I can’t feel pain anyway. In that case, I should just use my own body more――
And I can use recovery magic too. In that case, now is the time. I should just use that―――
……maybe because of the poison, I was able to easily tell when Weiss’s knife was about to enter my hand.
However, I won’t let him do it.
I just continued to use nothing but my recovery magic.

……Gradually, the attacking force disappears.

“Oi oi, is this a joke……”

Weiss’s knife was stopped by my hand.

“Hah…… This is me when I’m serious.”
“B-but Nestcchi, y-you don’t have a weapon any more, right……?”

Perhaps Weiss was greatly surprised that his full-power could be stopped, but he ended up forgetting to distance himself from me.
Suddenly Dude-sensei’s words from the other day floated in my mind.

“Try defendin’ against your enemies’ full body blows!! Ya can think of them as bein’ in a [deadlock] with just that!! Are ya gonna lose ta someone like that!!”

……Yeah, it’s true. Seriously, I have no intention of losing―――

“……Who said I have no weapon?”

I release the knife from my grasp, and seize the falling [that].
What [that] was, was a single tree branch――

“With this, it’s the end!!”

My arm reacts.
Towards the arm of the dumbfounded Weiss, the stick in my hand came chopping down――――

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