Chapter 44: Finish in one shot

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Finish in one shot.

“Anyway, I’m surprised you didn’t die from that.”

Weiss says to me, posed with his knife but not taking a single step forward yet.

“The poison should have been properly applied though……”

It seems he couldn’t bear the mystery of my being here even now.

“Ah, the poison did have an effect. The pain was there.”

Indeed, there was an effect, but it was merely a little.
I didn’t really intend on telling him that much though……


Once again, silence started dominating the space between us.
But even when we were talking, and now when it was silent like this, we continued to stand with our knives pointed at each other.
It’s just that we were both awaiting our opponents’ move.

“……Um, can I say something?”

Weiss released his stance, and said such.

“……What is it?”

I didn’t know what Weiss’s aim was so I kept up my stance without neglect.

“Since it seems like we’re finally going to fight seriously, wouldn’t you like to fight in a more spacious area instead of a cramped room like this?”

No, of course I understood what Weiss was trying to say. But he said it in a light tone unbecoming of this tense atmosphere, so I was a little surprised.

“W-well, I don’t really mind if it’s just that though……”

If we can fight in a wide area then it’ll be easier to move around, which I’d also appreciate more.

“Is there a good place around here? The outskirts of town where we were before is also okay but I don’t want any interferences…..”

……A nearby place that’s spacious and easy to fight in. If we’re talking about a place like that but still won’t have many interruptions then……
It’s that place――


And so, we have come to a place where we could fight seriously.
That place was where I, and the other adventurers would be countlessly be hit, and continue to be hit ― the place where our adventurer classes were held.
If it’s here, the adventurers won’t come because they’re busy with the ogre subjugation, and the non-adventurers shouldn’t have any special business here and won’t come either.

“Hmm, so there was this kind of place in town……”

As I expected, Weiss only just came to the town recently and didn’t seem to know about this place.

“Then, let’s really start this time.”

At those words, I point my knife at Weiss once again.

“Ah, even though I say start, standing at a standstill and not moving like before is bothersome so let’s throw a stick and both strike when it falls or something, okay? Then it won’t take very long.”
“……If you’re alright with that then I don’t really mind either.”

Indeed, I suppose Weiss’s proposed method really wouldn’t waste time pointlessly.
Furthermore, I can go heal everyone as [Arnest] if I finish quickly.

“Then we’ll go with that.”

If I was asked whether the words of a traitor like Weiss could be believed, I’m not sure I could say it’s completely fine.
However, when I think about the king and the other guys I encountered on the way here, whose gazes never met mine but trailed behind me, I somehow feel like it’s alright.

Weiss picks up a fallen branch from hereabouts.

“Don’t be defeated so easily, okay?”
“Yeah, don’t worry. Because I’m going to cut you up instead――”

After saying such, Weiss flings the stick with all his strength, right above his head.
At the same time, he moves further away from me and continues waiting for the stick to fall.
While we check the whereabouts of the stick, we take our eyes off each other.

The stick approaches the ground while spinning.
After I confirm that, I promptly lower my body, preparing to move under Weiss.
……At last, the stick falls to the ground.
When I heard the clear sound of it clattering, I and Weiss had already broken off running towards each other.
My hand was tightly grasping my well-accustomed knife and I simply focused on the enemy before my eyes.
I’ll finish this in one shot――――!!
Our respective distances had already reached within arm’s length.
Weiss made a move first.
While I held my knife in my right hand, a strike came at me.
Indeed, that attack was fast….. However, it’s not at Dude-sensei’s level!!
The attack was truly dangerous but there wasn’t anything in particular to do after I avoided it.
……Because after that I’ll let my arm finish it on its own.
As always, my arm extends towards Weiss.
And then, the clasped knife slashing down at my opponent――


――didn’t happen.
My knife was blocked by the additional knife Weiss had hidden in his other hand――

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  1. MR says:

    Grrr. cliffhanger. Hate those!!!

    Maybe this helps:
    Nest on return pulled out tuba from his other hand and blew Weiss away…

  2. Charles says:

    I’m still surprised they actually just changed locations without any tricks

  3. Maniakku says:

    Why..why a cliffhanger…

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