Chapter 12: It looks like…. I did it

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It looks like…. I did it.


Spread before my eyes was an army of goblins.
I plunged in crazily by myself, but it’s not like I had no strategy.
I have my [Recovery Magic]. And it’s extraordinary.
Even if I get injured, I can just heal myself.

I approach within reach of the goblins.
There, I experienced a strange sensation. My hand.. seemed to be moving on its own.


When I look closely, my hand was thickly plastered in what appeared to be goblin blood. And behind me were the remains of a goblin that was split in half.
Somehow, it seems like…. I did it. But I don’t have time to think about that right now. Thousands of goblins had their attacks aimed at me.
They tried to attack me but I’ve been cutting my arm since forever so these attacks were all of no concern to me.

“H-huh!? Goblins are this weak!?”

I simply heal myself when my injuries pile up and then cut down goblins again.
I no longer pay attention to my hand moving by itself. I simply trace out the bodies of the goblins nearby. The goblins die just from that.


After many Heals, finally that appeared.
It clutched some kind of club in its gigantic hand.

“A Goblin King, huh….”

The other goblins attack simultaneously when the Goblin King’s roars.

“!? You bastards!!”

I cut down the oncoming goblins with my knife.
And again, more goblins die.

Finally, all that’s left there is the Goblin King and me.
I don’t know whether I killed all the goblins or whether the surviving goblins fled, but now the town should be fine.
Nevertheless, how was I able to kill all the goblins?
I never experienced fighting monsters before, even back at the village. The only think I can think of is that it’s the result of my special recovery magic training.

Because I always mangled my body, I forgot the [sensation of pain].
Because I always mangled my body, I learnt [how to use a knife].
Because I always mangled my body, I learnt [how to kill living things].

Most likely, it’s that sort of thing.

“Recovery magic is so useful. Heal.”

I heal the remaining bites and gashes on my body.
There’s only one enemy left: the Goblin King.
It took me by surprise with agile movements that did not match its large frame and I received a blow. My body flew into the air from this attack that normal goblins could not compare to, and yet I still didn’t register any pain.
I stand up while using Heal, and stare at the Goblin King.

“I feel bad for you guys, but I can’t let you pass. And so, please die.”

“Haa.. It’s good that I defeated them but how should I explain it?.”

I look towards the dead Goblin King lying on the ground and think about the subjugation party heading this way.

――――――[Adventurer POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――

When news of the monster outbreak came to be known, I joined the subjugation party as an adventurer.
Just the fact that I was among the adventurers boasts of my talent as it is. Even the subjugation party entrusted me with the important frontline.
The monster subjugation was unexpectedly difficult. And yet an unthinkable announcement came from the rear.

“Emergency! Emergency!! Another group of monsters have appeared on the opposite side of town!! It looks to be on the same scale as this one!!”

What!? These circumstances were tough enough already and now there’s the same thing happening on the opposite side!?
Nearly all of the skilled adventurers have come here. In other words, the town is practically defenceless.

“After we exterminate the army here, we’ll go rescue them!!”

That was what the commander said but I don’t see how we can make it in time.

We finished the extermination after a while so we head to the opposite side of town.

“Whoa, what kind of joke is this?”

When we arrived on the other side of town, the monsters were no longer there.
There was just a cloaked figure with a black hood. On the ground was what appeared to be a countless number of goblin corpses. When I looked closely, there was even the corpse of a Goblin King!
That indicated one thing. The army that took us tens of people to defeat was wiped out by a single person.
Even I got goosebumps.
That fellow suddenly opened his mouth.

“I’m indebted to this town, so please treat this as returning a favour.”

He returned to the town, leaving behind this one line.
Everyone in the subjugation party were left unable to move.

Rumours about that became the talk of the town.
In the rumours, that fellow became known as――――

―――[Jet-black Saviour]-sama.

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    Umm, I’m a bit of a term fanatic and I know some japanese so I’m curious about something. (Note: Not asking for a term change here, pure curiosity)
    Can someone give the the romanji of “Jet-black saviour-sama”?
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    More Han the MC, I’m more impressed with that knife. It’s gotta be dull as f*ck after cutting bone for years and it even killed an army of gobs. I’m surprised it hasn’t snapped in two by now even if it’s cleaned after every use and maintained by a random blacksmith

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